000webhost Review: Best Website Hosting That Has No Risk

Whenever you are about to start your initial website project and wish to test out certain ideas through a free website, may be a good idea to go if in case you do not wish to pay for VPS, shared, or dedicated hosting.

Free web hosting is actually a reality now from 000webhost. 000webhost is hostinger’s sister company and you can register to our free hosting via Hostinger pageIt is basically a zero-cost website hosting through the use of PHP, My SQL, cPanel, and a completely ad-free site could be attained. Moreover, you can also sign up for free and avail its excellent services as it is free hosting.

It is certain that 00webhost is authentically a free web hosting and also the best web hosting as it serves several services on a free basis. Also, when you are availing something for free, you tend to be cynical and you own every right to be. However, this hosting service does not have any kind of hidden charges or taxes. Similar to the name, the service comes at $0.00 webhost. Now, let’s have a look to the details of 000webhost, along with its features, pros, cons, etc. 

Why is 000Webhost?

The free web hosting comes from the pioneer in the hosting industry and it holds 11 years of vast experience in this business. In 000webhost, there are actually no hidden costs as well as no restrictive terms. The service presents features of maximum reliability, lightning fast speed, and fanatical user support. Moreover, you would get the free web hosting service hence it is one of the best web hosting. The service presents web hosting on free basis that is enhanced as compared to other popular paid services prevalent around.

There are lots of people who refer it as the best website builder and the reason it enables the website building projects in suitable and reasonable manner. In addition to that, the service also presents the feature of a free domain; therefore, users get easily enticed to utilize its service. The service presents Cheap domain and therefore the concern of domain purchase is now eliminated.

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000webhost Review

 What do you get?

Through 000webhost, whenever you sign up for free account, it happens that you can easily create a website by the use of WordPress, Easy Website Builder, or by direct uploading. This is considered as an imposing range of options for any free site. Generally, you get 1000 MB of disk space as well as 10 GB of bandwidth, and this is considered good as far as you do not have many large images.

It is known that users can effortlessly manage their websites by use of cPanel hosting. It also enables easy management of databases, files, email, FTP accounts, and backups by use of web page. You also get domain checker and Reseller hosting feature. Moreover, files are backed up automatically on monthly basis, providing minimal protection. However, you can start backups of the website as well as databases from cPanel in order to keep them advanced.

Features of 000webhost

Features of 000webhost

The 000webhost service comes with tons of valuable features for the users. Besides, the features are perceived to be simple to access as well as they are affordable. The aspect makes it one of the best web hosting service providers.

Now, let’s have a look at 000webhost features:

1. Website Builder

The 000webhost is one of the Best website builders because basically, it is a free website builder. It is known that an easy website builder is included with its different package that can assist the users in developing a website in some easy steps. You can select one from many different templates that are obtainable, then insert the corresponding content inside it and later simply publish it in order to get a site that seems professional.

2. Uptime Guarantee

It guarantees 99.9% uptime is guaranteed for premium users. This is given on free basis. Unlike other web hosting providers, they hold proof for that, and this lets it easy to use.

3.  Domain Hosting

The 000webhost offers the appealing feature of free domain hosting. This actually offers the privacy of an individual domain in order that each user has no stress while using the domain. In addition to that, it also offers the simplicity of unlimited storage along with unlimited bandwidth by its appealing feature i.e., free domain hosting. This even functions as domain checker.

4. PHP

The hosting service allows free PHP hosting. Besides, it facilitates excellent support of the superior version of PHP while comparing it with several other web hosting providers.

5. MySQL

Apart from offering free PHP hosting feature, the present hosting service also enables free MySQL hosting. The service works to supports implementation of MySQL database in simple manner and that too on free basis.

6. cPanel Hosting

The 000webhost offers excellent cPanel Control Panel. The cPanel is regarded as the greatest advanced control panel in the hosting industry and service of 000webhost implements it. It is found that the control panel comes with tons of useful features and even for a newbie, it is simple to use.

