How To Edit PDF Files Without Adobe Acrobat (Updated)

Presently there are numerous reasons why pdf file format has become popular in various sectors like education, business, etc. pdfs are usually more compact in size as compared to the source document and they help you to preserve the original formatting as it is. It is fact that the content of a pdf file cannot be easily modified and you can stop other users from either copying or printing text from pdf documents.

Though Adobe is hush about it, there are many different methods for creating or editing pdf files for free or paid without utilizing any one of Adobe Acrobat’s paid products.

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Below you will learn various methods that explain free alternatives how to edit a pdf without Acrobat:

5 Methods To Edit a PDF File Without Acrobat

Edit PDF File Through Online pdf editors: Method 1

If you have a couple of pdf file to edit, and you have confusion about how to edit pdfs then this method is recommended one. If you are in a hurry, and your docs do not encompass confidential or sensitive data, then the finest way to edit pdf documents is to adopt an online editing service. Simply upload the pdf files to the server of the one whichever service provider you select, and you would be allowed to edit adobe pdf and create changes rapidly.

Below are a few prevalent services that you can try:

  • PDFescapeThis is a free adobe pdf editor free tool that allows you to annotate, edit, password protect for any pdf files. You can eliminate the confusion of how to edit pdf files for free as you can make new forms or fill the prevailing forms. The only limitation for this adobe pdf editor free is it supports up to 10 MB and 100 pages.
  • PDFBuddy: This is also a free adobe acrobat pdf editor which allows editing pdf files and signing pdf files. The only limitation for this pdf text editor is you will need to sign up in order to save any modifications; you can upload till 3 pdfs on free basis every month.

Edit pdf in google docs: Method 2

You may have the question of how to edit a pdf file, for this many people who make use of Google drive actually don’t identify that Google docs are an exceptional tool for editing pdf files. Moreover, it allows you to change a scanned pdf into editable text form using this method. Now there is no confusion in mind that can you edit a pdf as using this all you need to carry out is the sign in google drive. Later, upload the pdf file, right-click on it and choose to open a file using google docs. After this, directly edit the file, when done, in the menu, click on download from the file menu and select pdf document (.pdf) in form of the output format.

can you edit a pdf

For editing text in pdf files: Method 3

Have a question of how to edit a pdf without Adobe? Then for editing texts in Adobe pdf reader follow this method. The finest option is to transform your pdf file into any text docs and editing pdf files in Google Docs or Microsoft Office. After you edit pdf documents, you can convert it to its original state using this method. For how to modify a pdf, convert them using tools like the online pdf to Word Converter NitroPDF as this is one the topmost online PDF converter tool available. It is accessible for desktop as well, moreover, if you have many things to edit, then go for this conversion method.

Use PDF element to edit pdf files: Method 4

For the question in your mind how to modify a pdf, PDFelement is best alternative today for Acrobat. This alternative has nearly all the essential features that Adobe Acrobat can provide and it is much inexpensive as well. It is known that the corresponding software suite comes with lots of small useful tools that allow you edit, transform, merge, and organize pdf files in a professional way. The software even comes with OCR (i.e. Optical Character Recognition) technology which permits you to change scanned pdf files into editable as well as searchable texts. It is known that it is the solution of query- how to edit documents as it is compatible with the Macintosh, Windows, and ios platforms as well.

Edit PDF File Through Advanced Pdf Editing (text, images, etc.): Method 5

This approach consists of another set of pdf editors that are free and can assist you to accomplish certain advanced editing tasks like substituting images on a pdf file, including signatures, eliminating blocks of text without disrupting the document’s flow, etc. In this regard, can you edit a pdf is a question and through PDF-XChange, which is a free pdf editor and viewer you also can use it for typing text on any page of pdf file directly? This tool even supports image stamps hence you can also use it for signing adobe pdf reader files or can use it for introducing images at any place on a pdf page. Moreover, you also have Inkscape, which is a free vector drawing tool (similar to Adobe Illustrator) which has the capability to natively export and import pdf content.

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You can now come out of confusion regarding how do I edit a pdf as these methods and tools can assist you to get rid of the hassle found for editing pdf files without Adobe Acrobat. You can edit all your pdf file’s contents in less time by implementing the above-described approaches.

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