The Various Aspects of Guest Blogging

The various aspects of guest blogging. The meaning of guest blogging? The actual meaning of guest blogging or the guest posting is by publishing your content on any other website. Guest blogging is the general practice in digital marketing as a tool of SEO or SMO. While both these processes are concerned with improving a site’s or business’ presence and visibility in SERPs, guest blogging helps in creating the useful links to your website and influencing the ranking in the most positive manner.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

  1. Builds relationships

    In order to make a guest blog attractive enough, a blogger needs to create a good quality content. And when you add the positive value to someone other’s website, you definitely build good relationships with other sites, bloggers, and their followers. As the result of guest blogging, a blogger succeeds in making a good amount of online conversations, especially on the social networking websites such as Twitter or Facebook. It helps them to make good friends and followers, which indirectly support to achieving a higher ranking and driving a quality traffic.

  2. Great for search engines

    Guest blogging is a fantastic way to building the backlinks. A blogger writing for other’s website needs to include a link to his blog in that post, either at the beginning or at the end. As the time passes, these backlinks help in increasing the value of your blog to the search engines. It helps in improving your online visibility through the social networking platforms, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

  3. Introduces new people

    Through Guest blogging, you can enter is an already established community of active participants and communicate them in your favor. If you properly manage to use this trick to your ultimate advantage, you can engage with a good number of audiences of your niche and add them to your contact list. The theme of success is: create value, help the others and keep calm and you will win for sure.

Guest blogging

What are the downfalls of guest blogging?

The wrong is not in the aspect of the blog practice but in its wrongful practice. While the Guest blogging process has a great potential to achieve the SEO benefits, it was highly abused by the tricky people. The search engines are still working hard to make it clear distinction between the good and the wrongful practice of guest blogging.

The technique was overused by some low quality, spammy websites as a shortcut to improve their ranking. They applied it to build quick links for manipulating rankings and not for influence the real people. But it does not mean that guest blogging is completely done. A business can get the benefit of developing and publishing the quality content with the intention of providing the valuable information to the audiences.

What kind of guest blogging is useful for a business?

A blogger needs to consider a thing, especially while writing a guest blog that the main aim behind the entire process is not just building a link. He or she has to craft a quality content to engage with the audiences and influence them to click through your website. Of course, when you achieve a link from a reputed website, it improves the potential visibility of the site and also attracts a higher number of visitors. If you satisfy the readers on the host website, your guest blog can successfully contribute to increasing the quality traffic and increased sales.

How to improve a quality of your blogging?

  1. Go with only the relevant and reputed websites

    It is always good to work with the established sites in your familiar niche. If the website has already a good quality content and quality audiences; it will give you many advantages. You need to watch out for contact details to ensure the legitimate status of the site. One more thing to consider here is that the host site, you are writing for should be highly relevant to your topic of industry or field. In this way, you both can work together for earning traffic to the website and also improving the SERP ranking.

  2. Avoid overusing the keyword

    It is not a good idea to use a single keyword, again and again, no matter it is your anchor text. This act can be penalized by Google. The keyword is needed to be added to the blog but in a proper and natural manner.

  3. Audiences are your first priority

    You have to write for the humans, not for the computers. The information must be real, important, valuable and attractive to the visitors. If your page contains any unnatural content, Google will never consider it seriously.

  4. Prefer the site who curate the content

    The guest blogging has lost its reputation due to the practice of publishing the content on the poor quality content website. Before getting engaged with any site, carefully review it to ensure its quality.

  5. Use it as a link building technique

    Google determines the quality of your website on the basis of many things. The number of links to the site and also their quality are the prime factors to indicate the value of your website. Remember, if all the links coming to your site are from the guest post written by you, it will simply look unnatural, so you are suggested to mix it up. You need to make efforts to get the quality links from the highly reputed, relevant and trusted sites such as local news sites or the relevant directories.

Guest Blogging

Can the guest blogging cause any harm to the blogger’s site?

Blogging is not good or bad in itself, but the blogger is. If done in the proper manner, Guest Blogging can be very helpful for the blogger, the company, and the hosting site also. There are certain guidelines suggested by Google in concern with guest blogging, any serious violation and result in penalization.

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Blogging Tips for Bloggers


It is the professional responsibility of a blogger to craft the good quality content for the relevant website in the advantage of himself and also the host website in order to earn a remarkable ranking and a great deal of quality traffic to the website.

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