30 Best Private Roku Channels You Should Definitely Have

Roku devices are usually recognized as the speediest, most influential, and most versatile devices.

Roku private channels provide a clear list of Roku channels accessible within its channel store that are held by official partners. Based on your preference, you can include such channels within your account.

These Roku private channels are of two types –free and paid.  It is found that these types of channels are visible to every user; however, there are certain private Roku channels that are not publicly accessible.

The platform owns the Roku private channels list to let you choose the best one.

You may need to access the Roku private channels as either these types of channels be in Beta, needs a Membership, or categorized as Unofficial, or a third party channel of a particular website which Roku may wish to hide.

In simple terms, the Roku Channels are the apps that people usually utilize in Amazon Firestick or even the NVIDIA Shield, in order to connect to a specific service.

There are many best Roku private channels which you must have; let’s have a look at them:

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List of best Roku Private Channels

1. Silent Movie Channel

This is one of the best Roku private channels. Those people who are a fan of watching silent movies should certainly try using this Roku channel Films done by well-known personalities such as Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Harold Lloyd are accessible. Moreover, they cover the majority of the movie genres including Drama, Comedy, Horror, Animation, Sci-Fi, Adventure etc. The good thing about this channel is that the developers are continuously updating new content on regular basis.

This channel gathers the best public domain silent movies within history to a single easy-to-view type package. Now you can enjoy watching the animation, horror, comedy, documentaries, and many more from the convenience of your home. This channel’s interface is clunky; however, the content is king.

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2. Twitch

best hidden Roku channels

When looking for one of the best hidden Roku channels, you need to try Twitch. The channel is basically focused on gaming. When you use it, you would understand how gaming has changed forever. Similar to the smartphone app, users can easily use this channel to enjoy their preferred eSports events, follow their favorite gamers and also tune in to the live streaming of whatever title they wish. In order to boost your enjoyment, just make a free account for experiencing customized recommendations. Also, read free anime streaming sites.

3. Cowboy Classics

This private Roku channel works to show you the western movies that are considered a portion of the Silent Movies Era. This feature along with many other features makes this channel one of the best Roku private channels.  Right from the 1920s till today, there are more than 60 movies accessible. The names of the popular ones include The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. You need to pay the charges of paid subscription i.e., $1.99/Mo to use this channel. If you want additional details, you can easily get it from Flickstream. Also, read best movie download sites to download HD movies.

4. Speed Test

Speed Test

For streaming in the Roku platform, it is important to keep in mind that the connection speed must be at least 1.5 MBPS and the process of HD streaming needs 3 MBPS. Whenever there is a decline in the strength of connection then this channel should be used. As per the results obtained, it is found that you can alter the connection or can search for the better solution. The reports point by the developer for the tests is conducted from speedtest.net.

5. FandangoNOW

When you see this Roku private channel initially, it would appear exactly as the Amazon Video. The reason why you get the best Roku hidden channels from this is the Roku’s default movie and streaming of TV show streaming is the unique feature of this channel. It is found that the selection is not much different from the services provided by the competitors, so there are no reasons to not try this channel. Now FandagoNOW offers the selection of 4K films as well. You may also like free movie streaming sites.

6. Showtime

best free Roku private channels

This is also a popular Roku private channel. Till now, Showtime has worked uniquely and greatly to generate few of the most extraordinary and adored shows on TV platform. This includes Homeland, Shameless, Billions and The Affair. Whenever you get this channel in form of your cable/satellite package, you are allowed to watch TV shows, sports events, comedy specials, movies, and many more from this channel. In addition to that, you can also subscribe to Showtime in form of a stand-alone service, and get access to all of the similar content. Also, read the best movie apps for iPhone or iPod.

7. MaddyMation

MaddyGTV network includes the finest collection of channels for a variety of genres. It is known that this Roku private channel is focused on “All Cartoons – All the time” that presents lots of animes and cartoons from the careful selection. There is no age limit to use the channel; people of all ages can use it. The good thing about MaddyMotion is that there are no advertisements; therefore, you can allow your children to watch with confidence.

