Which Social Media Network is Good For Business Facebook or Twitter

In this article. we are going to share which can help you to grow your business: Facebook or Twitter A business owner or the entrepreneur often explores the ways to promote the business through social media networking. The social networking sites provide a wide platform to connect and communicate the existing and potential customers throughout the world wide web. But, the problem arises when you have to select a right social network that can ensure you a great productivity and conversation out of the limited time and effort input.

Though there are many social media channels are out there and some of them are extremely popular, it is recommended to have one to choose and concentrate all your effort and resources on it.

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Usually, there is a big confusion over making a decision between the two social media giants, Facebook, and Twitter. Which one is best for developing a business, which one will help you find the quality traffic and clients and which one really worth your time and resources. Both of the sites have an established reputation along with a huge community of followers and users. You need to evaluate the features and specifications of the sites so that you can figure out the most suitable one for your sales and promotional campaigns as well as enhancing your social media presence.

Features and Specifications of Facebook and Twitter for your business

facebook vs twitter

Facebook for a close relationship with the users

Without any doubt or claim, Facebook is the supreme social networking site with more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. For a great number of people, Facebook is like a group discussed or gossip over the morning coffee. They chat, share a comment and share their views and suggestions and recommendation. It is a staple among the crowd and can be selected by any of the businesses to promote it online. While the product or service is recommended by a friend or the closest one, people tend to try that one by themselves. Facebook has surely changed the business scenario of the entire market. One can easily reach a large number of clients in a cost-efficient manner and the message is also not limited to the size or texts. Not only the sales and the promotion but the Facebook can be efficiently used for building and maintaining the sound customer relationships and creating the product awareness.

Facebook provides the businessman an efficient medium to make every post get speedily viral and reach millions of new users within a few minutes. It is the marketing tool that supports a brand to engage the clients with much more deeply than the others. While you want to get closely connected with the clients, hear their concerns and understand their opinion about your company, Facebook is the only and the best option and a helping hand as well.

The specifications of Facebook can be given as follows

  1. Facebook is more personal than any other social networking platform. It helps in developing the individual, personal, closer and sound relationships. Instead of Twitter you can share and receive the longer thoughts in the detail.
  2. Facebook further allows having the profile versatility. Here you have the liberty to choose among the personal profile, professional one, business page or a fan page.
  3. The Facebook advertisements are the further attraction for the businesses as they are provided an opportunity to buy advertisements to target all the particular age, community or the niche.

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Unfortunately, the dominating position of Facebook is slowly getting down and while the administration wants the businessmen to pay for the posting of the promotional content, the posts made from a page getting much lower than it used to be at the earlier time. Due to the emerging of many other social sites and networks, the monopoly is already challenged.

Twitter for business

Twitter for an increased reach of your business

Twitter is, actually based on the point to point, the short and virtual conversation. Here you have to open a business account and post the short messages directly pointing to the straight matter. Make it more impressive, you are further facilitated to post the pictures with the tweets. With the huge following community of 200 million users, Twitter is rapidly gaining a significant position in the social media market scenario. This second most famous social network offers the interesting and unique for the users and businesses.

In the clear sense, Twitter is the place for meaningful dialogue and not the detailed conversations. In just one or a few tweets your message is delivered to the thousands of the users and it brings the value of the time. Unlike Facebook, where the users enjoy a quite private and personal type of social networking experience and are engaged with the content more strongly, Twitter offers a great communication and engagement with the strangers on the web. The trends,  retweets, and the hashtags are the best ways to get engaged with the wider public.
While a business or the entrepreneur is looking for a building an online presence with the maximum reach, Twitter is the easier and more interesting medium. In comparison, on Facebook, an average Twitter follower is used to with more quality and the less text and design concerning value.

The specific features of Twitter can be given as follows

  1. Speed is the biggest element that no one can defeat Twitter on the social media front. Whenever wherever and whatever happens in the world, it first appears on Twitter.
  2. Twitter is one of the best sources of the online information. A business can hear what the people’s opinion over its products and also the competitors’.
  3. A tweet can be viral at an amazing speed. With just a single tweet, you can get the millions of retweets and the views.

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best for a business Facebook or Twitte

so, which is the best for a business: Facebook, Twitter or both?

This is the most complicated question with a quite simple answer. Both the leading networks complete the shortcomings of each other and both support the businesses and brands to develop and implement an effective social media strategy. Both can be adopted for establishing the balance between the two and reaching to the millions of the potential customers.

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