Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Opportunities

If you are looking for “Top Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Opportunities“, then this article is for youDigital marketing is the ever-evolving landscape. It is one of the most exciting fields where you can always find new technologies and new techniques every day. This digital marketing has become a mainstream income for many marketers, and it provided lots of digital marketing job opportunities around the globe. Digital marketing is spreading throughout the world and also developing countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia is using this digital marketing as mainstream.

Previously, Businesses didn’t keep an eye on the digital marketing because they don’t know what to do at that time. During 2010-2017, you can find lots of big and small companies coming towards the digital marketing and improved their businesses.

A tiny percentage of businesses who are not using digital marketing has realized the effectiveness of digital marketing, and they are also committed to moving their businesses towards digital marketing.

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This rise in digital marketing has opened up a lot of digital marketing job opportunities around the globe. You can see a lot of digital marketing jobs reported each and every year around you.

Recently times of India had stated that digital marketing would create 1.5 Lakh job opportunities in India by 2016. And this figure has reached quickly, and you can see lot more improvements in this digital marketing.

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Now, newbies are often discussing which the best field to work and “what are the top-notch jobs in digital marketing”.

If you are the one who strives to find out about the top digital marketing jobs & Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing, then this article will help you figure it out. Here I am going to say all the areas of the digital marketing.

Top 8 Digital Marketing Job and Careers Opportunities with the Complete Role and Process

  1. Digital Marketing Managers

The digital marketing manager is one of the top class jobs in digital marketing. There is a huge demand in digital marketing for these posts.

As the brands and online business are going to peeks, digital marketing manager’s position is rising. There is no particular qualification required for these jobs all you have to do is you should have at least 5+ years’ experience in the digital marketing field to get this job.

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In order to get hired, you need to showcase your talents and projects you worked on. There is no specialization required, you and don’t have to hold an MBA or master’s degree to get this job.

All you need is certification of your projects in digital marketing. This is important because they will see your project and performance and then they will consider depending on your skills.

You can find many digital marketing managers who are earning a huge sum of money without having a proper degree. They all came with their hard work and digital marketing skills.

The Salary range of digital marketing managers varies from brand to brand. All you can expect is from min 14- 20lakhs. If you got hired by a top company or product, then you can even get above 40+ lakhs and shares as well. The pricing always depends on the companies.

Digital Marketing Managers Job Role and Work Process

The digital marketing manager should lead a team of digital marketers. You should work on the project you got, and you should lead your team to succeed that product marketing.

  1. Content Marketing Manager

Content is always vital, so content marketing managers are crucial in a company. Content marketing managers are the persons who take care of the content marketing responsibilities for content marketing.

The content managers should manage all the content needs of the product or the company such as a blog, sales page, email campaigns, EBooks, publication, guest blogging, etc.

Content managers don’t need clear requirements for qualification all they need some project they worked on and a blog they manage. In some cases, the degree can benefit in the type of digital marketing jobs.

The content marketing managers are one of the best jobs in digital marketing they can easily earn 10-15 lakhs per annum. Here earning mainly depends on the company they work for.

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Content Marketing Managers Job Role and Work process

Here the content marketing managers should manage all the content needs of the business. The content managers will have a team of content writers; here managers must lead content writers to get desired content.

Mostly content marketing managers will hire a team of freelancers, and they will assign projects to them, and they will take the work from them and submit them. To get this job, you should have at least 3-5 years’ experience in this content writing.

  1. Content writers

The content writer is another booming job you can get in this digital marketing field. This has its importance because the content is valuable in this digital marketing world.

So if there is a digital marketing job hiring then, there will content writer hiring as well because the content writer is the part of digital marketing only. Although this might come in content marketing here, there can also work on ad copy and blog posts. They will help all the marketers to write a perfect email pitch, ad copy, sales copy, etc.

Content writers Job Role and Work process

Content writers always work content. They have to check all the content needs of the company, and they have to improvise it, or they have to reconstruct the complete sentences for the business content requirements. Work done by content writers were checked by the content marketing manager and then they’ll approve.

