3 Types of Link Building Techniques That Work

Looking for website link building techniquesQuality Link building technique is an essential and undeniable SEO practice that directly influences the success of an online marketing strategy. It helps in attracting desired traffic and boosting the SERP ranking of the website as well.

This link building article is aimed to give some basic information about different types of links, their importance, and the usefulness.

In the SEO world, links are classified into three categories: internal links, outbound links, and inbound links; all have their unique importance. Let’s talk about what they mean, why we need them, what a good one looks like and how to get more of them.

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3 Types of link building techniques 2019

1- Inbound links

These are commonly known as backlinks and are directly pointing to your website. Such links are preferred by Google and other leading search engines when there is a huge number of links are pointing towards your website.

But if you follow the improper link building practice and have poor quality backlinks which are completely irrelevant to your website, you will face the Google penalization and other punishments. Be careful in regard to inbound link building technique as you have no authority over the links that are posted by the others for you.

Google will accept only the relevant links pointing towards you; here the problem arises as you cannot control that which websites are pointing to you. And the solution is having the unique and the quality content so that the websites linking to you will be most probably of the relevant subject and similar quality.

Furthermore, you will also get free and targeted traffic to your website. If the inbound links are of the do-follow category, they will also support in improving your website’s PR and SERPs.

The inbound links are regarded as the top-most factor in Google’s rank determination about a website or a web page, so these links can highly influence your position in their search results.

The importance of inbound links can be highlighted by the fact that Google’s ranking algorithms are near about 80% influence through the searches performed on the internet so the reach to a large number of users is vital and inbound linking is very useful here.

The inbound links are further classified according to their usefulness and effectiveness. They are:

  1. Text-based links.
  2. Graphics based links.

The text-based links are more effective in all senses of improving the page ranks and also in generating more traffic to the website. The text-based inbound links are mainly keyword-oriented and the quality of the content is a highly concerning point here.

Though these links contain a relevant keyword to your website, Google gives it more value and importance. While it is successfully attracting the user traffic, many quality inbound links also come from the websites with the content of the same niche. One can simply see an integrated chain of the activities here.

When you get better traffic, many inbound links come with it and as a result, there is an established success of your search engine marketing strategy. So a webmaster needs to make efforts for getting the links from the websites, directories and the forums of the relevant subject matter and the sites of the same niche.

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2- Outbound links

The links of this type generally point to other websites from your website, so you have better control over this type of links. While experts have their different opinions about them and some think that these are completely against a good SEO practice and also these often subjected to penalization. Actually, all these are the wrong theories.

The real game is about quality and relevancy of the links. If you linked to relevant content, certainly your readers will have more interesting and valuable information, and it will certainly help your traffic and rankings as well. Whenever you have to add the outbound links to your website and blog post, be careful that they must point to relevant, original and informative content.

There is a quite critical role of the outbound links in your overall linking building strategy. There are many reasons that inbound links are regarded as a good thing. Outbound links are seen as a positive reflection on your website’s integrity by search engines.

This is because search engines want to provide their users with the most useful content possible because this is how they retain their users and keep their reputation in check.

A website that links to other resources, particularly established and highly credible ones with lots of traffic is seen to offer more value than websites that only link within themselves.

It suggests that you cite your sources and that you are offering readers a chance to find out more from the same sources you use. For this reason, outbound links on websites are one of the many factors that are analyzed to derive their position in search engine results.

For the success of this strategy, a marketer needs to concentrate on receiving authoritative links. It is like getting inside of the mind of the other peoples’ mind who is going to make a decision about linking to you or not.

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Importance of Outbound links for SEO

  1. Outbound links are also important as inbound links.
  2. Keywords used for outbound link attract potential customers.
  3. They help the website by providing users the details which are available on other websites.
  4. They help to establish a connection between related companies.
  5. Search engines are based on outbound links as they are the hub of users of important and related websites for users.

Types of link building techniques

3- Internal links

This type of links goes from one page of the same domain or website to a different page on the same website or domain. They are built with the aim of navigation. Internal links are very supportive in establishing the website structure and the SEO professional regard them the SEO friendly website architectural practice.

The usefulness of these Internal links can be listed as below:

  1. They facilitate easier navigation within the website.
  2. They also support the establishment of information hierarchy for the given website.
  3. They also boost the ranking power around the website.

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The above given is the website link building techniques 2019. These link building methods are not just steady in getting the quality backlinks from the brand websites, additionally, help you to reach in the top posting of driving SERPs.Let us know if you have questions or recommendations, post your most liked link building technique in the comment section.

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