How To Cancel Your Netflix Subscription

If you are among the one who has already used Netflix subscription on a free basis, or you are among the ones who simply wish to give up on the service overall, it is simple to cancel Netflix subscription. It is common that people get confused about how to cancel Netflix subscription or how to unsubscribe from Netflix.

It is known that cancel Netflix subscription is not much difficult, as far as you comprehend the consequences that may come along. This is applicable, particularly, if you are a long-term Netflix subscriber. In this article, you will get to know how to deactivate Netflix and how to cancel Netflix free trial.

If you wish to cancel Netflix subscription first find out what is Netflix.? Netflix is basically a slick video streaming service, started in January 2016, in India. The cost of the service begins at Rs. 500 per month and it provides the initial month as a free trial. In order to sign up, you need to enter your debit or credit card details. Therefore Netflix starts charging you the moment your free trial month gets over.

You may need to consider before you unsubscribe Netflix because the automatic payment is found to be a convenient feature. This is because you need not remember to continue renewing the subscription. However, in case, you decide that you wish to discontinue using Netflix, you may need to know steps to unsubscribe from Netflix or how do I cancel Netflix before you get charged. Also, Read: How Much Does Netflix Cost For A Month and Is Subscribing Netflix India Worth Your Money. Let’s have a look at how to cancel your Netflix subscription

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription?

The process to cancel Netflix subscription is simple as compared to that of signing up Netflix for the service. If you made your mind to cancel Netflix subscription but don’t know how to cancel Netflix account then you need to follow some steps. The initial step to cancel Netflix subscription is to have a note of your watch list. It is possible that some people consider it as trivial; however, if you are transferring to another service, it is necessary to assure that you can still avail the things present on your watch list.

After you made sure that you wrote down everything, you can initiate the process of cancellation. In order to resolve the question -how to unsubscribe Netflix? you can make use of a screenshot tool. This will help you to capture the photo of your watchlist. In this manner, you need not have to write down everything. You may also like how to cancel your CBS all access account.

Cancellation of Netflix Is not a good idea?

If you have used Netflix for some time, you might experience that after you do Netflix cancellation, it is true that you can never get back. The same will be warned to you prior to cancellation. Even though you are new, the subsequent time when Netflix plans to raise the pricing, you would be capable to avail the service at your existing pricing level. This can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

The key reason behind why you should keep your Netflix subscription active is its content. Netflix presents the original content at a rising speed, and some of its content is very famous. In case you have previously binge watched a majority of it or do not bother about the forthcoming content, you may proceed with the cancellation of the subscription.

Cancel Netflix Subscription, follow below steps

Step-1: Begin by first logging into your Netflix account.

Step-2: Click over your portrait, located on the right corner and then click on the options that show – “Your Account.”

Step-3: After that to cancel Netflix subscription, you will get to see “Cancel membership” below Membership & Billing inside your account preferences, just click on it.

Step-4: Netflix will now rundown things that will happen once you drop your subscription. When you cancel the membership, you will get an affirmation of the cancellation. If you want, you can restart your membership; however, you must note that you will lose any grandfathered pricing tier. Now click on “Complete Cancellation”.

Step-5: After it is canceled, you will get an email confirmation, in order to confirm that it has been now canceled. Then, confirm the date again.

Cancel Netflix Account

4 Ways To Cancel Netflix Account/Subscription

1. Cancel Netflix Account via the website

This is one of the easiest ways if you don’t know how do I cancel my Netflix. Follow the below steps:

Step-1: Visit the Netflix cancellation page here

Step-2: Click on Cancel streaming plan.

Following the above step will allow you to use Netflix until the time the first (or subsequent) payment is unpaid. After that, a subscription will not get renewed. Moreover, Android users are directed to the website for signing up or to cancel their accounts. Hence, the process is very identical.

2. Cancel Netflix Account via the Android app

Step-1: Inside the Netflix app, hover your cursors to the left to show the menu.

Step-2: Now scroll down to settings and click on Account Settings.

Step-3: It will launch a browser window. Now swipe down and click over the Cancel membership. After that, tap on Finish Cancellation, shown on the following screen to confirm.

3. Cancel Netflix subscription if you signed up through your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or iTunes

Inside your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, follow below steps:

Step-1: Open App Store.

Step-2: Now scroll to the bottom and then tap on the Apple ID.

Step-3: Now tap View Apple ID. In case you are requested to sign in, you need to fill in Apple ID password and then click on OK.

Step-4: Below the SUBSCRIPTIONS, click on Manage.

Step-5: Now click on Netflix. You need to tap the switch adjacent to Automatic Renewal, in order to turn it off. When it becomes green, then the automatic renewal is on. Else, it is off.

4. Cancel Netflix Account via iTunes

Follow below steps to cancel Netflix online via iTunes:

Step-1: Download iTunes from below link if you don’t have it:


Step-2: Now run iTunes and then click Sign In. After that, fill in your Apple ID and password.

Step-3: Click on the person icon, located on the top right. Choose Account Info, shown from the drop-down menu.

Step-4: Mention your password and then click View Account.

Step-5: After that, scroll down to Settings.

Step-6: Adjacent to Subscriptions, click on Manage.

Step-7: Now click on Edit, located adjacent to Netflix.

Step-8: On the right side of Automatic Renewal, you need to click on Off.

Step-9: Click on Done.

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These all are the working methods to cancel Netflix subscription. For different device and operating systems, the ways described above helps to clear confusion on how to cancel Netflix account and how to discontinue Netflix subscription. You need to first think carefully before canceling this subscription.

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