Why Keep Your Blog Simple and Not Rich in Design

If you are starting with your blogging career for just anything; be it for personal reasons or to earn money; one importantly decisive thing you should never underestimate is the design of your blog.

A good blog design necessarily means finding out a niche for your audience, maintaining a balanced design and ensuring the design that you put on your website stands right on your message.

A good blog is a blog that is made of simple design which is uncomplicated, and which does not harm the reading style of your audience.

With this blog, we are trying to cover what ensures a good blog design.

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4 Tips To Make Your Blog Design Simple

1. Keep your blog color simple

The color of your font, text, and header etc need to be simple and not too hazy. Maintaining a simple outlook and approach to bring a balance between your ideas and implementation will work.

2. Do not overload your blog with content

Content is important for your blog, but you need to bring a balance between content and page. Too much of content on the front page is bad, whereas too less of content is bad. So, post simple and less content on the front page yet without overloading it.

3. Use non-bright colors

It is said that if you use too much of bright colors, your readers find it a complex task to navigate your website. Rather, using simple and bold text with no bright colors ensures your visitors stay on your website.

4. Stay relevant

If you are working on the green domain such as your blog is about eco-friendly living, it is natural for you to use color green. Use the color that defines the approach and attitude of your message and do not use any color that brings down the message and makes your blog complicated.

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Use of colors, properly devised content and the proper variety of device-specific fonts ensure that your blogs stay at the reading applicability and that your blog design work.

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