8. iTunes Podcast

The good feature about iTunes Podcast is that it access free podcasts that are present in the iTunes library. This feature and many other features make it one of the best private Roku channels. There is no need to install iTunes installed on your desktop. Also, there is no need to create iTunes Account. This Roku channel presents Favorites, Search, Top Podcasts, and Settings. You can get access to the free content from this channel. In order to access paid movies, TV shows, and music, it is important to use the iTunes app on your computer.

9. Wilderness Channel

Wilderness Channel

This Roku private channel is committed to wilderness based programming. Basically, you would find three categories of viewers; they are -Nature Enthusiasts, Outdoor Survivalists, and Hunters. The channel focuses to present outstanding content and also motivates users to save it for the future. It is found that this channel includes VOD, as well as, Live Broadcast of programs including Alone in the Wilderness, America’s Wilderness, Secrets of Stealth Camping, etc.

10. Sling TV (subscription)

best free Roku private channels

Sling TV is capable to provide over 20 famous broadcast and cable channels. This Roku private channel includes ESPN, TBS, Cartoon Network, and CNN. There are some people who need additional packages. For this kind of people, from Spanish-language based channels to extra kids’ programming, the channel Sling TV provides a la carte. Based on the observation, it is found that Sling TV is comparatively cheaper than a cable subscription. Moreover, the channel is also easily accessible on a wide range of devices, allowing you to watch your preferred shows.

11. NFL (subscription)

NFL app

If you own a Roku device, as well as, you are a fan of American football then NFL app is one of the recommended secret Roku channels to try. By default, this channel is capable to play a great number of free game highlights. Using the NFL app and a Game Pass subscription, people who are sports fans can easily watch each game from each team. This is made possible for an entire season on their Rokus.

12. MyChannels

TheEndless has developed MyChannels that assist you to arrange, and also launch the list of Roku private channel list, as per your simplicity of access. You can create the channel list by categorizing the channels as recently used, favorites, or make a custom group as per your interest. In order to present perfect clarity, the channel is also known as Home Screen Channel Organizer.

13. FilmOn


Now there are no issues to create Roku private channel list if you use FilmOn. There are many users who are new to FilmOn. The channel proves to be the largest freely available IPTV Service. You are presented with over 500 Live HQ Channels and over 45000 On-Demand Videos. In this channel, there is a facility of over 46 Live TV, as well as, 18 VOD categories. In order to watch freely available Live TV, it is important for you to have a FilmOn account. This channel provides free and premium service both.

14. Pandora (free or subscription)

This private Roku channel is considered one of the most reliable and versatile ones. You can get background music when working on household tasks or can enjoy the soundtrack for an event using Pandora. The concept on which these channel works is simple. You just need to enter a group of artists or songs as per your choice. Once this is done, Pandora will inspect their commonalities and prepare a radio channel which fits your choices. The good thing about Pandora is that you can make multiple stations to suit different tastes, moods, and events.

15. Neon Party Games

As suggested from the name, this private Roku channel is based on games and presents many categories. It is found that Neon Party Games presents six unique games including Puck, Geometry, Sumo, Squared, Cell, and Tag. There is no limit of players to join because any number of players could join and use it. The minimum requirement is two players. To play, you need to install Neon Party Games Controller directly from the Play Store on the device. It is found that the games and app are ads-free; however, the ads perform aming every game.

16. Nowhere TV

Recognized as one of the earliest Roku private channels lists, Nowhere TV secures the content from the platform of web and also conveys them in a single place. The channel is capable to stream media from different channels including ABC, Astronomy, American Public Media, CBC, BBC, Fox News, CNN, Government, Gaming, Home & Garden, HBO, Technology, Local, Public Radio International, Sports, NHL, NPR, MLB, NBC, Motorsports, and TED Talks etc.

17. Disney Channel (subscription)

Disney Channel

The Disney Channel from Roku would not do much good unless the users already own a satellite or cable subscription. This Roku private channel is one of the superior children offerings presently on the system. It is found that the channel provides live programming, as well as, pre-recorded shows that vary extensively. It is found that the channel also offers unique made-for-TV movies that include Descendants.

18. Home Movies

If you are looking for those Roku secret channels that present beautiful look and functionalities then Home Movies is one of them. This channel is prepared from a turning selection of family home movies that range from the past several decades. It is found that such digitized videos prepare a zen-like stream belonging from the past, providing a portion of life view which is not offered by history documentaries.

