How to Get Powerful Backlinks for Any Site?

In this article, I am trying to make you understand What are Backlinks? How to Get Backlinks for Any Site? If you have read about the Search Engine Optimization in the past, you would have undoubtedly come across the term “backlinks”.

Backlinks are one of the most important building blocks of the SEO. When Google examines the power of a web page for ranking, the backlinks play a vital role at that time.

Backlinks are links directed towards a particular web page.

The number of links pointing towards a web page indicates the power of that page. Before acquiring backlinks, you need to work out over relevancy factor.

Suppose, you had a page related to Kidney diseases and received a backlink from a health website, this is called relevant backlink. On the contrary, if the same link comes from a website related to boxing, which is considered as an irrelevant link. Also, Try this Link for 30 Days Free Trail of SEMRUSH a search engine marketing tool.

Now the question arises – how to get those relevant/authoritative links regardless of the niche of the site. After frequent updates in the Google Algorithms, it is no longer easy to create backlinks.

Every website involved in the unnatural backlinking practices are under on Google’s radar.

Google may slap any manual penalty to such sites anytime, or it may get affected via algorithm update. So, everyone needs to be careful on this matter.

Note: Learn more about the Google Manual Penalty and type of also algorithms released by the Google to improve the search experience.

Despite imposing so many limitations to webmasters, still, we can use some link building techniques to create powerful backlinks to your site or blog.

Awesome Ways to Create Powerful Backlinks

5 Awesome Ways to Create Powerful Backlinks

As we come to know that backlinks are important in ranking. We need to find out the sources of powerful backlinks that can actually add value i.e. will help in ranking fast.

I would like to share five ultimate sources of those powerful links.

Let’s learn about them.

  1. Link Roundups

Link roundups are the post links written by many bloggers to offer the resourceful content at one place. You can find those posts to add your site link. Most of the times, webmasters accept only informative content, so you should write resourceful articles on your blog or if you want to add your site link, it should have some authority.

Link roundups are easily found via Google search. Some simple search terms help you find those powerful link opportunities for your site or blog. To find a link roundup in Google, you may try the following search terms:

Intitle: roundup “YOUR KEYWORDS.”

You may also try the following variations at the place of word “round up”.

Intitle: roundups “YOUR KEYWORDS”

Intitle: Best of “YOUR KEYWORDS”

Intitle: Top 10 “YOUR KEYWORDS”

Intitle: Weekly “YOUR KEYWORDS”

Intitle: Monthly “YOUR KEYWORDS”

These search terms will open the door for high-quality backlinks.

Once you found those link opportunities, write a formal email to the blog owner suggesting your link.

  1. Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is the process of claiming for the brand mention.

For example, if someone mentions the shout me loud in his or her blog post then we can send a friendly email requesting for a link back to your site.

Link Reclamation

Like in the above example you can see that someone mentioned the shoutmeloud, but didn’t link back to it. To find such links opportunities, only put the URL of your website in the Google Search, and check the results. You will see the results containing your blog name. Go through those links in the search results and find out the unlinked brand mentions.

  1. Utilize the Guest Posting Opportunities

Several authority bloggers accept the guest posting on their blogs. You can take advantage of it. Again use the Google search and put the following query.

Write for us + “YOUR KEYWORD”

Then go to any relevant link and read the guest posting guidelines if given any.

Here your primary motive is to create backlinks. If the blog owner doesn’t allow the backlinks to the post, then you can skip it and move to another blog.

  1. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a final approach to attract the quality inbound links to your site. Throughout this process, you need to find out the 404 pages on a website or blog and then write a friendly email to link back to a live page of your site.

The 404 pages are basically dead pages your site is pointing to. They don’t carry any value to SEO. If a web page links to many 404 pages, then it cannot be said well from user experience perspective. Resource pages are the ultimate source of broken links.

Many times you get able to find the broken links in such pages. You can also do broken link hunting with regular pages but with a resource, pages have high chances that you will get success in finding broken links.

For example, I’m in internet marketing niche, so I would try to locate the resource pages through the following search string in the Google.

“Internet Marketing” + “resource page”

“Internet Marketing” + “resources”

“Internet Marketing” + “recommended sites”

“Internet Marketing” + “links”

Now you can aware the blog owner about this broken link and suggest your link as a replacement.

  1. Bloggers’ Outreach

This technique is complete rely on the relationship building. The stronger you connect with a blogger, the higher the chances of getting a link back to your site. You can say the relationship building is the most important phase of bloggers’ outreach.

For building relationships with big players in your blogging niche, you have to follow their blogs without asking for a favor. Just go on their blogs, make meaningful comments. Follow influencers on social media, and comment on their status.

Twitter users may follow the influencers and retweets their tweets. Your activities will bring you to notice. As soon as they observe your activities, you can ask for a favor and show them your work.

If they like your articles, you don’t have to wait longer for powerful backlinks. This approach gets you benefit in long run. In case you need links in near future from authority bloggers you know, it will be less difficult to ask for a link.

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Final Words

Backlinks are the crucial factor for ranking. Some marketers claim for the devaluation of the link building. However, links still hold value for ranking.

However, you need to filter out the low-quality backlinks pointing to your site. Be more focused on the quality of the backlinks. Use the above methods to earn quality backlinks for sustainable ranking in the Google search results.

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