How To Perform Social Media Optimization(SMO) Campaign for Marketers

How to do SMO campaign?

An introduction of Social Media Campaign

For a business, the term Social Media Optimization Campaign (SMO) is the not only the essential part of the online business dictionary, but it has raised its position in digital marketing strategy and search engine optimization campaign. While you can see many social networking sites on web platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and much more, it is very critical to integrate them impressively in company’s digital marketing strategy and SEO program.This is the job where an SEO professional can perform his vital role in a successful marketing and promotional campaign.

Social Media Campaign (SMO) strategy

The social media sites are full of the huge content generated by the people every day. It is highly possible that they are talking about or making and silent opinion about your company or brands.It is in your high interest that you should be aware of the direction of such discussion. Whether it is positive or negative for your reputation and what is the right time when you can join this conversation.Any social media platform is a right and very convenient place to interact with your customers and get their feedback. Here, you also get the opportunity to influence potential customers and predict any possible harm to your reputation due to any unsatisfied customer’s online miss presentation against your company.

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Developing a Social Media Campaign

It requires much more than just creating the Facebook and Twitter profile as the part of the development and implementation process of a successful SMO campaign.It needs a sound strategy and well-set planning.Your SMO campaign is usually aimed at introducing or re-establishing your social media presence.So it should be crucially focused on your brand and your culture along with it, this should be in sync with your customer and market.Take each tweet and Facebook post as the element of your SMO process and a vital part of your entire Digital Marketing Strategy.

Let’s understand it with the following points:

  • Digital marketing strategy

    Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy is must before you launch a social media campaign. It helps you to clearly define your marketing goals and objectives.

  • Marketing Assessment and Persona Profile (MAPP)

    It is quite similar to the term “Creative Brief” used in traditional marketing campaigns.

  • Information Architecture

    Generally, it is the part of your digital marketing strategy and search engine optimization. A social media campaign should be the necessary part or especially concentrated in a business website’s information architecture and content management.

  • Content

    No one can imagine the success of a social media campaign without a rich and unique content. Your strategy and implementation plan must cover the development or creation of the content with a great value and relevance.


This term is actually an SEO and SMO methodology that several agencies apply in their Eckstrom strategy.This involves seeding the cloud with your content and then creates a storm of it for specific search queries. In other words, with the use of cloud seeding methodology, and an agency can easily implement its Eco Strom strategy.It is highly beneficial when the cloud has to be seeded with good SEO or SMO campaign and is loaded with rich content.

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Building or re-building the brand reputation through Social media:

Have you any idea that what is the strongest and most reliable media, it is “Word of Mouth”. In a good Clod-Seeding and SMO, you use the same media in building a great brand or personal reputation.With the correctly managed SMO campaign, you can have the exceptional results and remarkable improvement in your brand value.On the other hand, the poor SMP campaign with the Spammy treatment you can not expect any favorable results and it can harm your brand image also.

If your brand value or company’s image has been suffering due to any lawsuit, litigation, customer’s complaints, hostile blogs or any other issue, you need an extremely impressive campaign that can rebuild your brand as well as company images.SMO is the answer to this situation. It is the amount of negative content on the web/cloud and its relevance ranking that determines the extent and the intensity of your SMO efforts.

social media campaign

a social media campaign

Earn highest online brand traction

Some SMO experts have a rather new aspect of their brand reputation building procedure.They differentiate the complaints from the supportive users online. By this, you can deal with both with a specific set of actions designed to handle them separately.One thing is quite important to be understood here that if you have a large number of the internet active customers, you cannot afford to not engage with them. In this case, a professional assistance can help you to sense the needs, wants and expectations of your customers and can make you aware of possible swing in their mood, much earlier than your customer realizes it.The most rewarding Social Madia Campaign is the one that deals with connecting the customers in a productive manner.

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5 Main ingredients of a successful SMO strategy

  1. Developing a rich media content
  2. Posting of impressive blogs and forums
  3. Customized app development
  4. Social media audit of your brand or business
  5. Presenting the online PRs

An impressive business profile

When you start your SMO campaign with an impressive business profile, you actually take a step that leaves the basic and long-lasting impression on your existing and potential customers.As a part of SMO, the accounts of a website are set for all leading social channels including, forums, video sites, directories etc.You can create an RSS feed for your content and ping it on all social platforms.One step further, you can also create a fan book page for your website so that your customers and other relevant people who want to interact with you or about you can have a common stage and you may also easily track them.

Deliver your message to social touch points

When you hire an SMO agency, they will optimize your website that can get a better response from your customers.They efficiently apply the social media marketing tools to devise smart campaigns for your entire social network presence. With this, you can create a buzz for your brand so that you can reach to your target audiences and influence them to further send your message to their friends and communities.

Extension of your brand’s personality

As the part of your digital media marketing when you apply innovative SMO strategies, be ensured that your brand gives the consistent message across all online platforms.Your SEO or his team will specifically decipher the NA of your brand, its tone and then develop the best suitable idea to promote that on different online channels and create the entire strategy around this idea to provide you a visible presence for your brand and company on the social platforms.

Influencing decisions of social network activists

Today, people are spending their most time on their smart gadgets such as Smartphones and tablets rather than watching TV or reading newspapers.So undoubtedly, the manner of marketing, promotion, and interaction with customers have been completely changed.Their decision is highly influenced by tweets or Facebook updates, id the modern SMO campaigns are developed with the measurable and performance drove elements where you can utilize the whole potential of social media.

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In this article, I have shared how to do social media campaign for your business and using this technique and points may result in improving your successful marketing and promotional campaign for sure.

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