Best Affiliate Marketing Programs and Networks (Updated List)

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is an internet Marketing system whereby a dealer can offer items through activity sent by different sites consequently of commission on deals to those sites

In this Way sellers can promote their products and sales. What’s more, on other hand advertisers/website owners can earn commissions on referring potential purchasers to dealers. Also, read how to start your own affiliate marketing business.

The advantage of Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t need to contribute the time and push to make an item to offer. You can start offering something as a subsidiary when you have a stage to offer it on.

Here are the best affiliate marketing links for more reference:

Affiliate Marketing commission process is based on different methods

Here are the methods.

1-On End Sales.

2-On Traffic.

3-On Lead Generation.

Major and Key Players In Affiliate Marketing Network

1-Merchant – Merchant knew as the retailer.A company who wants to sell their services or products.

2-Affiliates –are also known as website owners who willing to earn revenue by referring traffic or lead conversion.

3-Affiliate Network-Affiliate network is also known as the third party who act as a middle-man between Affiliates and Merchants.

Major and Key Players In Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Process

Affiliate network also provides offers to the affiliate to choose from and also take care of the affiliate payments.

Affiliate Marketing Process: How does Affiliate Marketing Network work?

1-Affiliate select product/service of merchants from Affiliate network and load to their site.

2-User visit affiliate site and clicks Merchants ADS.

3-User is redirected to a Merchant site.

4-Affiliate id is tracked by Merchant in referring URL.

5-user make purchase service/product from a merchant.

6-Tracked information is sent to the affiliate network.

7-Merchant transmit sale file to affiliate network which includes tracked affiliate ID.

8-Affiliate network track sale with affiliate ID and pay earned the commission to affiliate.

Best Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

1-Do Proper testing of a product

Don’t simply offer the item on the off chance that you are not friendly with just suggesting those items in which you can help individuals by giving some extra information.

2-Choose wisely

There are bunches of affiliate network or site in the business sector who are offering products/services. So this choice is all yours which one you need to showcase for your advantage but always choose wisely.

3-Testing Your product

This does not mean you first buy that item or utilize, this alludes to do proper testing of sellers who are putting forth that product, in terms of follow-ups. Try not to break readers trust sooner or later they trust on your recommendation.


This is one of the best strategies in affiliate promoting is to first compare the item and some other comparable items.

Like which item is more preferred by readers and move the best changing over an item to the highest point of the page for better CTR.

Promotion Technique and Mediums used by Affiliate networks

1-Email marketing.

2-Social Network.



Promotion technique and Mediums used by Affiliate.

Best and Top industries in Affiliate Marketing



3-Financial services.


Best and Top industries in Affiliate Marketing .

Affiliates Marketing Model

1-CPC-Cost Per Click:

The affiliate is paid for each click which he/she created.

2-CPS-Cost Per Sale:

The affiliate is paid a commission of transaction in term of sale which he/she generate for a merchant.

3- CPL-Cost Per Lead:

The affiliate is paid a commission for every inquiry which he/she generate(For e.g query form).

List of Top 9 Affiliate Marketing Networks

  1. Indiatimes – In Indiatimes affiliate program, You get paid 10% of sale by simply referring a visitor to this online shopping portal.
  2. eBay-You can refer eBay to friends and earn USD 3 per active confirmed registered user. You can also sell eBay products on your site. There is now an eBay India, so people can trade in INR as well. eBay also has partnerships with other global affiliate networks like Commission Junction and Auction Ads.
  3. – India’s leading matrimony site offering banner ads, text ads, and email marketing. Earn commissions of up to 50% of the paid subscription fee. You earn when the visitor searches Bharat Matrimony from your website and becomes a paid subscriber.
  4. MakeMyTrip – is an online travel company and among the most successful Internet companies in the country. It provides an affiliate service for which you have to write to the site explaining your business details.
  5. Ferns n petals – Earn up to 10-15% commission on referred merchandise sales with a 10-day cookie for return visitors. You get the commission on all sales that take place up to 10 days after you send someone to Fernsnpetals. For example, if a customer visits your site and clicks on its banner ad and doesn’t buy anything right away, but purchases something at Fernsnpetals a few days later, you still get credited for the sale.
  6. – is an online store specialized in selling books, CDs, DVDs, and Videos. When a visitor to your site purchases an item from through a link on your site, you will receive a fee of between 5% and 15% of the purchase price.
  7. Clickbank – Click bank is the well-known affiliate for Digital Products Promote and sell your own products or promote other products and receive a commission on each sale which you generate. The greater part of items sold through ClickBank is advanced in nature, which implies their bonus rates are higher when contrasted with different to other marketplaces.
  8. Share sales– share sales are one of the largest advanced Affiliate Marketing platforms. Simple to look at offers: When you need to pick between different offers made accessible to you, ShareASale will permit you to assess the best one on the premise of key measurements.
  9. Google Adsense – As many of you already aware of Adsense. This is also one of the high paid affiliate program network owned by Google. No waiting time for promotions to show up: Because of the extensive rundown of sponsors present in Google AdWords, advertisements will begin appearing in your Ads space the minute you supply the commercial code on your website.

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The detailed study I posted will clear your doubt about what actually affiliate marketing network is?, However, as this can be your best-earning source. simply let me know how much this article can help you by posting comments.

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