How To Write Great SEO Content For A Website

 Writing a great content that influences the readers and gets high ranks in Search Engine Result Pages, is not a secret, there are some fundamental rules and basic concepts that can help a writer to create some amazing and appealing content.

It is the quality of your content that ultimately reflects in the good ranks of a web page. Unless you develop a really good content that’s worth the time and attention of the readers, the entire online marketing set up and your whole SEO efforts are a waste. So, there is a sound relationship between SEO and great content.

Here are some tips or suggestions recommended by the expert writers to guide the newbies in crafting some good pieces of content.

9 Proven Tips To Write Great SEO Content For A Website

  1. Writing for your audiences

    Your audience should be the actual reason behind the content creation. It is a false assumption that companies develop the content to introduce their products and services as well as answering the customers’ queries. Though all the posts should be industry related, it is not necessary to create the posts that are only about the product and brand. Try to be informative, educative, entertaining and yet relevant, and you can do great in the competition.
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  2. Craft a punching headline

    Online content creation is an art to making a very big impression with a very small number of words. A punching headline does the same work here. The headline of your material should be clear, interesting and enriched with the target keywords. To accompany your headline, there should be an interesting Meta description to add further elaboration to the topic of your article.  Remember, the title of your text and the Meta description is the elements that show up in the search results, so they deserve a great concentration.

  3. Use of keyword rich phrases

    The headline and the body of your content should contain the relevant and keyword rich phrases. It helps both the reader and the search engines to understand that kind and category of your content. But avoid the excessive use of keywords as it can irritate the readers and search engine penalties for keyword stuffing. The use of keywords should look natural and thoughtful. You can also take the advantage of blog tags by tagging some relevant keywords for each of your posts; generally, the blogs have already built in tagging capabilities.

    good content for website

    9 steps to write good content for website

  4. The well-structured post

    No matter how great and unique your content is, if it is unorganized and set in an inefficient format, it can be easily lost. By setting the content text in the smaller paragraphs with an effective headline you can maintain the readers’ engagement towards your content. The back-end organization is regarded as the key to search engine optimization. Also, take care of the proper tag hierarchy while tagging the headlines (H1 for titles and H2 for subtitles); it is vital for a well-structured article.
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  5. Incorporate imagery

    The images attract the visual sense of the people and you need to pop your post with some nice and relevant images. By adding images along with a nice content, you can create a big impression through your blog post. While you have a Pinterest account, you get an additional avenue to promote your blog post with the help of the images attached to your post. Your blog can be accessed whenever the image will be pinned by the readers.

  6. Use the power of social media

    By using the social media platforms effectively, one can easily increase the reach of its content and promote sharing. It is always good to use engaging description and a call-to-action whenever you post a new article on the social media. Each post by you must have a share button attached to it so that the reader can share it and promote it further. With the further implementation of Twitter cards for Twitter and Open Graphs for Facebook, you can give a boost to your shared links, provide more control on the shared links and figure out the click-through rates.

  7. Implementation of a Google authorship

    It is a rather easy way to tie content to a certain author. The Google authorship can be easily achieved if you have a Google+ account. Now, whenever your article will show up on the search result page the author’s photo and the article title will be appeared on the screen. Google Authorship is a great tool for personal promotion and will definitely help you in improving the click-through rate of your post. So it is essential for an author to learn the process of setting up authorship for a website.

  8. Developing the natural backlinks

    Links are one of the key elements that play an important role in SEO ranking. By linking to your own article or a website, you can ensure a powerful support of backlinks to your website in any case when your article is picked up by another site. To get some more quality backlinks to your post you can work on creating some good content, for example, infographics and videos. If you have a great content it will help you in improving shareability and the likelihood that other websites will like to link to it to focus on quality and aim or it.

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  9. Monitor your activity

    While you manage to regularly monitor your efforts and actions you can stay on the top and lead the competition. You can apply Google Analytics that can give you an easy and cost-free method to track the number of page views and the average time spent on a page. With the clear analysis of the bounce rate and time on site to get an idea or the plans of interacting with the users. If you find that there is an unsatisfied rate of the time spent on the page by the readers, you should regard it as lack of relevancy and the engagement with the readers and you can start efforts to make it more interesting.

Thera are many other social interactions (such as likes, shares, pins and many others) that can be used fruitfully to measure the viral potential of your post. These easy to understand and simple to follow metrics offer you a good guidance relating to which content pieces are well received and shared, you can carry on the theme and continue the journey.

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The content is a very important part of the online marketing puzzle, that’s why it requires the use of quality control techniques and the amalgamation of unique creativity to ensure the higher traffic and the engagement on your website. When you are able to handle it, your success as a leading content writer is guaranteed.

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