How To Find Competitive Keywords For Your Website

How to find competitive keywords for your website?

Keyword research is the key element for the success of any SEO campaign.The searching and implementation is the baseline on which the soundness and efficiency of entire online marketing strategy depend.So while you are deeply engaged in the search for the most suitable and competitive keywords who can really work great, you need to figure out your competitors’ keywords strategy and their competitive ranking on SERPs.

While you are not familiar with the professional and premium search engine optimization tools for competitive keyword research and analysis, how can you deal with this kind of situation and find this crucial information?

The main aim of this article is to provide you an information and understanding about some tools that will help you to figure out the keywords used by your competitors and also help you to analyze that which of them can help you to attract more traffic to your site.Furthermore, they are very supportive to you in developing an effective SEO strategy.

10 Competitive Keyword Research Tools For Your Website

backlink research tool

Research backlinks tool

  1. Open Site Explorer

    This keyword research online tool is a part of the vast SEO support chain that is offered by SEOmoz providers.You can access Open Site Explorer easily by login to SEOmoz.This keyword research tool is ideal for finding the competitor’s keywords idea.What you need to do here is just type the URL of your competitors and open the Anchor text distribution tab.Now, you are enabled to find maximum 20 keywords used by the competitors.It will simply inform you about the soundness of their keywords strategy as well as their link building campaign, the number of root domains and links using their domain text.

    Google keyword planner

    Finding keyword ideas tool

  2. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

    Yes, everyone knows about it.Just visit Google Adwords Keyword Planner, type the projected keyword and get ready for the detailed idea of relevant competitive keywords.But, if you enter the domain, you will see some difference for sure. You need to go to columns and check the specific column “extracted from the web page”. You can see that it is focusing the particular pages from the domain, not the domain homepage.While there is not any or any other same kind of information, you will not get any suggestion about the homepage’s keyword.But Adwords will recognize the important keywords from some other equally significant web page from the site for you.

    SEMRush keyword tool

    Competitive intelligence suite for online marketing,

  3. SEMRush

    With SEMRush you can easily enter in a domain and can see the top ten keywords for whom the website is getting ranked. This will give the detailed information about organic keywords, their comparative position in search results, the traffic percentage attracted by them and much other relative information that can help to frame your keyword strategy if you use this CPC for your website.Not only this, the tool also tells about which URL of the site is getting higher ranks.

    competitive keyword tool

    Rank Analytical tool

  4. Alexa

    Along with providing your traffic score, Alexa offers you an opportunity to watch keywords queries that are successfully driving high traffic to a particular URL.For all this, you have to go to the site info tab of the site and enter the URL of your targeted competitor.Once you get the details, next you have to go to the Search Analytics Tab, it will show you the list of the queries that are driving the remarkable traffic to the URL.It is also a good way to get knowledge about the online position of keywords, i.e., which keywords are on the rise or decline.

    Social media search tool

    social media search engine

  5. Social Mention

    This Social Mention tool simply monitors the mentions that focus on the various stuff like videos, blogs and social media notifications.Just log into the site, a type the searches term (keyword or company name), it will show you all the mentions of that term, either within the blogs or on a social platform.It will also tell you that how many times and how often it has been mentioned. The tool is ideal for

    • Monitor and track the keyword mentions.
    • Observe the company mentions
    • Cross checks that what is being said on a keyword at different social platforms.

      backlink checking tool

      Monitor your backlinks for good SEO rankings.

  6. Monitor Backlinks

    This Monitor Backlink is a cool tool that:

    • Directly mails the competitor’s backlinks to your inbox.
    • Helps you analyze that what are the highest and lowest domains for the links for your competitors.
    • A provider of a fair picture about the do followers and the no followers.
    • Comparing your results with your competitors
    • Help you determine the strategy for your campaign.

      keyword tracking tool

      Search Marketing Research & Tracking

  7. Spyfu

    This Spyfu tool is used for its keyword and ad monitoring features.With it you can get the information about the targeted keyword by your competitor, both in organic search and AdWords.You can easily download the list of these keywords by just typing the name of your competitors and compare with your keywords strategy.

    web ranking tool

    Advanced traffic estimator tool

  8. SimilarWeb

    Similar Web is a very helpful tool that allows you to find the different web rankings.It is a good way to find the inside story of the traffic generation by any website.You will get information about global, national and category wise ranks of a specific website along with the weekly graphical presentation for the last six months.Isn’t it nice to watch that how many leads are coming from social, search, referrals and display ads?More than this it also suggests you that which of your competitors need to be watched and observed.

    marketing and SEO tools

    Marketing and SEO tools

  9. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is a very popular tool for backlinks, it smartly shows you many things like top pages, IPs and the external links of your targeted competitors.The site is highly reputed for its remarkable customer service and fulfilling their requirements.

    AdWords competitor keywords

    AdWords competitor keywords tool

  10. iSpionage

    The other keywords monitoring tool that allows you to watch out for what is your competitors’ keywords strategy and their best-performing keywords for organic and PPC. ISpionage also helps you to figure out that how much they are spending on their organic and paid searches.Here you get the graphical study for all the related topics.

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Above were some competitive keyword research tools, if used in a right way, you will get the assured success for finding best keywords for your website.If you have any query related to this article please share with us in comment section

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