Does Facebook Pay for Likes and Shares

Does Facebook Pay for Likes and Shares

If you use Facebook more than you walk a day, you certainly have come across deliberately manipulated posts- posts that ask you to like and share a particular message so that Facebook can benefit the subject of the post.

Let us explain this with an example; there is a post in which a child is shown resting at a hospital, the message states that whoever sees the post should like and share the post so that once it reaches a threshold of defined number of social engagement, Facebook will pay a certain money towards the well-being of the child. Such is the case of emotionally attracting people to actually support a theme.

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Actually, you can see such posts most probably first circulated from any group. These groups usually stoop to share such messages so that people like and talk about the name of emotion.

Most of the case these posts are fake and deliberately manipulated.

The reason is Facebook is a rich company, and if they need to support a case, it would do it by charity. Why would it use its own medium and stoop to the cheap advertisement to get its cause done? Why it would ever consider the maximum engagement factor to support a cause. It would directly support a charity to support its cause.

This is the most vital fact to consider and that if you ever come across such messages, it is very important to ignore it. And if possible, comment on it with an aim to alert people who might think the message is real.

So, does Facebook pay for the likes and shares:

In simple terms, Facebook, Google, Whatsapp and other popular social networks and messengers do not pay any of its users to like or share any kind of messages. So, the messages that keep people asking to like and support any messages are fake.

So, rather than participating such messages and making them popular and viral, just ignore them. If you are the admin of any group who wants to help a group or page become popular, it is very important for you to use fair ways to actually hike the followers.

Rather than working around evil and bad practices, such as asking people to participate in false tactics, do great things to organically improve the number of shares and likes on your page and group.

Does Facebook Pay for Likes

Fake likes do not come of any value:

Consider the scenario. Even if you are working well to improve the page; by spreading fake messages, your followers will not increase.

Even if they increase, they will not be genuine followers. Your group or page need to be at par with the theme of your message. If you are trying to make a group around the concept of furniture, spreading a fake message will be of no value.

People who are genuine will come to understand the cheap technique, they might then unfollow you. So, rather than working on the bad practices, which do not improve your brand value, it is very crucially vital that you start working around vitally beneficial factors.

So, rather than working on the bad practices, which do not improve your brand value, it is very crucially vital that you start working around vitally beneficial factors.

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How to improve the Facebook page without being evil

If you work in a group or a page, the number one idea is to ensure that you properly customize it. Make it oriented to your audience. Create a theme, and then start working on it. Spread the messages that are beneficial for your audience. With the concept of working with great ideas, you actually improve the idea and concept of your blog. So, it is very important for you to create a great page/group. Then, it is important to post messages that are helpful for your audience.

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Does Facebook Pay for Likes

Why Facebook fake likes actually harm your website

There are so many nice pages and then there are bad pages. The bad ones always try to attract the attention of users using fake ways. They may be able to increase the number of followers, but most of those likes will be of no value. The audience who like the messages and fake ways will unfollow you, and the fake likes will be of no value since it will not add any value to your existence.

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Despite the informed audience, why still so many fake messages are being circulated?

To be frank, there are so many people who are active on Facebook, half of them are emotionally oriented. Whenever they see a message which is emotionally touching, they stoop to like it or share it as they think by doing the acts requested on the message, they are actually helping someone. However, the audience soon realizes their act and then they unfollow such groups and likes since these groups and pages always keep on doing such things. Despite this, such messages are being circulated because there are people who can spread such things.

If you still need to apply your logic to create a Facebook group to evenly like, promote and share your ideas – be it group or page – the actual way to organically improve your page engagement is to use proper ways so that you can get proper variety of actual readership, and that you can easily improve the message. If you need to work on your Facebook page, you can actually start promoting your page in an improved variety of ways.

You can use PPC ads, Facebook ads. You can even start doing social media marketing to evenly promote and like your page. There are improved ways to do it, just be defined by your ideas. Workaround proper ways to improve your Page. If you start doing wrong practices, it will only earn you fake bounce.

So, remember that Facebook does not pay. To start promoting your page and improve your website, it is very important for you to work around measures to improve the applicability of your page.

To learn more about how to improve your Facebook page, how to ensure the improved variety of ways to improve the number of likes and how organically; not by using fake ways you can read our earlier articles.

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When it comes to improving the number of likes and shares on a Facebook page, the number one factor that you should carefully take care of is that you should use organic ways. Facebook is a rich company, and it will never pay anyone to promote and support any cause. It would rather use charity to fulfill its aim to support any cause. So, if you ever come across any deliberately manipulated posts which ask you to like, share; ignore.

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