5 Essential Christmas Marketing Tips For Online Marketers

From a digital marketing standpoint, the holiday season is one of the busiest and most essential times of the year. These days, a large percentage of people do their shopping online. Putting together a well-planned online marketing strategy before the holiday shopping season gets underway is the best way to connect with potential buyers.

If you are serious about making a profit this year, try putting the marketing tips and ideas below into action on your own site.

5 Christmas Marketing Tips For Online Marketers

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1. Make Your Website Easy To Find

The last thing that you want is for people to have trouble finding your website. To make your site as easy to find as possible, make sure that you choose keywords that are directly related to Christmas shopping. For example, you may want to include phrases like ‘gift ideas’, ‘inexpensive gifts’, ‘Christmas gifts’, and ‘Christmas gifts online’.

Use free research tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or Trends to spot search terms that are popular. Then, incorporate these terms into your website or blog. You can also use the terms when sharing your content on social media. The more often you use them, the more likely it is that people will find your content when using their favorite search engines. If you want some more advice, check out these tips from Mighty Social.

2. Develop A Plan

Things can get quite rushed during the holiday season. Before holiday activities get into full swing, you should sit down and come up with a marketing plan for the season.

Consider pre-scheduling posts for your social media accounts. You may want to organize these posts based on their content. For instance, during the first week of your marketing campaign, you could focus on promotions. During the second week, you could hold contests, etc. Tools like Postcron make automating the process of posting to your social media accounts easy. Setting up your posts ahead of time allows you to stay active on social media without having to devote a lot of time when you are busy with the holidays.

3. Consider Adding Christmas-Related Elements To Your Marketing Materials

The visual components of your marketing materials have an impact on the people who view them. If you want to increase the feeling of holiday cheer, consider adding Christmas-related images to your site or to the content that you post on your social media accounts.

You don’t have to go overboard. Even something as simple as creating a version of your logo in the traditional red and green colors of Christmas can go a long way to spread holiday cheer. You can also use Christmas-themed icons or create special advertising banners that center around the holiday season.

4.  Put Email Marketing To Work For Your Business

There is a reason why email marketing has been around so long – it works. In fact, the primary reason why this marketing method has survived throughout the years is because it is so effective.

Prior to the start of the holiday season, you should sit down and write a series of emails that you can send out to your subscribers over time, keeping them informed about special offers or deals that you have running on your site. Make sure that the content of the emails is extremely relevant. Focus on creating intriguing subject lines to get more people to open your messages.

5. Incorporate Christmas Posts Into Your Blog

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, you should begin sharing Christmas-related content on your blog. From a marketing standpoint, blogs are a valuable tool for connecting with your audience.

You can write about a variety of different topics. For instance, you could create posts outlining gift ideas for specific recipients. Make sure to use popular keywords in your content to make it easier for people to find through the search engines. This can boost your traffic, resulting in additional sales or leads for your business.

That should do it for now. Hopefully, these tips will help you get your holiday marketing plan underway. Don’t miss out on your chance to cash in on the Christmas season. If you have any other ideas that you would like to share, feel free to drop a comment in the section below.

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