Google Domains Review: Pros & Cons Of Google As Domain Registrar

Google domain review. Let’s start with the Introduction of Google DomainsGoogle domain is a domain registrar owned and operated by Google. It helps you to claim, register and manage domain names. Google aims to provide small businesses and tech ventures an opportunity to get online with a domain name. For more complimentary services like web hosting and applications, you would have to use Google Apps, which also requires your domain name to be operated upon. Google domain makes the process of getting a domain name simple and transparent. It is easy to use, less expensive and also comes with additional services example to connect you to website host services like Shopify.

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Comparison: Google Domain VS Godaddy Vs Namecheap

Google Domain, GoDaddy, and Namecheap are the three most used domain registrars in the market at this point. Here is a detailed comparison between the three to understand why Google domain surpasses them in the domain registration market.

Namecheap Domain Registrar

Namecheap Domain Registrar

Namecheap is a good domain registrar for small businesses for providing an easy to use interface with very affordable prices and in addition, they include services like email forwarding and privacy protection that if availed on any other service provider may take up extra charges. It is also very highly reviewed by its hugely loyal customer base and has a superb rating according to its customers.

Namecheap Domain Registrar

Namecheap, as its name goes, is the cheapest site available for domain registration. Some companies tend to blind customers by initially asking low prices but increasing them further down the road but that doesn’t happen with Namecheap, it remains true to its customers always. The disadvantage with Namecheap is that it only helps in acquiring a domain name and does not provide any help in further steps of web hosting.

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Namecheap or GoDaddy

GoDaddy Domain Registrar

GoDaddy Domain Registrar

GoDaddy is a convenient registrar for companies looking for all the services related to web hosting like how to create and manage a website, to acquire a domain name, building a website, getting SSL certificates, marketing the website online, and forwarding emails and much more. It is a convenient stop for all your web hosting needs and if you are looking to create a self-hosted website GoDaddy is our recommended choice.

The disadvantage with GoDaddy is after offering all kinds of services their pricing scheme comes a bit shady and is not entirely trustworthy. They can add new unnecessary services to your package to increase the price which a newbie won’t be able to decipher. They also have additional pricing for all the extra services which were provided free of cost by NameCheap.

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Google Domain Registrar

Google is for people who are new to the domain market and also web hosting. Its website provides you with an easy to use interface which guides you through all the steps of domain registering, website hosting and email address creation for your website and it’s all simple. It also offers you website builder options to build your own website. The only disadvantage that comes up with Google Domain is its slight expensiveness as compared to NameCheap but when kept in mind the additional services provided it’s an equal trade-off. Also, they provide you with 24X7 customer support and services.

Google Domains Review

Pros of Google Domains

1) Interface / Backend Integrations

Google Domains’ main point in its support is it’s easy to use interface that goes with people who are less tech-savvy. It also goes on the technology of other Google products so if you used any of them before (Chrome, Gmail, and Docs), it becomes easier to use.

GoDaddy Domain Registrar

2) Simplicity

It’s so simple to use that a person new to domain registering can easily join Google Domains to learn how to register a domain and create and host his own website by self, no help needed apart from some self-guided tutorials.

google domain transfer

3) Transparent

Its pricing and additional services offered package is completely transparent and does not make a fool of its customers.

4) Value Pricing

Google Domain is rated as expensive by many in the market but compared to the services provided and also its renewal costs it gets better. If you are only looking for getting a domain name go with Namecheap, but if you require help in web hosting and maintaining the website Google Domain is cheaper than GoDaddy and other competitions.

5) Selection of new TLDs

Google Domain supports registering for many Top-level domains (TLDs), also you can renew the domain name manually or set up an auto-renewal for the domain name. An email will be sent to your email address with the notification for auto-renewal. You can also book the domain name for ten years in advance through Google Domain.

Cons of Google Domains

1) Pricing

As every Domain registrars provide the same domain names as an offering, the price is a big factor in deciding. Google domain does not offer any promotional prices for the first year, their typical pricing is $12 for the first year and for subsequent renewals $12 each year.  Other domain registrars like Namecheap and GoDaddy offer promotional discounts for the first year and are cheaper than Google Domain.

2) Support

Google offers a 24X7 chat and email support system, which is good if someone is online but most of the time it’s not possible. Also, they don’t provide a customer support number but gives you a form to fill with your issue and someone from customer support may contact you. This causes problems due to time differences and network issues, sometimes Google support staff is unable to reach a person with a domain problem.

3) Complementary Products

It does not offer any complementary products and is only there for domain registering. It will only guide you to other websites for your further web hosting needs.

4) Selection of Country TLDs

Selection of country TLDs is a cumbersome process in Google Domain as they require a search console to tell the specific country you are registering a domain name for.

5) Google Promise / Beta Status

Google has launched Google Domain in beta form. They are working on customer feedback and reviews to improve their product and expand it to other countries. Right now, it’s available for users in Brazil, Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. For users outside these regions, they can still manage their domains through Google domains. Google is working to extend its network and will be seen in other countries in the future.

Google SEO Advantage/Disadvantage

The question posed by many new company owners is that can their website just after launch rank higher in Google search results than its competition. The answer is yes. By using search optimization tactics your website can rank very well on the search engine ranking. If a domain name’s availability is extremely high, it can be acquired to build quality content and increase its eyeball content. With a domain name extremely popular, it gives the company owners a chance to increase the visibility of the website and also for a successful marketing strategy.

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This is all about Google domain review. Google domain is an easy-to-use and affordable domain registrar which enables even people new to web hosting services to set up and manage their own websites efficiently.

Google Domain Review: Google As Domain Registrar [Video Tutorial] 

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