  1. Inbound Marketing Manager

The inbound marketing manager job in digital marketing career isn’t necessary for each and every company, but some organization needs inbound marketing managers. They need inbound marketing managers to take the responsibilities of the conversion and drip marketing.

Mostly the inbound marketing manager will take the responsibility of managing conversions at each and every stage along with that they take drip marketing, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization and so on.

Here inbound marketing manager always concentrates on how to create a strategy for attracting more customers. They focus mainly on how to attract customers using the content marketing.

Inbound Marketing Managers Job Role and Work Process

Here in inbound marketing, the manager should take the responsibilities of managing all the sales funnels and conversion. Along with that, they have to create some plans according to the product to improve its sales.
Digital Marketing Jobs Opportunities

  1. Social Media Marketing Specialists

Social media marketing professionals needed for almost every brand. If you have a glance at the top brands, then you can find three or more social media marketing specialists.

Social media marketing is of two types. First one is just sharing your owned content on social media, and another one is a bit tricky. Here all you have to do is create campaigns on social media to attract customers.

Social media marketing isn’t an easy task so many brands opt for the specialist to do this task. It requires a lot of knowledge on how to create a social media campaign and how to attract others on social media sites etc.

Social Media Marketing Specialists Job Role and work process

Social media marketing specialist should manage all the social needs of the company. He will have social media marketers team here he has to lead the team of social media marketers. Along with that, he has to create campaigns on Facebook and also create attractive ads.

  1. Search Engine Marketers

Search engine marketing is vital job in the digital marketing field. Search engine marketing is the marketing via the search engines it is just the paid search. Mostly the search engine marketing refers to the Google AdWords.

A company always requires a certified Google AdWords specialist to do search engine marketing for their products.  If a company is small, then this task was done by the digital marketer but if a company is bigger than they almost hire a dedicated team of SEM experts.

The main aim of search engine marketers is to bring targeted audience towards their products by their ads. Search engine marketers should always stay in given marketing budget, and they have to provide some clicks and leads to improve their campaigns. They have to do keyword research and create a great ad copy and have to attract the audience.

Search Engine Marketers Job Role and Work process

Here search engine marketers have to do keyword research and create a great ad copy, and they have to post an ad for targeted audience to generate some leads and prospects for their company. Here there is mostly no experience required but if you have then you can get hired quickly.

  1. Search Engine Optimizer

I don’t have to say separately about search engine optimization, and this is the most important job in digital marketing for any business. Companies are always terrible in picking this post because they need to get desired results.

If a company do proper search engine optimization, then they can get free traffic from Google they don’t have to spend their money on search engine marketing and Google AdWords.

So they often try to pick best search engine optimization expert for their business needs. To get hired in this job you have to know about the Google webmaster, and along with that, you have to understand the primary factors of SEO and how to use SEO tools.

SEO expert should have a decent experience on all SEO tools, and they must know how to use them perfectly to get results.

Search Engine Optimizer Job Role and Work process

Seo optimizers have to take care of the search engine optimization of the business, and they have to report them to the digital marketers. They will be a team of SEO optimizers in each and every large-scale business. But if you are working in a small-scale industry then you will have two or three members’ team,

  1. Conversion Rate Optimizer

Conversion rate optimization is one of the crucial parts of digital marketing. The art increasing conversion ratio at the sales funnel is called as the conversion rate optimization.

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Conversion rate optimizer is vital for any business to improve the conversion, and here the conversion rate optimizer should use many tools to measure audience. A conversion rate optimizer should use tools heat map in the crazy egg to see the insights of how people interact with the landing page. Along with that, a CRO should know about all the tools to measure audience.

Conversion Rate Optimizer Job Role and Work process

Conversion rate optimizer helps to improve the conversion of the products or company. They have to increase conversion in each and every step of the sales funnel.

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These are the best and top digital marketing jobs and career opportunities in the digital marketing field. As the world is running towards the digital age, you should consider digital marketing to achieve more in your career. I hope this article helped you if you have anything to say you can let us know in comments.

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