How To Improve Your Instagram Profile

Some easy ways to improve your Instagram profile. A professional online marketer properly understands the value of Instagram profile in any marketing strategy. It provides a wide platform for sharing information in a unique interesting manner. One cannot deny the importance of Instagram profile in the modern, dynamic social media age. No doubt, Instagram is a great place for presenting the more personal side of your profession or business on the social media platform. It allows you a great opportunity to connect and interact with people in an interesting way.

Only just having and an Instagram account is not sufficient, you need to improve your Instagram profile on the regular basis and create a powerful Instagram presence. Your Instagram profile should be easy and convenient to see and navigate. This Instagram profile feature can help you to reach to your valuable end audiences and gain the online and offline network.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the 10 proven methods to improve your Instagram profile to represent your brand in the best possible way for the betterment of your Instagram profile.

With this, you will be able to increase traffic to your Instagram profile page as well as the business website.

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10 Proven Methods To Improve Your Instagram Profile

instagram profile methods

Proven methods to improve your Instagram profile

  1. Develop a hashtag strategy in your Instagram Profile

    You are empowered with up to 30 hashtags in a caption in an Instagram post so why don’t take its advantage. Create some custom hashtags for your business that is focused on curation of images that you and your customer share. If you want to get some more hashtag idea, then you should go into the Explore section or the compass button and on typing a different set of keywords you can find the content with the closest align with your brand or company. Here you need to add a hashtag to the second comment of your post as it will extend the life of your post. Also, don’t forget to refresh the posts, deleting the comments and adding the new ones. But be careful as if you have added a punctuation to your post, it will disable your hashtag. The above suggestions and tips are surely very helpful in solving your many hashtag difficulties.
    Methods To Improve Your Instagram Profile

  2. Create an interesting bio in your Instagram profile

    Your Instagram bio should be a clear introduction that what is your business or in what way you can help the audiences. With a relevant Instagram profile photo or image, it becomes your first online face and when people watch it first they decide to follow you back or not. So it is obviously necessary to add a description that is relevant, engaging and strongly representing your business. And link attachment is must as directly deliver the audience to the company website.

  3. Make your Instagram profile accessible

    The Instagram profile should be public; having the privacy settings on it is like placing the closed sign on the front door. Your Instagram profile should be created in an easy manner so that the viewers can easily see the content and follow the account. Your accessibility will directly improve your reach.

  4. Use of applications for content enhancement

    Instagram also provides you with the inbuilt photo editing facility. But if you want to present your content with a dramatic effect and resolutions, you will require some additional filters. Here are some of them:

    • WordSwag: with this Instagram tool, your words will act alive as it provides a thousand numbers of quotes and captions. Also, the WordSwag backgrounds help you to present your text with a fun background.
    • Rhonna Design: This ultimate photo editor helps you to present your text and images to the audiences with a great shine or attribute.
    • Flipagram: This Instagram tool can be creatively used for making the slideshow of the photos with the settings of a song of your choice. Also, it is quite easier to share on Instagram.
    • Videohance: The Instagram tool is used for editing and adjusting the look and feel of any Instagram video to be posted or shared on your web page. This is the tool is also smartphone friendly.
    • Diptic: This iPhone friendly tool allows you to make a quick and easy collage of various images into a single image and create a dramatic presentation of your profile.
    • Canva: This graphical tool can be used directly on your desktop. Canvas is a popular tool that is used for creating the graphical magic with the images for all your social media platforms.
      how To Improve Your Instagram Profile
  5. Use Geo Text

    Using Geo-tags while you are posting from your business or workplace and inspiring your clients/customers for using Geo-tags during their visit to your storefront or restaurant is an intelligent practice. Your Geo-tag clicks help you to figure out the user-generated content that is produced by the customers. By this, you simply get the new place for presenting the images relating to your business and get better visibility of your brand

  6. Have an interesting Instagram profile username

    In the experts’ view, if you have the same Twitter and Instagram handles, you are in the ideal situation. It will also good if you add the same profile picture for both accounts. It will allow you a great recognizability. This thing encourages your followers to switch from one platform to another and sharing your links at the same time.

  7. Find the online following
  8. Promote your Instagram profile with the other networks
  9. Be constant, active and interesting on your Instagram profile.
  10. Sharing a lot is very essential.


These all are the smart tips to improve your Instagram profile. When you follow the above-mentioned Instagram profile suggestions, you have a creative, interesting and awesome Instagram profile. From this point, learn how you can interact with your followers. If your content is really worthy, people will repost it and you will be able to gain a larger reach. Focus on posting the interesting and relevant content in your Instagram profile and never underestimate the hashtags. Instagram practice is learned by practicing it in the real world. The above Instagram profile tips are the experts’ suggestions, but during the direct dealing with the online marketing circumstances, you can develop your own methods and tactics to improve your Instagram profile.

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