How To Combine Paid Search and SEO Together

How to combine Paid Search and SEO together for best outcomes? Paid search seems sometimes the quite opposite to the Search Engine Optimization tactics, but ultimately both are applied for the same reason and that is driving the quality traffic towards your website. Both the ways have their specific advantages and limitations and a different manner to affect the rankings.

While paid searches provide the fast and assured results, SEO tactics need a remarkable time to start impacting and attracting the audiences. On the other hand, SEO is mostly cost-free, but paid searches are very expensive. Both the ways have their unique place and importance in online marketing and on which you primarily focus depends on your targets and availability of time resource.

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There was a time when the two techniques Paid Search and SEO were separately managed and a separate team was appointed to manage them on utterly different levels. But, as the time has been changed the online marketing professionals have recognized the value of a unified approach. All this started with a revolutionary step taken by the online marketing giant Google, who shifted the focus of the industry towards the combined attitude. Now the businesses started to consider on increasing privacy by limiting the organic search query information. At the same time, they paid more attention to the fine amalgamation of organic efforts and the paid search.

If we see deeply, we find that both the methods of online promotion are highly based on keywords, so it makes a great sense to value both disciplines on the same ground.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 different ways by which your business can start to integrate them smartly and in the most productive way. Here are they:

5 Best Ways To Combine Paid Search and SEO Together

1. Keyword research and expansion

To evaluate the performance of your online marketing strategy, it is essential that you regularly evaluate the keywords and their status so that you may have a clear idea about which are the phrases that are driving the visits to the website. For this purpose, you are suggested to use Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools. If these keywords are not the active or the major part of your paid search campaign, add them immediately and work on them. Now, what you have to do is apply the Adwords tools and determine whether the cost is repaid by the increased traffic volume.

On the other side, you need to work on your highest converting paid term and include it in your SEO efforts sheets so that you can have the chance to rank organically due to them. It is ideal to begin the process with the terms having the top conversion rate and high-quality score. In this way, you can find the keywords, which are relevant to your niche and can help in earning the remarkably great ranking in the both disciplines. Focus your efforts and resources in the combined approach and enjoy the most productive results.

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2. Combine the links for more clicks

It has been proven by the numerous studies held by the market experts that if the audiences find the organic content of a website in the search results, they prefer to click on their paid links. It is a counterintuitive action and a matter of truth. Once you have your website listed in the top 10 results in the organic category, it is now very easy for the users to trust you and they will certainly prefer to click on your paid content. The searches further suggest that even though your site is ranked in the first position, the role of paid searches never gets down, it still yields 50% share in the overall clicks that have received.

In essence, the paid links and the organic links, both are interconnected and inter-depending. One cannot afford to deny their mutual relationship and must not unbalance their position.

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3. Leverage compelling copy

It is always helpful to pick out the best performing advertising links which have generated a good traffic and a remarkably good conversion rate, and then utilize them as the headlines of your contents and also add in your title tags or meta description. For more productive and effective outcomes, you can experiment to copy the content or idea from your highly ranked organic pages and apply them to your paid ads for more interesting and trustworthy influence.

4. Get the content idea

If we talk about the SEO purpose, content is the real ruler. While your paid and organic efforts are the equivalent part of the same online marketing strategy, it is good to try or test certain topics, keywords or other terms with the paid search, before you start developing content around them. If the topic is presenting the  enthusiastic and favorable results and converting well, there is the high possibility that it will perform well with the SEOeventually. No need to mention, that a keyword that is not delivering good results on the paid side, you need not invest your, time, effort and resources over it. SEO is a long-term process, so paid search provides a good platform for testing its results and relevance in a very limited time period.

5. Identify your competition

With the pay per click marketing and the paid Ads campaigns, a business can identify its new competitors. Sometimes your business gets affected by many parties and organizations that you may not even think of a competitor. The insight reports of the keywords will certainly help you to find out your exact position against the existing or the potential competition. The method provides you a smart, convenient and trusted way to evaluate your performance, amend your ongoing marketing strategy and provides a base for your forthcoming campaigns (both paid and organic).


The above were the expert suggested methods of improving your combine efforts on the both paid and the organic front. These basics are equally applicable to all types of businesses no matter what is their size or niche.once the marketing team understood the value of the both, it becomes able to figure out the ideas that can really impact high and require a less time and resources.

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