How to Check Your AT&T Data Usage on iPhone and iPod

The AT&T presented the new plan structure so iPhone and iPad users might wish to be more sensible regarding how to check their data usage.

This is called at&t data usage and there are many methods available to check it.

You are able to check your data usage directly from your iPhone or iPad device with the use of the AT&T myWireless Mobile App.

With the assistance of this data, you are able to make a proper decision about the particular data plan to buy. Moreover, you may even want to monitor monitoring these numbers continuously when your use of iPhone or iPad increases.

Generally, the clients on these plans are concerned about how to check your data usage at&t because they need to supervise and track their data usage in order to avoid going over their allotment. In case you are an iPhone user, it would not be a hassle since your phone is able to record the sum amount of data being used up each time you use the internet.

With the help of at&t data usage text, you are able to prevent download speed throttling or the additional charges by monitoring your iPhone data use. The way you accomplish this relies on the type of Phone Company you use. When you check this data, the report would create an easy-to-read bar graph depicting the amount of data being downloaded and uploaded every month.

It is important to note that the corresponding chart would only display data that passed through your 3G or EDGE-based data connection. Besides, it eliminates the data transfer on the Wi-Fi network connections. The detailed steps for check data usage at&t iPhone are discussed in the below section:

check your AT&T data usage on iPhone

Check Your At&t Data Usage Steps

Basically, there are three different ways to monitor the amount of data you utilized on AT&T, they are as below:

  1. Your AT&T account online.
  2. Use of AT&T app including text, data, and voice usage.
  3. In the Phone app, you can call *DATA# after which a text message consisting of your prevailing data use would be sent to the user.

The metric data limit is important to know when the matter comes to checking this data usage. Basically, the data usage differs based on your monthly plan. Typically, data plans fall in range from 300MB per month and goes up to unlimited data. In case you crossed the data limit then the data speeds would decrease to
128 kbps till the termination of the present billing period.

Step-by-Step Process to At&t View Data Usage is mentioned below

Step-1: Click on the settings icon shown on the home screen.

Step-2: Now you need to scroll down and then tap on the icon labeled as “Cellular”. In case you are utilizing UK-English keyboard, you will see the label of this icon as “Mobile data”.

Step-3: Inside the Cellular Data, there are two options available i.e. current period and current period roaming. The first one i.e. the current period denotes the data amount you already used since the last time you had reset the data statistics.

The second one i.e. the Current Period Roaming denotes the at&t data usage for example during a situation when your carried could not cover your phone.

Step-4: Now you have to scroll down in order to see the list of applications that are liable for Cellular data usage. You will see that such apps would be mentioned below the “CELLULAR DATA”. Each application possessing a green color indicator on the right side is allowed to use data.

The at&t data check number shown under each and every application signifies the total cellular data (in terms of KBs, MBs, or GBs) used by the particular application since lastly, you had reset the data statistics.

Step-5: In case you wish to limit the data use, you can turn off the particular apps which consume the most data.

You can request data usage statistic by following the steps mentioned in below sections:

Request Data Usage Statistics From Your Carrier

It is true that the inbuilt settings of your iPhone would show the overall amount of data being used. But, it would not show your monthly limit; also the measurements would not be precise as compared to that of your carrier’s. Now you can instantly verify your monthly limit along with precise data measurements when you dial the carrier’s code from your phone.

This is basically at&t data usage text code and it will assist you to confirm your monthly limit and data measurements.

For AT&T as your carrier, follow below steps

Step-1: First of all, dial *3282#. This is the at&t number to check data and at&t data balance.

Step-2: Now press the call button, and then you will receive text at&t for data usage indicating that processing is done.

Step-3: Finally, you would receive a text message from AT&T to check data at&t text and it allows you to see the amount of data being consumed.


It is vital to check the at&t data usage on your iPhone and iPod for hassle-free operation. When you follow the steps discussed above, you will be successful to precisely measure the data usage and can limit it accordingly.

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