19. Prince of Persia

The unique thrill and look is presented by this private Roku channel. Prince of Persia has been motivational players to tear out their hair for decades, and special appreciation goes to the accurate controls and puzzles. You just need a remote to control your Prince. After you have mastered the fundamentals, in no time, you would be running through sword fights, as well as, traps.

20. PlayOn (subscription)

best free Roku private channels

PlayOn is identified as one of the best free Roku private channels that makes use of your computer in form of a media server. This channel allows your Roku access for over 60 channels via it. This includes broadcast TV websites like Fox, AB, and CBS. Using this channel enables you to watch freely available primetime shows on the TV within a few days after the broadcast.

21. Lode Runner

Roku private channels are not only dedicated to watching; it even functions as a game console. A remote controller can also be used for controlling. This channel is identified as a classic of an arcade platform, leading the players across a maze as they prevent opponents and collect treasures. The good feature of this channel is the capability to play the game in a way it would appear similar to different traditional computer systems. You are assured to enjoy the classic gameplay experience.

22. Starz (subscription)

Those looking for Roku best private channels must try Starz. This channel has lots of things to offer. When you subscribe to this channel as a stand-alone service or if you activate this channel via your subscription/ cable, you are assured to access popular shows including Blunt Talk, as well as, Ash vs. Evil Dead. The good thing about Starz is that it is the first service to enjoy popular movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

23. Archive.Org

People who are a real explorer of the outdated internet and pop culture based content need to try Archive.Org. This Roku channel is capable to collect every public domain movie, TV show, music, clip, and tidbits. It is a kind of private channel that allows you to browse the channel’s collection from your TV. Whenever you wish to watch old movies, lost cartoons, or clips of news then this channel is an ideal choice.

24. The Weather Network (free)

The Weather Network

The Weather Network channel owns the place in the list of Roku private channels because of its functionalities. You can watch different shows for many hours and still know what the weather is present in your neighborhood. Also, you can know how the weather would change in the next few days or hours. Basically, it is a free channel that displays local weather, and even the conditions present in different parts of the world.

25. RokuMovies

The private channels from Roku hold a good position in the low-budget oddities. It is found that Roku Movies is a very good example of this. It displays forgotten kung-fu and big monster movies. If you are looking for lost tough detectives or a vintage romance then this channel is ideal. The goal of this channel to let you keep entertained every time.

26. ITPC

The iTunes Podcast Channel (briefly as ITPC) presents the favorite podcasts into your Roku that also includes video podcasts streaming. Using this channel, you can browse today’s hits or you can even find your preferred titles. Presented with the simple interface, this channel is the recommended option for Roku users who love the podcast.

27. DailyMotion


YouTube is usually known to be the king of the streaming channels; however, DailyMotion is a close competitor. Recognized as the second biggest tube site present on the internet, it does not have any official Roku channel. However, you can watch a majority of its content over this private one. What users like is the ads free interface by Daily Motion.

28. Toonami Aftermath

There are many new Roku private channels but you cannot forget Toonami Aftermath. The beginning of the contemporary American anime movement could be traced back to Toonami. The afternoon block of Cartoon Network presented Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and Robotech. Presently, Toonami is identified as an evening block; however, on the platform of Toonami Aftermath, such kinds of anime afternoons usually live on.

29. Crackle

Crackle is famous to cord cutters. This private Roku channel provides free TV, old movies, and original content as well. The exact shows you watch vary based on the countries. Crackle is capable to function on different platforms that include iOS, Android, PlayStation, Apple TV, and Xbox. Irrespective of device you are using, the recommendations list, as well as, watch history would sync up.

30. The Roku Channel

One of the free private Roku channels -The Roku Channel is dedicated to present hundreds of well-known movies and compatible with all the recent Roku devices. Users can directly use the channel for storing and adding the Roku Channel. Alternatively, you can navigate to the main menu, choose streaming channels, and can also find the same within different categories like Featured, New and Notable, and Movies & TV.


You need to definitely try these private Roku channels to enjoy a range of shows whenever you wish. There are no expensive charges to use them, and you can use the variety of features at an affordable cost.

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