How the seo trend changing for 2016

SEO TREND for 2016

Undoubtedly, SEO is playing a leading role in modern day online marketing campaigns. Just same to any other field of business and marketing the SEO trends are also changing time to time in this article we are going to analyze the current and potential trends of the sector.

Current  trend in SEO:

Proper search engine marketing can take you to the next level and when you are able to understand the present trends and their pattern of change in the industry and marketing you can perform your task with great supremacy.

Let’s check out the current 2015 seo trends of the industry:

seo trend

seo trend 2015 – 2016

  1. Content: AS per the analysis, the average content of each post has been increased by 25%, i.e. you can expect minimum 1140+ words per page. Also, you generally receive a high quality web page with nice balance of complex quality text and HD images.
  2. Interrelation of clicks and time spend on the site: With quality content and other attractive features, marketers are inspiring the visitors to spend more time on the site and obviously more time needs more clicks, so there is a main concentration on better quality interlinks videos, content and pictures.
  3. Integration with social media: The likes, comments, pins, feeds, shares and tweets are the key elements of any internet marketing. They represent you as a brand and scale your connectivity and efficiency.
  4. Mobile and smart devices: Instead of desktop or laptops, the internet is widely used on Tablets and smart phones for searching things and topics. The high online traffic on the sites is mainly driven through the mobiles and tabs. More and more sites are optimizing their site plans and redesigning themselves according to these smart devices.
  5. Video advertising accelerates: The audio-video advertisings on various entertaining sites such as YouTube is a popular trend these days. Furthermore, it is less competitive and very cost effective method of online advertising and promotion. It rises the product or service awareness and increases the conversation rates as well as with the great presentation skill the audiences are emotionally bound with the advertise for a long time.
  6. Quality is the real hero: With the remarkable quality and the uniqueness in content and presentation, you have the key to finding the right audiences on the Search Engines. Today, the Search Engine user is smarter than before, so attaining a certain quality level is not sufficient for long term success in SEO, so the marketers are consistently searching the new keywords, creating organic content according to it and redeveloping and redirecting your marketing strategy.

In 2015, the online market has experienced some huge changes and the experts are also predicting the trends will continue in upcoming 2016. Though, the market and the mood of people are very difficult to pre-determine, yet we can expect the following  seo trends for the next year 2016:

seo trend 2016

Top 5 seo trend for 2016

Top 5 seo trend  for 2016:

  1. Content creation and curation: As, by the course of time the search engine algorithms are more intelligent and critical, the content creation is not just putting the keywords within the text material; the quality over the quantity will increase the value of your content, the present day average page length of 1000+ words is expected to be smoothly increased by the 1400+ words.
    Not only just high quality and valuable text material, but the smartly presented content variety (video files, interviews, graphics and many others) on the site will be rewarded by Google and other leading search engines. The main focus of marketing trend for 2016 will be on that whatever you will do, Google is watching.
  2. Multiscreen marketing: During the upcoming seo trend for 2016, the mobile accessibility will be a must requirement for any website. With responsible web design and mobile optimization, viewers will able to find and navigate the links on the site and stay more time there. While creating the mobile campaign, the following tools will be mainly considered:
    • Mobile voice search
    • Local search
    • Google Maps
    • QR Codes
    • Geotargeting
    • Social Integrating
  3. SEO and Social Media interrelation: In online and internet marketing, social media was very important, but today it is playing a vital role as it is putting a great impact on SEO. More and more sites will be directly linked with the leading social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. The likes, shares, tweets and retweets will not only represent the brand value of a site or business, but also will deal the search engine algorithms. Having a large number of followers will be the main element that will lead any business to the path of success in 2016 seo trend.
  4. Guest blogging: Experts are presenting it the most popular SEO technique of marketing trend of the upcoming year 2016, as it will play a big role in high quality link building as well as gaining relevant traffic to the website. Your ranking will be directly influenced by what you say, how you say and where you say. The factors with high concentration may be:
    • Select sites with more quality inbound links
    • Use high standard content writing for your blogs
    • Use stringent criteria while selecting sites
  5. Voice search: This will be the next big thing in the SEO trend 2016 , especially while people will use the internet through their mobile mainly. Google is already working on it; what are your plans? It will be quite similar to a scene when a person is calling a friend asking some information as a short question (the keywords or long tail keywords).


From the last couple of years, the SEO sector is experiencing some tremendous changes in working style and techniques. Though the changes are going on the continuous path with some more lanes and streets are attached according to the time, so the prediction of future seo trend for 2016 is not that difficult. A marketer is recommended to follow the ongoing trends and think something new and unique to grab attention in 2016 seo marketing trend.  No need to remind that the quality will always play the king and there is no alternative of hard work and rationality. So these all are the prediction of seo trend for 2016. If you have any query or suggestion related to this seo trend article then please share with us in comment section.


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