Ultimate Keyword Research Guide and Tool To Find Sound Keywords

If you are looking for ultimate keyword research guide and tool to find sound keywords then this artile is for you.

What is the keyword research?

It starts with what you type in the search box.The keyword research is the center point of the entire search marketing field and it is the keyword or the right keyword that can either make or break your website.

If you succeed to figure out the most demanding keyword in the market, you can not only easily prepare and deal with the suitable SEO but also can understand the customer in the whole.

The keyword research directly indicates the mood of market change in the demand and the trend in products, services and the content available and being availed.

The main object of keyword research is not just finding the visitors to the website it is about earning the right visitors so that they can be turned into the clients.

In the whole history of the business marketing, understanding the customers and attracting and influencing was never such planned and effective.

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How to assess the value of a keyword?

You have planned some keywords for your site; now how will you assess its worth or value?

For example, you are a supplier of Italian marble and you want to develop a website based on two keywords, “best Italian Marble” and “fine Italian Marble”.

The keyword mostly typed on a search engine is usually recorded to the webmasters and one can find the related information through the keyword research tools.

One thing to remember, any of the keyword research tools cannot suggest you the best suitable keyword for your website.

If we want to judge the value of a keyword, firstly we need to understand our site, its content and the aim, later we need to follow the classic or traditional method of evaluation- “hypotheses, test, and repeat”.

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The process can be understood these points

  • Be sure to yourself: Before everything, ask yourself that is the keyword really suits your website and its content? Will it satisfy the needs and requirements of the visitors who have typed that specific keyword? Is the content is good in quality that the searches will repeat their visit? Will the visitors’ traffic will entertain your organizational goals and benefit you financially? If your answer is affirmative, carry on with these keywords.
  • Search in the major search engines: To get inside the competition, you need to find and understand the website that is already ranked higher for the same keyword. It will also help you to plan your strategy for gaining your ranking in the same criteria. You also can get an idea about the high value from the search engine ads as they mean top lucrative and direct conversion-prone keywords.
  • Buy a test traffic: If there is no ranking available for the keyword you can adopt the option of buying a sample campaign. Generally, Google Adwords or Bing Adcenter are a so-called ideal place for such campaigns. Here you can track impressions and conversion rates on the basis of traffic on such platform (at least 200-300 clicks are required to offer a nice ground for evaluating the response).
  • On the basis of the data collected after the above procedure, it becomes easy to determine the real value of the keyword.

Actually, the keyword research and its optimization are a consistent and long-term process that includes testing, examining and improvement.

What Is Long Tail Keywords?

A long-tailed keyword is actually a detailed and more specific search item that can easily be ranked higher in the particular category. Focused on a specific niche, a long-term keyword is less common and comparatively easier to be ranked than a simple and short keyword.

The next and the real benefit of this type of term is, though such keywords are searched by the fewer people yet, they are the actually interested visitors who are serious about your product or services. For example, someone wants to visit Bournemouth in Great Britain, then he can start his search by typing Bournemouth UK.

Then he will look for the hotels available there next search will be of the suitability of low budget and close to the beach side. Rather than this whole process, one can type just one long tail keyword “cheap hotel Bournemouth near beachside”.

It is not only convenient for the visitors as he or she gets close to the expected sites to plan the vacation, but also the sites enriched with that particular keyword also get the link of the serious and most potential customer to be approached and communicated.

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How to define a long tail keyword?

Here, while defining a long tail keyword term for your site, first of all, you need to ascertain in yourself about the specification or the uniqueness of your product or service offered. This uniqueness should be the central attraction or the main part of your web page title, subtitle, and the content material.

As your long-term keyword is more resembling for what you are offering, there are higher possibilities of better ranking and improved profitability.

Also, mention it in the META tag with your website URL as it puts the positive impression on the audiences who are looking for a specific facility.

