How To Use Tinder Without Facebook Account (Updated Methods)

Want to know how to use Tinder without Facebook. Let me show you Tinder login without Facebook account methods. Majority of people are usually familiar with Tinder and also they have used it for one or the other time. By the use of Tinder, you can carry out one-to-one chat with an individual of our region with mutual interest. It is known that Tinder is famous and it has attained greatest rating amongst every obtainable dating app.

Now, you will get to know methods to use tinder without facebook. People usually know it is essential to login Tinder with Facebook account in order to use it. However, there are some losses to that. One can accidentally enable Tinder to showcase information on the platform of Facebook and it is actually haunting if the individual’s Facebook friends get to know of his/her dating life. Hence, if this aspect haunts you also then this article is worth to read for you.

Your confusion like can I use tinder without facebook account or the use of tinder without facebook possible or not gets answered via this article.

What is Tinder?

Prior to moving on the section on how to use tinder without facebook, let’s have look at the details of what tinder is actually. Tinder turned out as the greatest exciting application for people nowadays and this demands attention. Tinder App Apk is considered as one of the famous social media application which allows a person to meet his/her loved ones. Now, let’s look at sections on tinder without facebook app and use of tinder app without facebook account. Before that, you need to know why it is linked to facebook.

Why is Tinder Login Linked to facebook account?

Discussed below are the reasons about why tinder linked to facebook, and it would answer the confusion regarding why does tinder need facebook account:

  • Tinder will contain basic info regarding a person from their Facebook account in order to avoid abuse.
  • It is not necessary to upload new photos to tinder app because you already have lots of photos which are uploaded to your Facebook account and hence it would display your Facebook profile picture to many other tinder users.
  • It makes a shield against abuse because when there is a requirement to login with Facebook there is minimum odds of faking ourselves. This kind of shielding allows the users to use the app and rely on it.
  • As images are already uploaded on Facebook, it is a fact that Tinder gets the photos automatically and you do not require to do any type of additional settings post-logging in therefore you can directly use the app.

use tinder without facebook

How to use Tinder without Facebook?

There is actually no way to make use of Tinder without Facebook. You cannot login tinder without facebook. People gets confused whether do you have to have facebook to use tinder and they also ask on can you log into tinder without Facebook account. Discussed below are different methods explaining that you can decrease the concerns of privacy concealing your real identity. Let’s look at them:

4 Ways To Use Tinder Without Facebook account

1. Alter the Tinder Application Priorities in Facebook Account

The significant feature of Facebook through which you can alter the privacy settings of any application is by this method. In this method, you would alter the privacy setting of Tinder inside Facebook. Doing this conceals your privacy and it is similar to using tinder without facebook allowing you to realize tinder without facebook app.

Follow the below steps:

  1. First, log in to your Facebook
  2. Now click on the Lock icon and then go to Settings.
  3. Now scroll down and click on the Apps.
  4. Lastly, set the privacy of Tinder App to “Only me“.

2. Making a New Facebook Account

When you do not wish to link your personal Facebook account with the app Tinder, then making of a new Facebook Account is usually the alternative method to let it equivalent that you use tinder without facebook. If you do not know that how can one sign up for Facebook, just follow below steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Mention all details like First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, and Password. Prior mentioning an email address, confirm that you already own a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account.

Things to modify in Tinder app after the account get created:

  1. First of all open Tinder app and then tap on the Settings gear at top left corner.
  2. After that, tap on App Settings and later tap Logout and confirm.
  3. This will let you logged out of Tinder.
  4. After that, sign into the Facebook account that you have newly created. Go to Tinder and then tap “Login with Facebook”.
  5. The Tinder app is now linked to your new Facebook account. Now, you can choose on what information to place in it.

3. Modifying Settings from Tinder App

This method is considered as the easy one to use tinder app without facebook. It needs you to just tweak your Tinder App setting inside your smartphone. Now just follow the below steps:

  1. Initially open Tinder App inside your smartphone.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings’ part of your Tinder App.
  3. Lastly, you can deselect “Show Me On Tinder Social”.

4.  Ask Tinder To Allow Tinder Sign In Without Facebook

This method is not a straight-forward solution to the problem. However, if you are unhappy with the manner in which Tinder forces everyone to make use of Facebook then you can definitely suggest the Tinder app to modify their policy. Simply open Tinder app and within the Settings and you can see Contact option. By the use of Contact option, definitely, you can suggest tinder app to modify their policy regarding login tinder without facebook.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account?

People have confusion that do you have to have facebook to use Tinder. The brief answer to this yes, you cannot. However, you can make a complaint regarding this to Tinder and they may change soon.

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All the discussed methods to use tinder without Facebook are assured to give you a solution on ways to use tinder without Facebook account. Based on your convenience, you can apply any one of these.

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