How To Generate Thousands of Backlinks For Event Blog In 30 Days – Real Life Accounts

How to generate thousands of quality backlinks for niche event blog in as few as 30 days – Real-life accounts

This backlink article is a genuine representation of real-life experience. We have seen the backlink method works and we want you to know about it.

Event-based blogs are in trend these days, for all the good reasons! Such blogs provide quick access to lots of improved avenues for generating revenues, they easily get ranked, gets you tons of organic traffic. So, you can easily earn a lot of money by investing hard-effort for a specified amount of time.

But a lot of it actually depends on how you want to promote it and how will you do your link building strategy. Done well, expect result! Done wrongly, expect waste of efforts. Presuming you want the result and generate lots of money from such blogs, we are writing this long-form article.

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This article will specifically cover key ideas about how to generate quality backlinks from high PR sites for your event based blog.

If you are already an event blogger, you can still find relevant information you can incorporate into your blog. If you are new to event blogging or actually contemplating about starting off, this is a not-to-be-missed article.

Please leave anything else you are doing now and just devote some time to read it, after all, a few minutes read can change your income level for good. Happy reading!

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Quick read –

What is the event-based blog?

Why are event based blogs on trend?

Tips and tricks to quickly generate a lot of quality backlinks.

quality backlinks for niche event blog

Best practices for link building for event-based blogs

What is the event-based blog?

This type of blogging is done for special events. If you develop a blog around Christmas just a few months before the event to cover stories, celebration ideas, the historical significance of this event, it is a Christmas event blog. Likewise, there are many other events that you can think about to start a blog for. New Year, Diwali, Halloween Day and etc.

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Why are event based blogs on trend?

It is a wrong notion that event based blogs are outright new, but it also a fact that these blogs have not always been popular. Event-based blogs existed for decades, but they are in limelight recently more so because bloggers can see a growing demand for online search queries for the event these days.

People are turning to manually searching for event-based information online, rather than other resources. This means just before an event, search for it will be on the rise.

This means more money, more visitors, and more smiles! You can even become a full-time event based blogger by making a niche event blog that covers different events from a single blog.

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Tips and tricks to quickly generate thousands of quality backlinks for niche event blog in as few as 30 days:

 1. Find auto approve commenting blog for backlinks

Auto approve commenting blog means blogs that automatically approves your comment

Make a list of blogs that approves or comment without strict moderation process. To do this, start by narrowing down blogs that are powered by the third party comment system. Disqus, Livefyre, and CommentLuv are mostly preferred among bloggers. You can use Google to find blogs that are powered by these third-party comment systems. You can even try some tools such as Cognitive

You can use Google to find blogs that are powered by these third-party comment systems. You can even try some tools such as Cognitive SEO for getting blogs with auto approved comment facility.

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2. Add a do follow backlinks in the comment by using anchor links

Add DoFollow links in your blog. Use an anchor text with the keyword you want to use. If you want to list your blogs on Halloween ideas, follow the process mentioned below –

<a href=”http://www.your /Halloween- wallpapers-2015”> Halloween wallpapers </a>

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3. Get the list of do follow blogs

There are two kinds of backlinks – Do Follow and No Follow. It is good to use Do Follow for ranking. Use tools such as Dropmylink to find your do follow link blogs.

Getting authority and credible domains such as.GOV, EDU helps in getting ranking and traffic for your event based blogs.

Commenting on them by logging in is good! If you want to create quality backlinks for the long term then follow link wheel creation strategy.

With link wheel creation strategy, you can wisely place your website in the most suitable location where it can earn its best reputation.

backlinks for event blog


  1.  PR 7
  2.  PR 6
  3.  PR 6
  4.    PR 6
  5.  PR 6
  6.  PR6
  7.     PR 6
  8.       PR 6
  9.       PR 5
  10.  PR 5
  11.  PR5
  12. PR 5
  13.  PR 5
  14.   PR 5
  15.  PR 4
  16.  PR 4
  17.  PR 4
  18.  PR 4
  19.  PR 4

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4. Start writing quality content before 3 months of the scheduled event

For event-based blogs, you need to have a buffer of unlimited articles and content and get them posted on your blog and offline sources about a 3 months advance period. Writing quality content your audience loves to read will help you get natural links. So, besides your genuine effort to get links, you also create a scope to earn links from others.

5. Create awesome infographic

QuickSprout is a great example of how quality backlinks can be generated by preparing and posting nice infographic. For getting the nice set of informed and factually natural backlinks that adds credibility and substance to your event based blog, start posting nice infographic and post these on Reddit and other bookmarking sites.

6. Write PR

Oldest but a still relevant method for getting the improved variety of backlinks for event blog is writing down good quality PR content and posting these on PR submission sites. Getting improved sort of recommendation from authority blogs helps generate traffic and backlinks.

7. Other ways to get high-quality backlinks

Submit articles to article directories, write for forums, get sitewide links etc, create an exact phrase domain name.

So, once you are done using proper ideas and techniques to manually get good quality backlinks, you can actually build a good event based blog. A blog made in haste is not recommended. Take your time, and let your ideas work! As we carry on with your effort, you will start getting the actual variety of work.

Event-based blogging is a great way to manually pull in an improved number of audience and traffic and by the method, you can actually earn a good amount of money.

There are bloggers who are earning very well from their event-based blog because they know how to use proper link building strategy for their blogs.

If you are looking for permanent DA40-DA100 backlinks to boost your blog rankings on Google?

Then you can also try LinksManagement.

Having said that, it is also important for you to know that to get backlinks for event blog start quickly and do not do spamming. Quality event based blogs need to look professional.

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In this article, I have shared a backlink technique for how to generate thousands of quality backlinks for niche event blog in as few as 30 days – Real-life accounts.

Hope you use this technique to get thousands of backlinks from HIGH PR blogs for your event blog. If you have any query related to this backlink article then please feel free to comment.

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