8 Advanced SEO Techniques and Strategies

This blog post is inspired from Moz.com blog entry in which an author very aptly describes what he thinks advanced SEO is. Some of the initial ideas have been taken from the blog, however, new ideas and additions are being made to make the article detailed. If you have any ideas about what advanced SEO means, we request write it out.

About the content of the blog:

What is Advanced SEO?

The blog outlines what is advance SEO means with varied opinions. Some say it is blackhat while some relate to the technical side, some even say it is a secret. Until we get any official confirmation about what advance SEO is, it remains as a myth. Till now, we can say it is a combo of SEO techniques

SEO is the art and science of taking a website at the top of SERP – search engine ranking pages. Well, that is age-old; backdated and quite overused definition. Coming to today’s time, it has become a trend to refer SEO by various terms. Some call it content marketing, some say it is engineered optimization while some even use the term advanced SEO. When the word advanced is used, it brings into light a set of equations – what advance, by the way, mean – is it new, secret, black hat or what? We are trying to define the answer. Read on.

8 Latest Advanced SEO Techniques and Strategies

1- Advanced SEO means secrets

The term ‘advance’ means different things to different people. But a group of folks usually relate it with the secret. It is as if advanced is a mystery – and it is known to those who are great webmasters. They would think advanced is a catchphrase that is used by people who are very good at SEO and when they quickly rank a website, it is because they have used advanced techniques. Personally speaking, this belief is often held by people who are new to SEO. They think one day they would master those advanced techniques.

2- Advanced SEO means new

To a group of folks, the term advanced also means new. New refers to new algorithms, the new set of strategically set up rules, and unified ideas implemented recently by webmasters. But advanced SEO can not necessarily link to the term new – because Google’s algorithm changes quite often and very few of these actually impact the age-old and modern search ranking ideas. New ideas take time to become  industry norms and if they take time, how can they be perceived as advanced

3- Advanced SEO means technical

 advance seo techniques

Advance SEO techniques

Technical is something that is still applicable. By advanced when we mean it as technical, it means using tricks and tips to both ethically and unethically improve a website’s ranking. If you are using unethical SEO techniques, you understand that your website is easy to get spammed because Google and search engines can now easily track who is bad. If you are using ethical technical SEO tricks still works and technical are perhaps the aptest term to define it. Advanced SEO means working with a step of ideas and principles to collectively improve a website’s ranking.

4- Advance means enterprise

When we say enterprise, we mean websites that are technical and have a set of pages that need to be optimized. Enterprise optimization is very crucial and it has to be done very aptly. But working with advance tips to technically promote any website at enterprise scale is time taking and the word advance is a catchphrase

5- Advance means black hat SEO

How black hat SEO be related

Some folks even term black hat SEO with advance. If you are new to SEO, or if you know about it for quite some time; you might know what blackhat SEO is. It’s a human psychology. If a black hat SEO can trick search engines into ranking a website at the top of a search engine ranking page, can it be advanced? It is debatable, but black hat practices don’t work like magic, and such tricks can’t be termed as advanced since these tricks do not work. So, if a trick does not work; how can you term it to be advanced

6- Advance SEO means website tweaking

That’s what is called manual optimization. If a website can be manually optimized – irrespective of its nature and type – it can be tweaked to suit the custom design and search engine algorithms, If a website can be tweaked according to the updated search engine algorithms and if it can be optimized according to updated rules, you can change its ranking pattern. However, calling the trick to being advance is rigid and backdated. It is because manual optimization still requires a use of age-old techniques and if you happen to use these age-old techniques, even in limited respects, how can you say it is advanced?

7- Advance SEO means content submission

In some respects, some people are even terming advance optimization as advanced content submission. Since content marketing is about taking a website at the top of SERP using valued content optimization and content marketing techniques, is it actually be advanced SEO? This is debatable since advance SEO and content optimization are different entities and perhaps the most logical way to promote a website using advanced SEO is to technically promote and tweak a website

8- Advance SEO means algorithm changes

If advanced SEO actually means changing a website ranking trends, it even refers to actually uplifting a website to the core points. If Google and other search engines are changing their algorithms to counter fake tricks and black hats and to positively impact a search engine results; you need to be confirmed that these are ideas put up by search engines and as a webmaster, you can’t rule out the techniques. So, terming these as the advance is something that is not viable.

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So, these are some of the ways people are trying to term the concept advanced SEO. While different accounts have different connotations of it, it is actually a little difficult to properly term it as what advance is. The Proper way to define advanced SEO is it is a technical way to uplift a website’s rank, but then it is yet debatable.

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