Is Subscribing To Netflix India Worth Your Money

Netflix India Worth Your Money: Advantages, Features, and Plans. In this article, we are going to share about Netflix cost for a month, Netflix plans for each month, advantages and it’s featured.  If you are the one who strives to find out about Netflix then this article is for you. Now, people are often discussing “what is Netflix?”.

If you are feeling hard to know about Netflix features and Netflix cost for different plans for each months, then you don’t have to worry anymore. This article will also help you figure it out how to use Netflix for free by using their 30 days free trial. In an upcoming article, we will also share how to use Netflix premium account for free. Now, start with what is Netflix?.

What is Netflix?

Netflix the leading universal video streaming service through which the users are allowed to have the intelligent display of their content on the different screens from a smartphone to a smart TV along with Play Station and Apple TV, iPhones,iPod etc. The main object of this brilliant technology is to provide the users to experience a unique display of the content directly onto the smaller to the larger screens. Netflix is further a producer of the organic web content which can be presented in the high-resolution Ultra HD.

As per the expansion strategy of the developers, Netflix is now available in Asia as well as in India. So, the Indians can enjoy the high-resolution TV shows with an extremely unbelievable HD experience. Sounds really exciting, but it is always recommended to analyze all the negative and positive sides of any giant new arrival. Definitely, the devil always resides in the details.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss all the major issued related to Netflix and figure out that are the company and its offers really worth its price.

Netflix India

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Let’s start with the Netflix cost, i.e. what you are going to pay for what:

How much does Netflix cost per month? First Month Free in All Plans

Netflix Cost Per month

  1. Basic Plan – Price- Rs 500: It is cheapest Netflix plan and basic rental for the service that allows watching the shows and movies on a single screen at a time.
  2. Standard Plan – Price- Rs 650: This is one of the most popular and affordable Netflix plan showing the same facility on two screens.
  3. Premium Plan – Price- Rs800: This no doubt one of the best Netflix plan for HD movies and TV shows. This plan showing the same facility on four screens.

All the offered services (including the movies and the shows) are the Ultra HD content. Now, the charges; with the subscription, you get the free Netflix service for the first month. While you want to go with the paid content option, you have to sign up for an authentication of a card. The fee for this is $1 or Rs. 70. As per the standard pricing policy of the providing company, an average Netflix user has to pay $9.99 each month. The mode of payment can be a credit card or PayPal.

After payable a price, next issue is the content. So, what type of content is served by Netflix: Indian or American? At present, the Indian content is limited to the Hindi movies. You can find here almost all the popular Bollywood movies. There is also the US content is available but in a very less amount. The providers are working seriously on getting the new partners so that you may get more options to watch and enjoy.

Netflix India

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A simple question that may arise in your mind at this time that whether the content available on Netflix is censored as per the visual content available on the popular TV channels. This mostly depends on the status you have mentioned at the time of signing up. While you have signed up as a child on Netflix, the content provided to you is mostly censored and in the case of an adult subscriber, there will not that strict censorship over the content.

If we judge at this moment, we find if Netflix is providing the enough and good US content and offering just the Bollywood movies, then there is no special attraction of this Ultra HD content provider. The same thing is being served by the numerous TV channels on both the TV and mobile devices.

Features Of Netflix

Let’s talk about the Menu or the catalog of Netflix India. At a glance, it seems good, yet the lots of content (especially the US content) is missing here. Some of the very famous shows like the House of Card which the home production of Netflix is also not visible in the offered menu. The plate that is served for you has some really good tastes, but still, you miss the items which you were expecting eagerly.

Advantages of subscribing Netflix

Then what are the advantages of subscribing Netflix over the other service providers? Actually, it offers you an exclusive range of content and an interesting offer that you can have it on the four screens at the same time. And you can further watch all the shows with the various different ways:

  1. Your TV is the best place to experience Netflix services. You should tune into an Apple TV or Android box.
  2. Chromecast is the other best way and Netflix is also supported by the streaming dongle.
  3. You can also see the movies and shows on your smartphone, laptops, and tablets.
  4. With the use of HDMI cable, all the content can be mirrored to your TV.

Here, you can face the problem of slow internet connection that can sometimes spoil your Netflix watching experience. To deal with this problem, you need to have the 3G or if possible 4G connection or Wi-Fi.

What is the probable future of Netflix in India?

It is the issue that can put a million dollar question. What are the possibilities of the survival and success of Netflix in India? As the Netflix brings greater quality and quantity of the exclusive, amusing content which is its unique feature and also it is legal and fulfills all the censorship requirements, its future seems very affirmative. The price is reasonable, allows you to watch the whole series in a row and you don’t need to wait for the next day or the next week. Due to these facts, the present users and potential subscribers regard Netflix a better option instead of the ordinary HD content of the cable networks on the TV.

Netflix India

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4 tips to get the best out of your Netflix subscription:

  1. Utilize the whole potential of Netflix as it provides a great range of entertainment on multiple devices such as smart TV, smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Some other smart devices, including Blu-Ray player, game consoles, etc. are also Netflix-friendly.
  2. It is very easy to deal with the Netflix, children, and censorship. Of course, the whole content provided here is not fully censored, you can change your settings by signing into your account and make it suitable for your kids.
  3. The owners of the iPhone and iPad can play Netflix on their TV by using Airplay. The app is also available for Apple TV.
  4. Netflix also allows you to add the features of the third party services. With these services, the subscribers are allowed to have many other features so that the Netflix can be turned into a great entertainment experience.

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Well, I’ve described the Netflix cost for a month, advantages and features. I have also try to explain some of major issued related to Netflix India and tips to get the best out of your Netflix subscription.

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