Blogging For a Passion vs. Blogging For Money

Blogging for a passion vs. Blogging for money – What do you do?

At Digital SEO Guide, we teach you how to succeed as a blogger, step-by-step. You can refer to our earlier articles about blogging – as a career and as a passion.

More about this at the end of the article. Meanwhile, today we thought to cover a very simple yet interesting topic – Blogging and its aspects, with special reference to professional blogging. Read on, and for any query; please write back to us. We’re happy to listen from you.

Blogging has taken the virtual world by storm, literally! Everyone who reads content online for any purpose knows about blogging in some way or other. Blogging attracts millions of people every day to come online and read about special stuff.

When it refers to blogging, there are two things that come into aspect. Professional blogging and blogging for a passion. There are great writers, who want to express their thoughts with the world and they find in blogging the easiest, simplest and coolest source to connect with the world.

They might not at all be interested in making money online, yet they blog to pursue their passion – sometimes to simply connect with their peers, or to voice their regret or opinion about something or simply to write something that they want the world to know.

But then there is professional blogging. They are the people with expert ideas about how to monetize the readership. We will talk about it little later. First, let us understand how the term professional blogging is being misused these days.

Make money blogging has become a catchphrase so popular that everyone wants to grab a pie of the share. Now, it is not uncommon to see that young person making blogging every now and then and then after publishing a set of articles anyway they can, they start dreaming of making money themselves from their blog. There is nothing wrong about it, but before you use the term professional blogger, is it not required that you develop the necessary expertise to be so.

Let us, therefore, understand what professional blogging is all about.

Traditionally, blogging was not a profession. It was mainly used to keep a record of information to be shared with the colleagues. As the information revolution happened, people started sensing that they can make money using their blog. Gradually, search engines like MSN, Google, and Yahoo started to answer questions people can actually get results from a blog. Add to this. money making sources such as Google AdSense and promotional ads and review services helped to blog to become careers for some bloggers.

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Today, these are bloggers who earn very handsome money only from their blogs. They blog dedicatedly, with the core aim to make money. Some, however, failed to make it big and turned down from blogging. Those who stick to it and continued to write great blogs, succeed.

blogging for money

So what really is a professional blogger?

A professional blogger is someone who works religiously to improve his blog. To succeed as a professional blogger, you, however, need to develop some skills. A professional blogger works full-time on his blog, he understands what makes a great blog, he knows what is a design and development bit. He has the tools and technologies to develop a great blog.

The following are the core behaviors which as a blogger you need to learn – More importantly, as a professional blogger:

1. Work full time on blog

Most bloggers who start with am ambition but later stop blogging at all is because they do not take blogging so seriously that they can leave their existing profession or they are so busy in their profession they do not take up blogging as a full-time career move. If you need to make a blog that works and earn money out of it, you need to properly work.

2. Skills to make a great blog

A great blog does not develop overnight. You need to work on proper ideas to make your blog work. A blog is not about content only. As a blogger, as you mature, you need to understand what is a great design, and how to make it great. Other than writing, you need to develop certain technical understanding. Although it is not mandatory that you need to be technically skilled to be a great blogger, you can take the help of service providers; but if you are technically sound; you can reduce the time, effort and money you need to put by consulting someone else.

3. How to monetize skill

One of the most important or perhaps the most crucial of all factors if to learn how to monetize your blog. There is a range of ways to monetize your blog. As a professional blogger, you need to understand that to monetize your blog, you need to develop a great fan following. You need to have dedicated base of fans. Your blog needs to have constant views. This is when you can think of monetizing your blog. You can monetize your blog using a range of ways; including paid reviews, Google Adsense, CTR sources, PPI sources, direct advertisement, affiliate marketing etc.

These are some of the essential qualities which you as a blogger need to learn to succeed as a blogger. Making your blog great is not a simple and easy process. It requires hard effort, well-defined rules, and modest dedication to become a successful professional blogger.

Anyone can become a successful professional blogger, but for that, as we mentioned, you need proper guidance and plans. You need to work religiously to improve your blogging career. We can help you become a successful blogger with a record earning skills, but for that, you need to read our earlier articles. You can also join our industry-oriented courses on blogging as a career, which we are launching soon.

Bonus Tips

To become a good blogger, you need to first read the top ten blogs in your niche, follow them and learn how they work. Write down your findings, and work around it.

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