116+ Tested Free Blog Directories to submit your blog [Updated List]

If you are searching for free blog directories to submit your blog to Getting BacklinksSo today I want to share free blog directories list information with you. This is popular method to get a unique traffic to websites and blogs

This is a vast list of free blog directories I have kept for quite a while since I composed my first article about this point. The Article ” List Of 200+ High PR Do Follow Forum submission sites for bloggers to increase backlinks “, has been on top on the SERP and bringing my own blog a large number of one of a kind guests consistently.

Every one of us needs to give more introduction to our blog, and there are different routes by which you can build your blog presentation furthermore enhance movement. Presenting your blog to blog directories will help you in numerous ways:

  • Your blog will be presented to a total new gathering of people.
  • Movement from blog directories is exceptionally focused on.
  • You will produce a great number of backlinks to your blog.

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By above explanation, you can know that blog directories are the best method to increase backlinks. Now it may be the best blogs but best blog directories are really hard to found on this massive internet.

So, many bloggers just keep on searching for the blog directories to make use of, if you are the one who strives to get best directory list.

At that point you don’t need to go on and hunt down every last site; we have done your work for the benefit of you. So you should simply sit back on my blog and take a list of some helpful and best blog directories in 2016-2017.

Here is the 100+ trusted list of confirmed blog directories where you can present your blog. This list is physically verified and tested.

trusted list of confirmed blog directories

116 Tested and working list of Blog Directories for your blog

  1. http://www.bizzdirectory.com
  2. http://www.blogarama.com
  3. http://www.blogs-collection.com
  4. http://www.blogdirectory.ws/
  5. http://www.bloggernity.com/
  6. http://www.bloghub.com
  7. http://www.bloggernow.com
  8. http://www.blogrollcenter.com/
  9. http://www.blogtopsites.com
  10. http://www.blog-search.com
  11. http://blogswirl.com
  12. http://blogville.us
  13. http://blogrific.com
  14. http://www.blogflux.com
  15. http://www.blogdir.co.uk
  16. http://blogsrater.com
  17. http://www.bloglisting.net
  18. http://www.bocaiw.net
  19. http://www.cipinet.com
  20. http://www.cluboo.com
  21. http://www.directoryseo.biz
  22. http://www.freedirectorysubmit.com
  23. http://www.freetoprankdirectory.com
  24. http://www.freewebsitedirectory.com/
  25. http://www.findsites.net
  26. http://fuelmyblog.com
  27. http://www.gainweb.org
  28. http://www.h-log.com
  29. http://www.happal.com
  30. http://www.highrankdirectory.com
  31. http://homepageseek.com/
  32. http://www.hottestblogs.com
  33. http://www.info-listings.com
  34. http://www.informationcrawler.com
  35. http://www.jewana.com
  36. http://www.linkpedia.net
  37. http://www.linkroo.com
  38. http://linksmaximum.com
  39. http://www.link-minded.com
  40. http://www.livepopular.com
  41. http://www.marketingwebdirectory.com
  42. http://www.nexusdirectory.com
  43. http://www.onlinesociety.org
  44. http://www.pegasusdirectory.com
  45. http://picktu.com
  46. http://www.plazoo.com
  47. http://www.prolinkdirectory.com
  48. http://www.promotebusinessdirectory.com
  49. http://www.ranaf.com
  50. http://www.rocktheadored.com
  51. http://www.sites-plus.com
  52. http://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com
  53. http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com
  54. http://somuch.com
  55. http://www.synergy-directory.com
  56. http://www.the-free-directory.co.uk/
  57. http://www.topsiteswebdirectory.com
  58. http://www.urlshack.com
  59. http://www.usgeo.org
  60. http://www.w3catalog.com
  61. http://www.wilsdomain.com
  62. http://www.worldweb-directory.com
  63. http://www.addyourblog.com
  64. http://www.blogdirs.com/
  65. http://www.blogsdb.com
  66. http://www.bloghints.com
  67. http://www.blogratedirectory.com
  68. http://www.blogsthatfollow.com
  69. http://www.blogtoplist.com
  70. http://carefullypicked.com
  71. http://www.ellysdirectory.com
  72. http://www.freeaddurl.org
  73. http://www.ontoplist.com
  74. http://www.mvomrat.com
  75. http://www.rapidenetwork.eu
  76. http://www.spillbean.com
  77. http://www.thecgisite.com/
  78. http://www.wordpressblogdirectory.com/
  79. http://worldweb-directory.com/
  80. http://www.bestfreewebsites.net/
  81. http://www.alistsites.com/
  82. http://www.gramrox.com/
  83. http://www.worthdirectory.com/
  84. http://www.dmoz.org/
  85. http://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com/
  86. http://highrankdirectory.com/
  87. http://www.abc-directory.com/
  88. http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com/
  89. http://www.marketinginternetdirectory.com/
  90. http://www.gmawebdirectory.com/
  91. http://www.ukinternetdirectory.net/
  92. http://www.siteswebdirectory.com/
  93. http://www.usalistingdirectory.com/
  94. http://www.britainbusinessdirectory.com/
  95. http://www.promotebusinessdirectory.com/
  96. http://www.dizila.com/
  97. http://www.usgeo.org/
  98. http://www.webdirectoryhealth.com/
  99. http://jayde.com/
  100. http://obln.org/
  101. http://www.ellysdirectory.com/
  102. http://mastermoz.com/
  103. http://www.linkspurt.com/
  104. http://www.findelio.com/
  105. http://www.thecgisite.com/
  106. http://www.bloghints.com/
  107. http://flognaw.com/
  108. http://1188la.net/
  109. http://www.nationalflyfishingexpo.org/
  110. http://topedusites.com/
  111. http://hindustanlink.co.in/
  112. http://viesearch.com/
  113. http://www.gainweb.org/
  114. http://www.tsection.com/
  115. http://www.synergy-directory.com/
  116. http://pegasusdirectory.com/

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Hope this free blog directories list will help you get more backlinks from those blog directories. Attempt to submit to no less than 3-5 catalogs a day and in a brief span, your cash blog will begin to get an enormous support with natural activity from the search engine. Tell me your suggestions and share whatever other great blog directories which you have gone over.

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