Types Of Blog Content That Will Drive You More Traffic

Blog Content marketing is more than writing blogs. There are two dissimilar schools of thought about how long should a blog content need to be – one, that says online readers are impatient and hence short-form content suits their personalized preferences and the other, that says long-form content is important to impress search engines and hook readers.

Debates apart, if you carefully speculate how people actually read blogs and how much time they actually devote to in reading or just skimming a particular entry on a blog, you can get an idea about which type of content actually works well online.

With this blog post, we are actually doing a comparative study of the benefits and necessarily limitations of content type to get an idea about which type of blog content actually works.

Short-form blog content

A short-form content could be anything around 100 to 300 words long; in some cases, even 400 words long depending on the nature of content and topic. A short-form content can work well for the audience who do not read the lines and just want to understand the real idea.

Such type of content is easily manageable and can be populated too quickly and easily, and a writer can manually write more than 2 entries per day, and the blog would cover topics in an organized manner.

Short-form content is usually good if you want to cover more and more topics a day, by just covering basic idea that you want to communicate to your audience.

Long-form blog content

A more popular variant these days, long-form content could be anything ranging from 500 words to 1000 words or even more; depending on the topic.

A long-form content works for the audience who read the lines and want to get more information; such type of content makes a blog well-researched and provides the detailed fact about a topic. With a long-form content posted, a blog is great to go even if it posts selective content a day.

Which type of blog content is actually functional?

Depends on readers; but if you want your audience to become your loyal readership, you should choose something between these – not long, not short – yet so good and unique that any reader becomes a loyal reader.

Let us explain it with an image

blog content idea

Types of blog Content

Use both long and short form blog content but maintain a balance between these two – write the strikingly improved type of content, use bold words, tell your audience which type of content is of which type and make navigation of content simpler.

Write content that informs your audience and makes them stick to your website. Use ideas that work without deviating from the main crux of the story.

Do not make content lengthily by beating around the bush. Rather, write shorter, crisper content by using factual content in the seemingly improved type of story.

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Use overestimate ideas, use factual content in simple words. And when you talk about seemingly simple ideas, make sure to start off with nicer meaning that works. To start a good blog, use words cautiously.

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