Keywords Research Tools

Under this heading, we will discuss some of the handy tips and tools for keyword research that will facilitate your efforts to get higher ranking in the competitive search engine marketing strategy. The keyword research tools and related tips will certainly facilitate the formation of the list of the most potential sets of keywords:

  • Maintain the keyword research regularity: The keyword research mission should be repeated now and then to update your website and evaluate your presence. Through a continuing research program, you can find more suitable keyword for promoting the service or product you want to sell. While you update your keyword research and involve it in your marketing strategy, you can easily meet your financial goals.
  • Develop the vocabulary that resembles your audiences: The keyword that is the center of your website development must resemble the audiences’ vocabulary. This is actually the match with what idea can come in the mind of an average audience while keyword he types in the search box. You need to list out possible combinations that the people think in their searching task and then figure out the highly suitable among them.
  • Google Keyword Planner: One can use this for finding newer and more relevant keywords for your online marketing campaign. Here, one is suggested to ignore the volume data as it is related to the keywords for the paid ads so these volumes are not completely reliable. Though Google AdWords Keyword Planner isn’t directly helping to find the exact right keyword research for your website, yet it is the best source of new ideas of potential keywords while doing keyword research.
  • Google Trends: With Google Trends, you can compare the traffic for the particular sets of the keywords suggested by the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Furthermost, you are offered the comparison based on time period (particular season, vacation or festival) or any geographical region.
  • Your own search engine: Using your intuition is the best resource for the keyword determination. What is your specification, what a visitor can expect from a supplier of your category and what is that the present visitors are looking for your site? When you figure out the answer the result will the most suitable keywords for your online marketing strategy. To check their resemblance and adaptability you should go with the Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin.

List of best Keywords research tools

1-keyword revealer.com

2-Google keyword planner

How to find long tail keywords

1– keyword revealer :

This is also a very good keyword research tool. To begin with, step is to make a free account on this site then log in and from the top select keyword tool, you will get the option showing below

keyword research tool

free keyword research tool keyword revealer

Type your keyword and then choose location you need to focus for your site and submit, now you will get the list of keyword ideas showing below with details like monthly searches, AdWords PPC in this you will also calculate keyword difficulty on keyword you selected from this list and through this keyword research tool you will check competition of any keyword.

keyword research tool

2-Google Search engine:

Google search is very helpful in finding long tail keywords

keyword research planner

long tail keyword technique

Google search work like keyword research tool means when I enter a search term then google give me suggestions related to my search, for example, I enter keyword research and you can see some suggestion like

keyword research tool for SEO

best keyword research tools

these all are the 4 to 5 words keywords which are very helpful for long tail keyword research ideas, by using this method whenever you search any keyword then scroll down the search results in the last you will get more suggestions for your long tail keyword research idea from the below suggestion try to select long tail keywords only.

long tail keyword idea

Keyword research process

So note down all these long tail keywords suggestions in your keyword research list and select according to competition volume.

Then open keyword planner and Analyzing selected keywords in google keyword planner for getting more ideas like monthly search volume, competition etc.

keyword planner

After login, you will get options showing in above image in keyword planner, so copy paste the selected keyword list in the second option Get search volume for a list of keywords and then enter

Now you will get the results showing below

1-keywords which we enter

2-average monthly searches


4-suggested bid

google keyword planner

so from the above list choose your keyword wisely for your website to rank higher.

The success chances of any keyword combination: While ascertaining the keyword for your website and deciding the one to be the target it is highly essential to understand its demand as well as its usability. Also, you need to consider the task or the work required based on them in the urge to achieve the remarkable ranking on the search engine researchers.

If there are many leading brands with the same keyword, are already top listed on the ranking system and you are a new player, your way is not only difficult but also requires a lot of hard work. You need to take the serious steps to evaluate these keywords and always be ready to make amendments and adjustments for the betterment of the business.

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It is good that there are many keyword research tools are available online to deal with these keyword difficulties and provide you the necessary help and analyzing support.

For beginner’s additional keyword research tip

  • select low competition keyword
  • First, get rank on these keywords in search results then move to high competition keywords
  • In starting if you select high competition keywords then you have face competition as if that keywords already targeted by your competitors.
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