19 Tips to Use Instagram For Your Business

Today, we are going to share tips to use Instagram for your business. Instagram is a widely popular social networking site that is increasing its importance in the modern business world. This Instagram application is basically photo sharing app which is not just for retailers, restaurant owners or the travel companies; this is gaining reputations an effective brand building application and tool to support a business growth. Among the new generation, especially teens, Instagram is the only thing that is being considered as the place of presenting the serious visual identity of a business.

While realizing its tremendous role in the business promotion and online marketing, it is important to understand that in what way Instagram can be used for the best benefits of a business. How the images and the short videos can be smartly used for increasing the reach among a large span of audiences and what strategy should be followed to make your company business and brand to increase your brand visibility.

First of all, get started with creating an account, adding a profile photo and adding the link to your official website. As the next step, you should connect it to your Facebook and Twitter account so that your present followers may know about your Instagram presence.

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Instagram tips

How to use Instagram for your business

Once you have started, here are 19 tips for how to use Instagram for your business, so that you can apply Instagram in the impressive and profit making way for your business.

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19 Tips to Use Instagram For Your Business

  1. Maintain the balance between fun images and business

    This balance is very important. You need to tell a story with each interesting picture you posted. Readers love to receive the fun images as well as your business and branding information. This keeps them entertained and light-hearted. You need to track the engagement of your posts so that you can easily understand the impact and acceptability of your post.

  2. Cultivate a following

    Want more and more Instagram followers; follow this:

    • Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts
    • Apply popular yet relevant hashtags.
    • Become a good follower by liking and commenting their posts.
  3. Video on Instagram

    Use this latest feature that can easily compete for any other social network by presenting an interesting, notable and filter enabled short videos. Many fun ideas can be presented through this. Further, you can embed these videos in your website and your blog posts. For this, you need to get some expert advice to help as well guide. Embedding the video on a blog will simply enhance your reach among the audiences.

  4. Follow your followers

    Your Followers are the real stars of the entire web universe. They are the people who make the big difference. So, if you are at the initial stage of your business or own a small size business, you need to make a bond of relationship with your followers and follow them back.

  5. A flexible posting plan

    Instead of posting daily on Instagram, you should prefer the quality posting. Don’t create so much noise; post what is really effective and which you realize quite fit to impress your followers. The main thing is to create a schedule and then tracking that how it is working.

  6. Use the apps smartly

    A variety of apps can be added to Instagram to enhance the photo sharing capacity. These apps can be related to finding images, searching keywords, downloading Instagram pictures in a single folder and much more. In other words, these apps should be the important part of your social media strategy.

  7. Push the potential customers

    your posting should be inspiring to your potential customers and related to your business and brand. The sports goods market generally posts the photos of fitness, sport’s tricks, health and fitness, sports events, famous personalities and the active community. All this tells a story behind them and motivates them to stay tuned.

  8. Change in the prospectus

    To maintain the interest of the followers, you need to focus on other things instead of just business and selling. This is actually about the understanding of alignment of images in an entertaining manner so that your followers and the potential clients may keep their interest in your web page and your brand.

    how to use instagram

    Instagram tips

  9. A photo contest

    While this is the game of images, hosting a photo contest may help to achieve a great deal of attention and followers positive participation in your social media campaign. You can get support on your Facebook page for this. With the Facebook status update, you can create further awareness and motivation to inspire your followers to participate in this competition.

  10. Use the trend to market your brand

    There are many popular trends in the social media world and a smart marketer can apply these trending hashtags to join in a bigger part of web community storytelling. Find the most suitable social trends and then complement them in your branding and marketing strategy.

  11. Instagram networking

    This platform connects the people through photos and to develop a network there are three essential ways:

    • Engaging
    • Follow the followers
    • Use specific hashtags
  12. Profile optimization

    Just like Twitter, Facebook, and other networking sites, Instagram also needs the profile optimization. The marketer is recommended to make the profile filled with the necessary information so that the customer will find you and deal with you.

  13. Image analysis tools

    Are you interested in finding your brand value on Instagram? You can use the tools like Blitzmetrics or Curalate to achieve the inside details. With them, you can analyze the quantity and quality of your posts and its acceptability among your followers.

  14. Perk your followers

    your followers are your real assets on the social media platform so they must be rewarded for their active and dedicated participation. This can be in the form of some gift vouchers, entry to some events or something else very interesting. This trick will motivate them to watch your posts and feeds with a greater priority.

  15. Post your employee’s photos

    Your employees are your behind the scene experts. When you showcase them in your Instagram web page, you give value to their role and participation in the organization. Also, your followers feel an attachment to your staff.

  16. Use the industry-related hashtags

    Whenever you join an event that is designated with a hashtag, definitely add it to your photos so that your employees, event coordinators and the attendees and find them.

  17. Capture the important brand videos

    With Instagram video promotion you can effectively share your brand moments like launching brands, highlights of brand advocate, sharing important news, promotional events others awareness creating visuals.

  18. Follow the other brands

    As a healthy social marketing practice, when you follow the other brands, you are simply able to understand their strategy and quality point of view. This benefits you in getting some really good ideas about your promotion campaign. You can use some important Instagram tools like iconosquare and instagram.com/target to find follow and research your competitors on Instagram.

  19. With Instagram, you can disclose the fun side or the human’s factor of your employees, officials and technical experts to your customers and followers. These integrated full of life images can create an emotional connection between you and your followers and they begin to think you much more than just a brand.


So, here are the tips for how to use Instagram for your business effectively,  by using these tips you can use your Instagram account for your business in an effective way and if managed your Instagram in a proper way then you will achieve good results for your business and brands. if you have any query or suggestions related to this how to use Instagram then please comment on the article.

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