Why Is Responsive Website Important For Your Business

why is responsive website important for your business?

When we see any website through our home computer and then from our mobile or tab, we find some difference in appearance, resolution, and content presentation style. There are many of us who cannot describe the difference between a traditional, mobile and responsive website.

First of all, we are going to find out the main difference between the three major types of websites.

3 Major Types of Websites

1- Traditional website

Traditional website

Traditional website

This was the common type of website in the recent past. This is the format; most of the people are used to with from a long period and recognize as the website theme. In this type of web site designing the content is arranged in a horizontal layout and allows for extensive content, features, and pages. It is the most suitable website concept for the laptop or desktop users in their internet browsing. Traditional website designing is usually not a mobile friendly one as there is completely change is required in functionality and layout. Users can easily notice the difference when viewing a traditional website on a mobile device.

2- Mobile website

Mobile website

Mobile website

A usual mobile website is created as an addition or mobile version of a traditional website that can be suited to a mobile device only. Such website does not contain the entire contents of the main website and most of them are in edited or condensed form. The view and appearance of the website are also different as the layout is built in vertical form to suit the mobile design. A mobile website design helps the user to access the mobile design automatically when the user opens his mobile phone to search a site.

3- Mobile responsive website

Mobile responsive website

Mobile responsive website

This is the latest and most improved web designing approach, that is actually the suit-to-all website designing. The object of the development of this website is to provide the highly optimal viewing experience for all users, working on traditional desktop and laptop devices as well as on smartphones or tablets. Such website can respond to the variety of screen sizes and the content can easily and fluidly change to fit all type of devices. No doubt, it is the most popular choice for new websites. The appearance, feel and the internet experience stays consistent totally unaffected by the size of the screen or the type of device you are using. Many traditional websites is also converting themselves into this modern concept for increasing their accessibility and reach among mobile user population.

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Cool and Interesting Websites

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Among the many internet advancements that our generation has witnessed, responsive web design is the concept that has revolutionized the whole world of websites. Ideally, the whole concept of responsive web design is focused on designing the websites in such a way so that they can give the best of viewing and interaction experience to the visitors that too on a variety of devices (which may range from desktop to smartphones and laptops to tablets).

Technically, responsive websites are much more efficient and effective than the traditional websites. Among the many interesting features, some of the attracting key characteristics of responsive sites are:

  1. Regardless of device, the responsive websites have the URL with the same HTML which makes it easier for the site to organize, crawl and index as per device.
  2. This concept makes the optimal use of SEO strategy. People who use responsive wed designs are benefitted with the use of Targeted keywords and optimized content only once for all kind of platforms.
  3. The option of click plus touch, pixel resolution, support for Adobe Flash technology, automatic screen size adjustments are few exclusive traits of Responsive web design.

6 Major Advantages of Responsive Websites

advantages of responsive websites

Advantages of Responsive websites

  1. It has passed the recommendations of Google

    With the sharing of more than 67% market share, Google is on top of all search engines and it highly recommends responsive web designs as the best practice in the industry.

  2. It has proven to be a cost-effective approach

    From the business point of view, maintaining a responsive website is the best option in order to cut extra cost and expenses of the company. Maintaining a single site with advanced navigational techniques and super compatible features is an advantage over owning a two or more websites.

  3. They are compatible with all kind of devices

    By offering the features of navigation with an option of the minimum of scrolling, resizing and panning responsive websites are fluidic in nature. In simple words, websites which are designed to the concept of responsive web design can be opened and viewed in almost all screen resolutions and in all device screens.

  4. They deliver awesome user-friendly experience

    Promising the optimal user experience by offering them the ease of access through the device of the user’s choice, responsive web designs deliver an awesome user-friendly experience.

  5. It can be managed easily

    To get rid of managing various sites for different platforms, the best option is to own one single website that can be viewed on all devices.Owning a responsive website can also manage your SEO campaign easily.

  6. Simple to maintain

    Because there is one platform for every version, one change will be applicable to all versions be it a mobile site or main site.It becomes easier for your content management team or agency to maintain the top position on search results.

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While every pro has some cons; the responsive websites are also not completely free from them.

Here are the main complaints with it:

  1. A longer phase of tasting:
    When it is a responsive website, it usually contains a great deal of testing of browsers, devices, and resolutions that require more testing than a traditional or mobile-only website. The usability, robustness and the user experience for each breakpoint are highly scrutinized for preventing the unexpected results and problem creating the design. Many other things such as font size, load times, navigation styles and linking must be checked several times to ensure the satisfied service to the users.
  2. Comparatively longer time for development:
    Usually, a responsive website takes a longer time to be built in comparison of the traditional website, in the terms of planning the upfront work, building, and tweaking the responsive approach. This requires an implementation of a rather new way of thinking, designing and programming which means a full front rebuild.While the traditional website is not compatible with flexible grids, flexible media, and media queries, the responsive website has to deal with all these matters.Furthermore, if the developer team is new or assigned for building a responsive website for the very first time, the task of tweaking the design and layout may consume a great amount of time.
  3. A slow performance rate:
    A responsive website is built by using large HTLM/CSS file, high-resolution images and extreme use of JavaScript. Furthermore, the lack of mobile first planning and poor information architecture are the other reasons which cause slower load times and operational performance. In the case, where a website is trying to load some huge bandwidth-intensive files on the first download and processing some other tasks at the same time, surely the performance will be much slower. But, now the culture is changing and latest technical reforms are resulting in the satisfactory performance enhancement.


I made this article help you on describing the difference between a traditional, mobile and responsive website and get more visitors. so using these advantages of a responsive website may result in improving your website for business. 

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