How To Get Instant 1000 Twitter Followers In A Week

Learn some tips to get instant 1000 Twitter followers in a week? Twitter is a micro-blogging site which is mainly the game of 140 words. Twitter provides the best platform to promote your website and driving the quality traffic toward it. In other words, it is a smarter and popular way to boost your presence and widen your online reach, used by more than 500 million active users around the globe. Also, Read use Tinder without Facebook.

Having a large number of followers on Twitter is the thing each blogger wants and work hard to get. This article is aimed to briefly introduce with some tips or tricks so that you can earn the first 1000 Twitter followers of your Twitter web page within a week. Also, we will discuss the Twitter tools that can help you to manage your Twitter account and followers.

twitter tools

Tools to manage your twitter followers

So get set go for getting the Twitter followers instantly:

9 Smart Tips To Get Instant 1000 Twitter Followers In A Week

  1. Make a helpful Twitter bio

    Most of the twitter profiles are the maker’s self-promotional bios. Before finalizing it ask yourself that why should someone follow you on twitter and how can be following you will benefit them? So in your Twitter bio specifically mention that what is your specialty and how can you be helpful to them. Also, Read “Tools to improve Twitter Followers

  2. Show your face

    It will be good that in your Twitter presentation contains your face, not the logo or something else. Don’t be generic as people follow the people, not the eggs. Also, make efforts for keeping your profile picture interesting yet professional. Before using a corresponding looking picture, first, figure out that what message you want to convey to your followers.

  3. Follow others

    To grab the attention of audiences, follow the other web pages of the same niche. You should type the keyword that presents your interest in a Twiend tool search bar and the tool will find out the similar people in the industry. Within a day or two, you will automatically understand that following who is to your advantage and what is not. You would definitely not like to spend your time on the non-profitable links and followings.

  4. Spend quality time with your early twitter followers

    Instead of you spend a good quality time with your followers, no one will know your name or understand the real value of you. Usually, people follow the web pages basically for two reasons either they find them educating or entertaining. Make sure about your kind, be interesting and let the people know about you. Furthermore, you should share interesting quotes, information, and related links.

  5. Participate

    Avoid publishing your message again and again; retweet only the selected interesting and really helpful information. Never forget to respond the people liking, retweeting and following you.

  6. Time check

    The most smartly written messages or information will lose its importance if there is no one to see them, so figure out the most suitable time to deliver your message. Generally, morning (before people start working), the midday (during their lunch break) or the free evening hours are the ideal timings for popping the smaller news.
    Instant 1000 twitter followers

  7. Tweet what is trending

    Picking the topics everyone is talking about is an intelligent move. Start with the hot topics and then smartly present your own point of view. Find the links and put yourself into the conversation with a large group so that you may get followings into the response.

  8. Stay away from controversy

    Though twitter allows you the freedom to express your opinion and views, you should understand the limits. Avoid the political and religious arguments on your web page and following sites.

  9. Don’t ask for the retweet or follows

    People don’t like it; usually, get irritated by these messages. If you are interesting, educating and present yourself in a professional manner, they will definitely follow and retweet you.

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1000 Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers strategy


5 Smart Twitter Tips For Playing Actively on Twitter

  1. Tweet your best stuff (links, videos, post whatever you feel interesting)
  2. Follow the famous web pages of your industry
  3. Regularly retweet their tweets
  4. Use hashtags
  5. Unfollow, who is not following you; use Tweepi for this

While you are working hard on getting your first 1000 Twitter followers within a week, there are some more points you need to take care of your twitter followers strategy.

Avoid self-promoting

While you are just self-promoting yourself, no one will like to follow you. It will be nice if you start by promoting the others’ web pages. Share the others’ stuff, tweet and retweet their links, send them messages, and stay in the touch with the powerful players of twitter. It is a good way to get the fast followings and in soon they will also help in promoting you. It is a good deal of mutual cooperation.

Do not follow too many people at a time

Stay away from over the following. Though you can follow people as much as you want, it is not a good practice to follow. Generally, following 300 people is nice and right also. If you carry on your following with a harsh speed, Twitter will automatically stop you from following others. So, start easy, maintain your pace, follow others, tweet their stuff. Within a significantly short time, you will find the twitter following growing in your network. One more thing to be considered here gets rid of the people who are not following you back.

Track your results:

This is the most important part of the instant following finding the strategy. There are some really useful tools that can really help you to track the results and maintaining the followings. To watch out how many people are getting joined in your account, you can TwitterCounter. It will describe to you the details of your followings. On the other hand, if you want to get the timely information about someone unfollows you a tweet, you should use Qwitter that will quickly email you with any such information.


So, these are some of the important twitter tools that can help you to manage your twitter account and grow your twitter followers. If you need to get instant 1000 twitter followers, start off thinking out. The better your ideas are at work, the more followers you gain. Thank you for reading.

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