Best Live TV Kodi Addons For Free & Premium Channels Live [Updated Addons]

Kodi has come out to be a crucial part of our routine life and it plays an outstanding role if you are a tech-savvy person. The software makes use of the famous third-party live TV Kodi addons, accomplished of live media streaming from the web.

It is essential to know which one best live TV Kodi addons works properly as mentioned in marketing and which one should be chosen.

Kodi is recognized as a versatile media player which is capable to play the content directly from the local storage, live TV, and on-demand content on the internet.

In order to enjoy live tv on Kodi, you just need to pick the appropriate Kodi live tv addon that allows you to stream your preferred channels. It is true that the fame of Kodi player has declined in the last several years.

To watch live tv Kodi, presently there are hundreds of best Kodi addon for live tv available. However, all the live TV addons may not function properly.

To watch live tv on Kodi i.e., Kodi live tv, refer below-discussed 15 best live tv Kodi addons:

15 Best Live TV Kodi Addons To Watch Free TV Channels

1. USTVnow


USTVnow is acknowledged as a subscription-based service that presents the facility of American satellite channels’ live TV streaming to the Americans located outside the nation, including the military workers in deployment. It is found that this service for Kodi stream live tv is registered as USTVNow Plus within the Kodi official repository. In order to use it, you need to first sign up for the account i.e., USTVnow account and later install its live tv addon for Kodi to avail the service. The best part is that USTVnow comes with a tiered pricing arrangement and its base plan is completely free. However, it is important to note that the free plan provides only six channels at the maximum and restricted features. You may also like free anime streaming sites.

2. Nemesis

Recognized as one of the conventional addons of its form, Nemesis provides a wide range of techniques to experience the world of IPTV. Nemesis offers an excess of IPTV information, as well as, on-desire video clips. Within little time, it is found that this addon has made a strong reputation being a comprehensive source for Kodi. The good feature of this service is that it not only streams but comes with a feature to play audio books or enjoy the police scanners. The service also offers live camera feeds from different parts of the world.

3. Ultimate IPTV

Now you can remove your confusion on how to watch live tv on Kodi. This Kodi addon service owns a huge collection of many satellite TV channels belonging to different parts of the world. The only thing you may face is the Ultimate IPTV channels are slightly misarranged and positioned randomly. Therefore, you may need to click across the screens to properly get the things you want. This is not a major inconvenience. The good feature about this channel is that if you are prepared to work for it then the chances are high to get your favorite channel here as compared to other channels.

4. Mobdro

live tv on kodi

Mobdro is identified as one of the well-known Kodi addons live tv addons and it is made available for download directly from the Kodil repository. Basically, Mobdro is recognized as an on-demand addon but it comes with a category called ‘Channels’. This category includes a good collection of popularly watched satellite channels across the world. Also, Mobdro owns a wide range of content and allows you to watch live channels in many different categories. These categories include TV shows, Movies, Sports, Entertainment, Music and many more. It is found that this addon is continuously updated with fresh content. Also, read free movie streaming sites.

5. Quantum


To feel the Kodi best live tv experience, Quantum is one of the recommended options. This addon comes with a unique section dedicated to live TV that includes the live TV streaming for Oblivion IPTV. Also, it allows live TV streaming for many others like Pyramid Live, BAMF IPTV, Fido Live, Ultra Live, FreeView, Supremacy Live and Lily Sports Live. Each of these mentioned ones comes has various live streams to provide but there are certainly remarkable crossovers, in respect to US and UK channels.   

6. Rising Tides 

The Rising Tides addons is a new formidable option for experiencing outstanding live TV options. It is found that the addons are capable to include almost everything ranging from technology to sports entertainment. This feature makes Rising Tides as one of the best Kodi addons for live tv. In its working, the menus are beautifully organized, and every stream buffers in the least possible time.  You can try this addon and experience how useful and functional its working is.

7. SportsDevil

SportsDevil is frequently included among the finest Kodi addons to enjoy live TV on Kodi platform. This addon owns a large collection of channels from almost every place in the globe. As suggested from the name, the addon is based on sports. A huge part of this addon is committed to sports. The addon’s main screen highlights two different sections for sports including Live Sports and Sports TV. Not only sports but you can watch many other categories.

In this addon, there is a presence of ‘Live TV’ section, and it also has a ‘ (World TV)’ category. It is found that the World TV section of this famous addon allows you to use live TV channels belonging from the UK, USA, Italy, Germany, France and many more. You can install this addon from Kodil because it owns the newest version of this addon.

