5 Tools To Manage Your Content Marketing Strategy

How To Manage Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is the backbone of a successful SEO campaign. With an effective content marketing, you can get easily connected with the audience, influence them and turn them into your potential clients. Here, one thing should be understood and taken into consideration that an effective content marketing is not just meant for creating a good content and posting it.

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It really works when it is managed by a strategy or an integrated process that deals with a number of objectives and techniques. The main techniques that a successful content marketing strategy includes are search engine optimization, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimization and development of customer loyalty.

For better engagement with the audiences, you have to create a content that will resonate with the target readers on social media platforms and place you apart from the entire crowd. For this, you will need a sound and content marketing and managing strategy. With it, you can easily plan, produce, promote and measure your content. With the right input of time and efforts for developing a good strategy, it becomes very convenient to manage the content easily and effectively.

Along with the strategy, a webmaster also needs to create and maintain an editorial calendar and manage all the contents for a meaningful and successful implementation of content marketing management. To support this, there are much content planning and managing tools that help you in combining the brand, content calendar with your marketing strategy.

These tools also help you to answer the given questions:

  • Is the content capable enough to meet the specific customer segment expectations?
  • How will it work effectively?
  • Is the company putting all the necessary content types, topics, and promotion methods?
  • How will the content support the growth and profit increase?
  • What are the connections to call to action?

In the following topics, we are going to focus the five different tools that you can use for tracking, controlling, and managing your online content. These tools will furthermore help you in spending more time in developing the content object to be used for attracting, engaging and converting a high volume of audiences’ traffic to ensure the success of your business.

content marketing tool

content marketing tool

Free Content Marketing Strategy Tools

1- DivvyHQ

This tool provides a way to plan, divvy up and conquer the actions performed under editorial planning without any trouble creating spreadsheets. It is a cloud-based application and often works as a home specifically built particularly for professional content producers. The tool has a great ability to organize and manage and track the production of the content.

It facilitates the quick addition of the content ideas right from the dashboard. The inbuilt feature “park it” is used for parking more details in your content for the future use. With it, you can store your ideas and assemble them in content creation after reviewing it.

So, set up a calendar that suits your strategy needs. It can be done on the basis of the names of clients, campaigns, team, content types and websites. After it, you can assign the team members the particular piece of that calendar. In this way, you can manage your calendar and the teams as well.

For the webmaster who has to manage a good deal of content and many team members, use of this application will certainly remove the hassle of planning and collaboration.

2- GatherContent

It is an integrated combination of many simple site mapping tools and helps in an easy content organization for a new website or a site redesigning project. The tool helps in rearranging the order of the content along with facilitating to overview the complete project.

The content marketing and management is the process of setting plan, structure and the collaboration of the entire process. It generally involves the adding page, researching and gathering content, uploading files and saving the work done. In the urge to manage the content you will have to collaborate with your content management team and:

  • Assign pages to them
  • Set the deadlines
  • Discuss the content elements
  • Set status approvals and
  • Last but not the least, export your content to the team.

The tool provides you a great help in saving time while you are working on a client’s web project and there is a deadline ahead.

3- Kapost

This tool is mainly used for easy step by step management of the content marketing process. The smart application of Kapost will efficiently help you in managing blog posts, social media posts, emails, infographics, eBooks, presentations, and webinars.

If you are a committed marketer and want to be a content publisher, you have a fine strategic platform that is specifically designed to target the customized requirements. Here, you can show the content object to all parties involved through content dashboard while working under the calendar format and identifying deadlines at the same time.

It is a superb soft solution that can distribute the content to all channels just with a single click. And while you are publishing the content across the different channels, it helps in aggregating the performance metrics and their one spot presentation.

4- Compendium

Compendium is the answer to your all need to maintain the strategic content consistency for your brand. Now, one can create and post and promote the content from anywhere (both inside and outside of the company). It’s in-built calendar based tools will help you in planning and managing your content by:

  • Pinpointing the readers
  • Mapping and organizing your content
  • Scheduling the overall messages
  • Storing the ideas for future use
  • Gather and analysis feedback

Compendium provides a very easy and handy set of tools and motivates everyone inside your company and also your clients and other related parties to become a content creator. Your created and published content will feature your campaigns and when your customers see it, they will surely promote your strategy through their social networking links and keyword tagging. It is a great tool that helps you to prove your performance with the help of its reporting and tracking features.

5- WordPress

It has many inbuilt plugins facilitate the mass publishing of the content. The Editorial Calendar is the most popular plugin for bloggers and webmasters in which you can set your entire posts in a simple calendar format. So you are free to manage your blog post and ideas as well by the simple drag and drop.


All the above-given tools and content marketing support software are designed and developed to make a company capable of creating, collaborate, collect and curate their content, stories, and brand messages. If you want a fine streamline planning, offer your audiences a unified messaging and promotion of your content with the highest possible quality and accuracy, you must go with any of the above tools or a combination of two or more.

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