SEO Tools For Better Writing You Should Start Using Right Now

Content is the backbone of SEO. You can analyze keywords, create backlinks, and optimize for mobile, but it all comes back to the writing. If your content is lousy, the readers won’t care about it. And neither will Google.

Luckily, there are plenty of online tools that can help you improve your writing. Be it grammar, readability, headlines, or SEO part that you struggle with — this list of writing tools will come in handy.

Before We Begin: Why Content Matters

Anybody familiar with digital marketing knows that search can make or break a business. Many marketers try to rank on Google and other search engines. But many forget that Google’s ranking algorithm is based on sites that provide valuable user experiences. Content isn’t just for Google anymore. It’s the best way to engage and grow your audience.

Thus, instead of trying to beat Google, consider it a helpful tool that represents your total audience. It’s looking for the same things your average user wants — good content, accessibility, and convenience.

Top SEO Tools For Better Writing

1) Grammarly

Anybody with SEO content experience knows that quality is essential to get the results you want. But sometimes you might make a grammar mistake, forget a period, or make some other minor errors. When they add up, the quality of your content goes down. And that can hurt you both in the eyes of your readers and Google.

Grammarly is by far the most effective grammar and spelling tool. The free version checks for hundreds of error types and ensures your writing is smooth and polished. And when you upgrade to a paid tier, you get even more great features. It includes a plagiarism check to make sure you didn’t copy content by accident (which can result in an SEO penalty). It’s also possible to pass your text to human proofreaders and more.

2) SEMrush

SEMrush is the best way for you to know what works and what doesn’t. It’s a collection of tools, including keyword analysis, that checks what you need to rank for specific keywords. It also shows critical information for both writing and optimizing content. That includes the target length, similar keywords, top-ranking content, and how many backlinks you need to get good rankings.

SEMrush also has a Google docs add-on, SEMrush Writing Assistant, dedicated to SEO writers. It gives you a readability score, suggests keywords, highlights complicated phrases, or incorrect hyperlinks. Though, to use this tool, you need to provide SEMrush rights to access the files in your Google Drive. Thus, if you have something sensitive in there, it may be a good idea to encrypt those files beforehand. It’s easy to do with a file encryption service like NordLocker.

SEO Tools For Better Writing

3) Google Keyword Planner

Google has a variety of free services you should be using, including Webmaster Tools and Analytics. But for content writing, you should check out Google Keyword Planner. Many writers focus on the main keyword and use it, ignoring all the similar terms. But there are always synonyms and other common words used when searching for the same type of content. The Keyword Planner makes sure you cover all your bases, and important terms don’t slip through the cracks.

4) Headline Analyzer

Each article and blog post needs a headline that pops. Once again, this isn’t for the search engine only. Think about your readers. That’s where Headline Analyzer comes to the rescue. It takes into account SEO requirements but also advice on engaging and compelling headlines. Headline Analyzer gives your title a score on a scale from 0-100 and tells you what you can improve.

seo tools to improve writing skills

5) Hemingway Editor

Grammarly and similar tools are a great way to check your grammar and spelling. But they focus on individual words or phrases. Hemingway app checks the bigger picture of your writing. This free tool points out which sentences are difficult to read, where you misuse passive voice or overuse adverbs.

Do note that Hemingway editor will only highlight the mistakes. You’ll have to fix them on your own. Thus, you might not need it for every article, but it comes in handy for the most important posts.


You should always optimize everything that you write online. It helps to increase your user base and engagement. Plus, it’s an important thing to include in your digital marketing or communication strategy. After all, SEO is a series of best practices designed for clear, concise writing that communicates the answers to the questions your readers have.

These incredible SEO tools will help you improve your content:

  • Perfect your grammar with Grammarly
  • Enhance readability with Hemingway Editor
  • Get keywords and inspiration from SEMrush and Keyword Planner
  • Make your content-worthy titles with Headline Analyzer

Together these SEO tools will ensure your writing will be better than ever.

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