How to Install Covenant on Kodi – Installation Guide

Covenant is essentially the substitution for one of the famous Kodi addons i.e. Exodus addon. It is found that the Exodus addon is no longer updated; therefore, it is vital that you proceed for the installation of covenant on Kodi addon.

The developers of Exodus have released covenant Kodi which would help pick up wherever the conventional addon is left off. Also, check Live TV Kodi addon.

There are many reasons that justify the worth and popularity of Kodi covenant.

There are no doubts that covenant Kodi addon is regarded as one of the most prevalent addons for Kodi. The addon is uniquely stylish with a polished user interface and proper content categories.

Moreover, it also has the ability to explore the streaming potential of Kodi by presenting wide access to a large library of content. All these reasons and many more allow you to get into the deep about this addon. Let’s look at its basics:

What is Covenant Kodi Addon

What is Covenant Kodi Addon: The Basics

The covenant for Kodi is an almost perfect port of Exodus to an all-new platform equipped with the new name and still maintains the identical library of content as found in Kodi add-ons.  There are many long-term users of Kodi who already know about an addon i.e.Exodus.  This addon has been successful to convey many effective movie titles. But due to some reasons, its developer had left the project, before a few months. It is found that the Kodi addons covenant and Exodus share the identical core and this is the reason why they appear same and function identically. You are benefitted with lots of categories and content in Kodi covenant addon.

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What to expect from Covenant Kodi Addon

In this section, you will be made familiar with different categories that are present on covenant addon for Kodi home screen. The included categories make it easy to use the huge library of this addon. Below are the categories:

Movies & TV Shows: The initial two categories on covenant on Kodi addon are basically the flagship categories. When you click on any of these categories, you would be presented with a collection of sub-folders. It is found that such sub-folders are extensively utilized to filter out the accessible movie titles in a variety of ways. To understand this, for instance, you are able to browse TV shows and movies based on popularity, genres, recently released, recently trending, and many more.

My Movies & My TV Shows: In order to use these categories, all you need to do is create an IMDb or Trakt.TV account. It is quite simple to integrate Trakt.TV with Covenant and the same is considered as an excellent way of tracking your preferred TV shows and movies. Apart from that, it is found that this online service seamlessly offers personalized suggestions. If you are confused then you can learn more about the Trakt.TV.

Channels: With the help of this content category of Kodi addon covenant, you are able to enjoy movies which were basically broadcasted by the famous TV stations. Actually, there are approximately ten TV stations and you will be facilitated to watch the recent movie blockbusters which were broadcasted lately.

New Movies & New Episodes: In this category, you are capable to get the details of the recently released episodes and movies. As an alternative to sorting the lists, it is certain that you will be shown with a big list of entries. It is clearly understandable that this is a perfect approach to know what is recently trending.

Tools & Search: In these categories of Kodi covenant, you are able to carry out various types of optimizations. In case you have any problem with this addon, just confirm to take a visit of the Tools section and remove out the junk files.

Installation Guide of CovenantKodi Addon

The below section will thoroughly guide you with the installation process of this addon. It is important to understand that before moving forward for the installation of this addon, first visit the application’s Settings. From that, you need to enable the support for unknown sources. In case you fail to do this, it is known that Kodi will halt the process of installation of Covenant.  There are no much hassles for installing covenant on Kodi or for covenant Kodi download.

The recent working version of this addon can be found inside a repository named All Eyes On Me. It is important to learn the process to install the repository, and after that you need to know ways to find the addon which is required.

Follow below steps before Kodi covenant download

Step-1: To remove the confusion on how to install covenant on Kodi, first of all launch the Kodi app and navigate to Settings. For that, you need to click on the gear icon located on the upper left corner.

Step-1: Now you have to open the File Manager.

Step-2: After that, you need to double click on ‘Add Source’ shown on the left part of the screen and ultimately a new window will be shown.

Step-3: In this step, you need to click on ‘<None>’ inside the recently launched window and cautiously type the below URL:

Now click ‘OK’.

Step-4: It is also vital to give a name to your new source. Name it as ‘All Eyes on Me’ and then click on ‘OK’ to remove the pop-up.

Step-5: When this is done, come back to the home screen of Kodi and then click on ‘Add-ons’.

Step-6: On the top-left corner, you will see the Open Box icon, just click on it and choose ‘Install from ZIP file’.

Step-7: You will see a pop-up, now follow the below path:

‘All Eyes on Me >’.

Step-8: After that just click on the zip file for installation.

Step-9: You just need to wait for a few minutes to completely install covenant on Kodi 17.4. Now just a click on ‘Install From Repository’.

Step-10: When this is done, follow below path:

All Eyez on Me > Video Add-ons > Covenant.

Step-11: In order to finally complete the Kodi covenant install process, press the ‘Install’ button shown on the screen. This will finally install covenant Kodi 17.4.

Step-12: Now come back to the Kodi’s Add-ons section and here you would see the recently installed covenant Kodi 17.4 addon. So, it is not difficult to install if you are confused about how to install covenant on Kodi 17.4.


When you start using covenant Kodi addon, you will be assured to avail benefits of many different categories and contents related to TV shows, movies, channels, episodes, etc.  This addon is upgraded and quite convenient to use.

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