7. Website Templates

The hosting service offers its customers with free website templates. Moreover, based on observation, it came to know that this hosting provider facilitates you with around thousands of spectacular templates.

8. Softwares

The service offers billing software at free of cost and this is found to be helpful for accounting too.

9. Proxy

It also facilitates free proxy server.

000webhost Packages

Cheap web hosting

The 000webhost packages are found to be affordable to its users. It comes basically in tow package plan i.e., free hosting and Premium hosting. In free hosting, 1500MB disk space and 100 GB/month data transfer is provided. While Premium hosting comes at $4.84/month and in that, unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfer facility is given. Based on the plan, the costs of Premium package ranges from $3.99 to $10.98 a month. In its packages, you can get VPS hosting account and shared web hosting plans too. As compared to other hosting service providers, its plans are considered as the cheapest shared hosting planAlso, 000webhost plans to cancel the 1-hour long sleep in the future to make our customers more satisfied!

Check Out Premium Hosting Plans

Pros and Cons of 000Webhost 

Pros of 000webhost

Let’s have a look at the pros:

1. Pricing

The pricing structure of 000webhost hosting service is found to be reasonable to customers. At less than the cost of 4$ month, you can use limitless disk space and limitless bandwidth.

2. BandWidth

Customers usually receive 1000 MB of disk space and 10 GB of bandwidth in free plans. This is regarded as the good aspect.

3. Backup

The 000webhost offers instant backups. The reason behind this is this hosting company is connected with an emphasis on use of useful data of users; hence, it presents the backup service mainly on a free basis and this works to back up the content automatically on regular basis.

4. cPanel

The cPanel is usually the superior control panel prevailing in the industry and 000webhost makes use of cPanel hosting. The control panel is very easy to use.

5. Ad Support

Users typically get benefited from the ad support of this service. Besides, it functions to support the range of ads.

6. Email

The hosting service is well-known for its email support due to the fact that limitless email addresses could be created. The service provides free email accounts in addition to webmail bolster. You can easily convey mass messages to different clients who join your site.


Users avail comprehensive PHP/MySQL support and contemporary level of PHP is available for use. Many hosts usually do not provide proper support to MySQL and PHP; however, this hosting service offers you with the up-to-date version of both of them. PHP mail() function, Curl, Sendmail, Zend, XML, loncube loader and several others are supported by it.

8. Customer Support

Generally, phone and live chat support is provided only to the paying customers, this service provides support forum and it is obtainable for 24/7. It also presents live chat support for customers.

Cons of 000webhost

Let’s have a look at the pros:

1. Site Removal

There are certain customers who have stated that their website was expelled without any prior notice. Due to this fact, they need to discontinue the service. You can just go to the client discussion, and there you would see limitless cases of users who stated that their websites were brought down in absence of any note.

2. Usage

A substantial measure of times, when functioning with 000webhost, users found that many times, they got a message – “You have exceeded your daily CPU restrict and therefore now your webpage is diverted.”

3. File Limit

The hosting service provider empties several documents of size exceeding 5MB every now and then in absence of mentioning to the client. It is found that the concern of File upload limit affects the 1 GB to space kind of excess, during the occasion that users are not about to avail any records exceeding a file size of 5MB to stay over their servers.

4. Security

It comes with some security Issues. Before few years, the hosting provider has been hacked – because one programmer entered into their database as well as dropped 13 million client’s passwords along with classified information.

5. FTP

Its users found slow FTP and this disadvantage suggest that the connection of a client to the server is actually slow. Because a higher number of clients makes use of the service, and due to decrease input/output write capability of the particular server hard drives, its FTP is found to be slow.

6. DNS

Users found problems with little DNS downtime of less than one hour.

7. Database

The concern of database reboots is also observed and it influenced the use of a database.

8. SSL

It lacks to provide SSL certification.


With all the useful and wonderful features, the Free web hosting from 000webhost can prove to be the ideal solution for every kind of client’s requirements. An individual can easily get his own site without investing a penny and besides that, the particular site looks professional in order to attract more people.

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