How To Find Friends on Kik 

Want to find friends on Kik messenger. Whenever you get bored at your home or office, the friends would make your mood and makes you feel life interesting. It is possible to talk or chat with your friends located at a far distance with the help of Kik finder.

The Kik friends finder helps you build a social network with your friends and lets you meet with new people. To make new friends, it is not recommended to randomly search for their usernames. When you start using kik friends finder, it is quite simple to find Kik friends.

How to setting up KIK

There are no hassles to set up Kik on your device. To meet people on Kik, follow below steps to get a perfect idea:

  • First of all, download and install the recent version of Kik on your device. Visit the below link: Link
  • Next, enter your cell number whenever it is prompted.
  • After that, choose the Settings and Privacy and enable Address Book Matching. It would work same on iPhone and Android.
  • Finally, initiate chat with your friends to guarantee you are connected seamlessly.

To invite find friends on Kik, there is the availability of the option to “Tell Friends About Kik” inside the Settings menu. Whenever you want to chat with friends and confused about how to meet people on Kik, just send them a link via this option. It is possible to send the friends this link via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social networks.

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KIK friend finder

Best KIK friend finder

There are many best Kik friend finders available on the market with different functionalities. To allow people to talk to on Kik, you can make use of these finders.  One of the finest ways to find different friends on Kik is to make use of Kik Cards. Inside the app, there is the availability of profile cards that allow people to share info throughout the world. The app is recommended as a way to meet many new people and make new friends without leaving the Kik network.

To use the KIK friend finder and make friends on kik, follow below steps:

  1. Initially navigate to Settings in the Kik app and choose to Share Your Profile.
  2. Now you need to choose your social network(s) as per your preference to share your profile.
  3. In the next step, simply navigate to the conversation window within the app.
  4. Now choose the small globe icon and make use of the search term to get a chat.

It is advisable to use the search terms like ‘chat’, ‘sports’, etc. to find the existing public chats. Then you need to engage with all the chatters to get friends. Moreover, you can also use public groups to create new friends on Kik. It is true that the public groups could have up to a maximum of 50 members and they are perfect to come across new people and chat on your favorite topics. The below steps allow you to find a public group:

  1. Go to the main chat list inside the Kik app. Now tap the ‘+’ icon shown and then tap on the Public Groups.
  2. You can use the famous search banner or carry out a search for your interested topic.
  3. Now tap a public group to get further details about it.
  4. Choose Join Public Group whenever you wish to join and begin chatting. Finally, this will remove concerns regarding how to find friends on kik.

KIK friend finder sites

KIK friend finder sites

The process of meeting new people on kik is now easy with the help of different Kik friend finder sites. Whenever you want to expand your social network, there are many third-party websites that make use of Kik users. But the majority of them are populated with ads, popups, adware, etc.  The below sections will highlight different Best KIK finder sites:

Kik Friends Finder

The Kik Friends Finder will remove the hassles about how to find kik friends. It comes with an extensive age range of users. It is quite easy to create new Kik usernames, meet boys and girls, search, chat, and do many more. The operation of this site is quick and does not contain popups. It is very simple to meet with new people and chat with them online or via Kik.

Website link: Link

Kik Contacts

Compared to its competitors, the Kik Contacts is one of the least irritating Kik friend finder sites. This website will display users online, permits you to browse different users with the help of category searches. Furthermore, you can carry out user matching depending on gender, age, location, and interest. The age group of the user is generally 13-20.

Kik friends

The working operation of Kik friends is simple and enables you to search for friends based on gender, users, or based on their online status. It is quite simple to filter your search based on interest, age, or image. In this website, the UI is minimum and it works to keep the users in front.

Website link: Link


KUserfinder presents many users to search through so it is quite easy to find people on kik. In this website, there is an extensive variety of age ranges, interests and countries. Therefore, there are no restrictions to chat with anyone.

Website link: Link


There are no hassles on how to meet new people on Kik when you use Kikfriender. When you want to have something new and adventurous, this website is recommended to use. You will find something mysterious and exciting in Kikfriender. You will experience that finding friends is extremely easy.

You are able to find Kik usernames, create new Kik friends from different parts of the world, see the photos and profiles, find local Kik boys and girls near you, share your life moments and many more.

Website link: Link


After reading the above sections, you may have got a clear idea about how to find friends on Kik. It is quite easy to make friends on kik and there are lots of websites available for the same. Each of these websites presents thousands of users, so you can chat with anyone you want to.

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