8. Bob Unleashed

Bob Unleashed addon is found to be the present form of the fundamental Bob Unrestricted addon, so you can trust on the quality of this Kodi addon for live tv. Its developers named noobsandnerds offered the advanced version of the addon a key facelift and also added the required live TV option. It is found that in this, the live TV watching s more limited as compared to the addons that work on live TV. But, you would find a huge, well-designed and functional library of live TV streams.

9. Amerikano Tuga

It is possible that many of us may not have heard of this live TV Kodi addon but it is a useful and functional addon with great benefits. This addon enables you to view live TV channels from different parts of the world without any kind of hassles.  It is known that its home screen highlights different categories including links to lots of channels. All of these categories are usually categorized country wise. You would also see sections such as Movies, VIP Kids TV, etc. American Tuga is found to be the portion of the VIP Secret Repository and from here you can easily install this addon.

10. UK Turks Playlists

The reason why UK Turks Playlists is known as one of the best live tv addons for Kodi is that it covers a big range of content in different categories along with the facility of live TV on Kodi. Basically, this addon is dedicated for the on-demand content but it has a separate department for Live TV. This section includes several TV channels belonging from the USA, UK, and other nations.

You can easily install this addon from the UKTurk Addon-repository. This repository is foremost to gain the latest version of the addon. You need to note that the same is too available on Kodil repository. Once you install UK Turks Playlists, you would require a PIN to use it. This PIN can be created at

11. IPTV Bonanza

IPTV Bonanza is made available via two different sources including Maniac Repository, as well as, Kodil Repository. The flexibility is that you can easily install this addon from any one of the above-mentioned options. As suggested from the name, IPTV Bonanza appears like a real bonanza of the live TV content. The addon consists of lots of live TV channels from different parts of the world. You can watch almost all the channels without any problems. The only thing some users dislike is in this addon, the channels are mentioned randomly, so it is not easy always to search the required channel. The channels are randomly listed, as per the name of the country.

12. Furious Streams 

Furious Streams is also one of the best Kodi live tv addons because it owns a large collection of the live TV channels belonging from USA and UK. It is found that this Kodi addon highlights five lists of freely available live TV channels from UK and USA on its home screen. Moreover, it also comes with a separate category designed for the Sports channels. All these qualities attract any user to use this addon often and get easily impressed with Furious Streams.

This is the reason why many users make this addon as the important portion of their finest Kodi live TV addons list. It happens that every time you may not find a list of all the working streams on Furious Streams. However, it must be kept in mind that this addon includes more playable streams as compared to many other live TV based addons used generally. It is found that Furious Streams is hosted within the Brettus Builds repository; also, it only takes a few minutes for the process of installation to complete.


You can now easily watch live tv on Kodi with the use of this addon. The features and unique qualities make this addon a recommended addon for watching free and premium channels on the live basis. TV Tuga mainly focuses on the streaming of TV channels in the Portuguese language. But, you may even find many channels in English. The good part of this addon is that it has a separate section named ‘World TV’. Using this section, you can easily find TV channels belonging from different parts of the world. For ease of installation, you can directly install this addon from a zip file without facing any problems with any repository.

14. Chronos

Many people are becoming a fan of this addon –Chronos. The overall list of channels is huge, so you have great choices to select your favorite one. You can enjoy a wide range of shows like News, Sports, Cartoon, Adult Swim, Movies, etc. There are no problems with how to get this addon. You can easily get it from the SkyDarks source.

Within a few minutes, the process of installation of Chronos gets completed. In this addon, there is a separate category for sports named as ‘Live Sports’. In this category, you can enjoy a variety of live sports via different streams. Not only for watching live TV on Kodi but this addon also contains few on-demand contents.

15. Selfless

Selfless is usually known to be the preferred choice of people who are looking for the supreme live tv addons for Kodi. This addon is dedicated to present a healthy library of many different live TV channels belonging from different parts of the world. As per your choice, you can enjoy shows, sports, 24/7 shows, movies, and many more. In addition to that, this addon also contains many premium satellite channels and the good thing is that you can easily watch them on a free basis. It is found that Selfless can be easily installed directly from the Bookmark Repository.

This repository is known to be the portion of the Bliss TV source. Those users who have used this addon are comfortable with its features and benefits. In this addons, there is a wide range of categories available to let you choose your favorite one. You can watch 24/7 Shows, Live Games, USA Channels, UK Channels, Manual links, Sports Heaven, Video on Demand, and Rock n Roll. Also, read sports streaming sites.


All the discussed Kodi addons for live tv are dedicated to bringing you the best experience of watching your preferred channels and shows. These Kodi live TV addons are found to be packed with lots of features, benefits, great user interface, beautiful design, ease of installation, best-watching experience, no problems for use, etc.

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