Types of Link Under Link Building Strategy Updated List

Types of links under link building strategy: Link building is a must element of a well-built website. The success of a website mainly depends on it. But what is the link building strategy for your business, it is a big question. It is often difficult to determine the importance of a link over the other or how much its worth to you.

For example, sometimes a dofollow link works better than a no follow a link and the situation is totally changed in the case of another business or website. In some cases, a redirected link with no search engine optimization value may prove its importance to the host website.

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In this article, we are going to know about the types of links that you can make for your website. You can use them as the solo or can develop a mixture of any two or more types.

improve link building strategy

How to improve link building strategy

5 Types of Link Under Link Building Strategy

1. Traffic generating links

Such links are useful for exposing your website on higher traffic pages and the marketers actually develop them with the hope that these links will prove helpful in referring the traffic from the sites you are linked. In this way, it is not necessary that such links play supportive to improve your SERP ranks. For a particular keyword phrase. These links are usually built as the form of social mentions, blog comments, text links, banner ads, forum posts, popular directories and much more.

To help you to determine the traffic that any site is getting or the demographics of a site to help you in determining the availability of a traffic generating links, you can use any tool available out in the market. “Compete” and Google Ad Planner are the free tools available in this criteria. With Compete, you can compare up to five websites and find out some important information relating to the traffic they are driving, the recent trend (change in traffic compared to the recent past), their leading keyword phrases and their main referral sites.

On the other hand, Google Ad Planner enables you to get detailed information concerned with:

  • Traffic-related statistics (including a type of visitors, number of page views, and the average time spent on site),
  • Demographic information (such as age group, gender, level of education and income) and
  • Other related information (covering the popular keywords, the audience’s interest, the related sites, etc.) about the related sites.

Google Ad Planner also helps in searching the site according to their specific geographic, language, demographic and interest level. This tool works on the statistical analysis of the people who search for information by clicking the sites. You also get the information, whether that particular site accepts advertisements and you can directly hit their web page relating to advertising.

You can combine free and paid links or do follow or no follow links as a traffic generating link building technique. To ensure success, you have to search for the websites that are relevant to your site and having a remarkable amount of visitors.

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2. SERP elevating links

While you are highly interested in boosting your ranks on search engine page on the base of a particular keyword, you need to get do follow links on relevant pages where your keyword phrases are applied as anchor text. To earn higher rankings for your blog post, it is ideal to have links from the sites or web page containing these keywords.

A webmaster can earn the quality SERP elevating links through many methods such as:

  • Commenting on various relevant do follow blogs
  • Posting guest blogs using your anchor text
  • Directory submission
  • Building organic links from relevant pages
  • Forum signatures
  • Article marketing.

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3. Page rank boosting links

The page rank is the key element that is highly cared for by the SEO professionals. Till the date, the search engines including Google follow the page rank system and continuously update its rankings, the page ranking and the top 1 to 10 position is very important for you and your website.

By getting the do follow links from the relevant pages holding high page ranks, you simply create the page rank boosting links. The increasing count of page rank links can boost your rankings. With the optimal application of Google Page Rank calculation Chart, you can easily estimate the required number of links so that you can improve your site’s page ranking.

To support your efforts to get the links to the pages with high page rank you need to use tools available for this task; you should go with SEO Quake for Firefox. With this, you can easily sort your search results for your target keyword by Page Rank. If your efforts for finding the relevant pages with high Page Rank are successful, you need to develop the Page Rank boosting links to your site. Using the blog comments, link request or directory submission is the ideal practices.

4. Reputation building links

When you are projecting your SEO for reputation management, the situation requires a complete focus on developing the reputation building links having the same criteria. These links are placed universally, on all the web pages on a site, your social account profile, blogs, and many other affiliations. The practice is mainly aimed at bringing positive information to the surface about you or your web page. The same is the part of any SEO campaign engaged in reputation management. There are many ways to build reputation links. Don’t just create the social accounts, create and develop the links to those social profiles. The superior ways for this task are:

  • Add it to the main website
  • Interlinking the multiple websites
  • Blog commenting where you can use your name as anchor text and social account as a URL
  • Add your social account to the relevant directory
  • Include your account in forum signature.

5. Backlink for your backlinks

It will be very supportive for you to create a good amount of backlinks for the websites or web pages, you are getting the link because every backlink to your link indirectly strengthens your link and website ultimately.

The process can simply take place by socially bookmarking the pages you have got links placed upon. It is an effective method of tracking the links they have got in the case when you are not using another system to manage the backlinks system. When you bookmark the pages on which your links get placed on, it helps the search engine crawlers to notify, coming and checking out the page with recent updates, getting your link noticed and caught quickly.

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As one more noticeable point to be considered while building links, no matter what is your purpose, the overall procedure must look natural so that Google may not penalize the site and the webmaster. You need to maintain the diversity in your link building methods such as strategies, anchor texts, and much others. With this, you can successfully achieve the targeted results without facing any trouble.

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