How To Get Millions of Likes From Facebook Status Update

Today, we are back with how to get million of Facebook Likes? Honestly, you can get millions of Facebook likes or even more if you are a celebrated personality in popular fields such as entertainment, politics, and sports.

But if you are a typical Facebook user, with no extraordinary traits, gaining 100 likes is dependent on the number and quality of your fan base; let alone millions. Anyways, I don’t want to stress you on your popularity level, so pardon the fake title.

It was just to catch your attention and a popular technique regularly followed by copywriters to get things told. But one thing we will not fake it is telling you how to become popular on Facebook; popular as a company, not as a personality.

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This article is a good read for startup leaders, one man company founders and etc. Read on!

Maintain an honest Facebook profile

 If you are a start-up in green living, your profile matches best with color green and information about how you serve your audience with green living products/solutions; rather than beating around the bush with simple information. Take a look at the example –

We are X Company; – we are set up to help people live a better life by green living.

We are awarded for green living practices and we want to become number one in helping people live green. Like us

Now, here’s another example –

Welcome, friend! X Company welcomes you to the world of green living solutions. We believe a happy world is a green world, and therefore, provide green solutions. We have served customers with flying colors. Like us to stay tuned for green updates

So, which profile information you think is apt? According to audience research, if your Facebook profile information is written as if you are talking, it gets you like. So, write a profile page using simple information but in such a way that it gets you talking

Besides profile page information, it is important for your company to update your profile with audience-centric profile posts regularly. A chicken menu post update is a good idea to get an audience, but because you are into green living, never post anything that you think is beyond your logic. Rather post a menu about how to eat the eco-friendly dish.

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Other than post and profile information sticks to post an update that solves problems of your user. Post promotional content and ask people to tell you what they tell.

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