Wayback Machine Gets Grant To Rebuild & Add Keyword Search

Wayback Machine Gets Grant To Rebuild & Add Keyword Search

What is Wayback machine?

The Wayback Machine is actually a website that helps anyone to see the history of any website. In other words, you can see the previous appearance or gesture of any website from 1996 to the present time. This great and amazing archive of the web’s history requires a huge storage capacity (over 100 terabytes) and a lot of web pages (approximate 10 billion pages). The owners of Alexa programs were the first who generated the idea of gathering the archive of pages. It is the same program or toolbar that we install I our PC for getting the website information and SERP rankings.

When we have to find the snapshots of any specific website’s past, we can go to Wayback machine site and search for or link to any specific site. As a result, we can find them as the preserved documents from the history. For example, we can see the various aspects of the appearance of whatis.com web page from late 1996 to present day. You can have the remarkable range and completeness of the archive.

The Wayback machine also covers some “special collection” that help us to evaluate the website response over 9/ 11 tragedy in 2001, web pioneer collections, and many other important events that affected society, trade and web universe in the early internet period.

How to use the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine

Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine

Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine

It is a wonderful experience to see that how a website was looking like in the past. It is your window to the past. Now, get familiar with the process or method of using Wayback machine:

Process of using Wayback Machine

  1. Visit the Internet Archive’s Wayback machine page at archive.com.
  2. Look for the box labeled “Web”. When located there is another box right beside the icon and it is the Internet Archive’s Wayback machine.
  3. Click inside the box the name of the website you want to see the past history and appearances.
  4. Press “enter” key to command the web to commence the search. If you want to abort the search, there is one other option “Take me back”.
  5. To get the desired results, you need to wait for some time as the Wayback machine has to deal with many dates, events, and their impacts.
  6. At this stage, you get many dates and you have to click on one of the given dates. The search robots will proceed the command and will show you the page of that date.
  7. After a little wait, you will get a pleasant result of the entire process when the desired page opens for you.

The grant to develop the next generation of Wayback machine

This online tool is widely used by the millions to access the web’s history from the year 1996. The developers and the organizers have a new plan for the future up gradation of the Wayback machine. They are working on the development of a new generation Wayback machine with more and better quality web pages that will be much easier to find. It is expected to be completed in the year 2017. The  Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) is providing support and resources for rebuilding the Wayback machine. When completed it will facilitate more than 439+billion internet capturing including web pages, video, and images.

In the words of LJAF Vice President, Venture Development this is the effort to preserve the world’s digital history in a transformational way. And with the successful up-gradation of the Wayback machine to the next level will help the web to gain more reliable, transparent and accessible reputation.

The objectives and goals of this extremely ambitious project are

  1. With this up-gradation, the provenance of the web pages will be highlighted. A large number of people, groups, and social communities are actively participating in the build-up of web collection at the Internet Archive. The partners that classified and selected the online material, web pages and web sites for the Internet Archive collection could be easily seen by patrons.
  2. The entire Wayback machine codes are being rewritten so you can expect the much-improved reliability and functionality in the future searches.
  3. It is the other aim behind up gradation to optimize the quality, scope and the performance of the pages we crawl.As per researchers, more than 1 billion pages are being captured on the web each week. The project will help us to get much better quality captures.
  4. It will definitely improve the playback of interactive and playback websites. Though it is a key challenge to adopting the new formats while maintaining the older ones at the same time when it will be done successfully too many web pages will be visible with the improved accessibility.
  5. The user interface is to be updated throughout this updating process. Now, it will be easy for the patrons to access the archived material or web pages and learn the important lessons of our digital past.
  6. It will also facilitate the keyword-based website search also. It is mere impossible and impractical to indexing all the web pages in the Wayback machine, the efforts are being made to index the home pages for websites so that the patrons can search any specific web page without entering the specific URL into the Wayback machine.
  7. The project is also aimed at joining or partnering some additional services in repairing/rebuilding the broken links that are previously pointing to the Wayback machine. For example, the Wikimedia Foundation is incorporated in the project to identify the broken links in Wikipedia sites and their missing or broken links are being replaced with the links archived by Wayback machine.

How will this help the webmasters?

With the further improvement and up gradation, Wayback machine will facilitate the webmasters to get connected with the past. It is not just about the information about a site or content from the history, but about the everything that is highly relevant and impacted to internet marketing. It is going to be a great and trustworthy research tool to find any information that was sometimes published in the digital format. In the view of some experts, it will work as the search engine for the information and the events from the past.

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