5 Smart Ways To Increase Your Traffic

Traffic is the flow of visitors to the site. It is the amount of data in kilobytes that runs through the server during a limited period of time.

We can divide the traffic of any site into two main groups. The first one is the brand traffic, which calculates the number of inquiries with the brand name. The rest of the visits come from different relevant keywords and phrases.

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Here are the main types of traffic based on where it comes from:

  • Search engines;
  • From other websites;
  • Direct traffic;
  • From social networks.

Why is it so important? The amount of customers is significant for every business. It determines the company’s revenue. Thus, attracting new clients is the primary goal of every company. And where do the new customers come from if you are running an online business? They come from the number of visits to your website. Thus, traffic affects the success of your brand.

How To Increase Your Traffic?

Giving a single answer to this question is impossible. Unfortunately, no magic pill would attract enormous traffic overnight. Still, the issue related to the low traffic is a little exaggerated. There are many effective ways to attract new customers. Many of them don’t mean hiring top specialists. Many of these methods are quite obvious. All you need is to look at the problem from the right perspective.

We have prepared a detailed list of top five smart ways to increase your traffic. Apply some of them in your marketing strategy to gain new customers and higher revenues!

1. Work On Your Content

How To Increase Your Traffic?

Great content is one of the most effective methods to attract visitors. Optimize your content for relevant keywords and make regular publications. This way your website will gain more trust from the search engines. Thus, your site will take a higher position in the search results, and you will get more visitors. However, this method only works if the content you deliver is high-quality.

Quick tip: Don’t focus only on commercial texts. Try posting info articles that solve problems of your potential buyers. You can also add information on topics that are interesting for your target audience. This way you will gain a reputation of an expert in your niche and earn loyalty from the audience.

2. Use Social Networks

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels can play a significant role in attracting new customers. Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool to let more people learn about your product. Besides, today people spend more time on social networks than surfing the Web. So, if you increase your company’s social presence, you will gain more traffic.

Quick tip: it is not enough to provide brilliant content. Here you should also include appealing visuals and, most importantly, stay active! This will help more people to find your company.

3. Use Corporate Email Signatures

Email business signature helps to grow your audience with every email. You and your employees send tons of emails anyways, so why miss a chance to use this for your company’s benefit? Design appealing and high-quality corporate email signature. Add a link to your website and contact information of every employee and you will get more free traffic.

Email business signature

Quick tip: add links to corporate social network accounts to your email signatures. This will help you gain more followers, and more people will learn about your brand.

4, Improve Website’s Usability

Improve Website’s Usability

Make visitors’ experience your priority! If your website shows great usability, users are more likely to stay on your site for a longer time. This, in its turn, will help you raise your positions in the search results and gain even more traffic.

Quick tip: the number of clicks to your website is important. Yet, what is even more important is the time users spend on your site. If finding your website people stop looking further, your traffic will keep growing!

5. Optimization

Excellent usability, high-quality content, and neat design are important. Yet, they do not matter if your pages are not optimized properly. To ensure the growth of attendance, you need to start with the semantic core. Optimize your website as recommended by search engines. Make a list of relevant popular keywords and analyze them to get rid of the untargeted requests. Then, optimize the existing pages and sections of your website (or create new ones if needed). This way each page of your site will attract traffic.

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Quick tip: a smart optimization is an excellent tool for growing your audience. However, you have to be careful with it. Excessive enthusiasm can make your site fall under the sanctions of search engines.

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