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Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger and WordPressThe blogging newbies often get confused that what should be their beginning blogging platform among the WordPress.com or Blogger. To guide them, assist them and to give them the necessary information this article presents the comparative study of both the leading platforms, including the advantages and disadvantages in each case so that one can easily understand their specific usefulness and suitability and choose the right one between Blogger vs. WordPress for his or her website.

here are some of the difference between self-hosted WordPress and Blogger

(Blogger vs WordPress): Ownership

The tech supremo Google is behind the Blogger blogging service. It is offered free and is highly reliable, as well as can perfectly publish your material on the web. Though you don’t own it, it is run by Google and it has the authority to shut down the blogger or even shut down your access here.

On the other hand, a WordPress hosting provider is applied to host someone’s own website with WordPress.  It is the creator or the blogger who makes the decision about the duration of the running of the blog or the time to shut it down. The entire data is also controlled by the owner and he or she is the one who finalizes about which information is to be published or shared with the third party.

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Blogger and WordPress

(Blogger vs WordPress): Control

If we briefly introduce the Blogger, it is a smart, fine-tuned blogging service with a limited number of tools that help you to accomplish some specific tasks on your site. There are only fa ew things that you can perform on your blog post and if you need to extend them, it is not that supportive and facilitating.

Now, the WordPress is renowned as open source software that is enriched with various features which can be extended timely and accordingly. A great number of WordPress Plugins that allow the blogger to modify the settings, extending the default features, creating the portfolio and other settings such as adding a store to the website.

If we compare the both at this scale, we find the WordPress more supportive and assured of the long time solutions for a serious blogger or online marketer.


Just like the inbuilt tools, Blogger also offers a very limited number of templates to be used in blogging. It facilitates the color modification, editing the layouts of a template but its toolset does not support in creating your personalized layouts and make the necessary modifications. Though there are some unofficial blogger templates provided here, they offer a mare poor quality, so usually are not decently applicable.

And to make your task more fun filled and creative, there are millions of free and premium quality WordPress themes are provided to design and develop the websites with a professional appearance. To meet every need, there are too many option themes and ideas which can be easily customized, modified and redesigned.

(Blogger vs WordPress): Flexibility

While working with Blogger, it is a rather complicated task of shifting or moving a specific website to a new platform. You have many risks and threats involved here such as losing your rankings, subscribers, fan followings and many others. In theory, you can export your data and content as per the intention of the blogger, yet most of your data remain existing on Google’s server for a long period of time.

If WordPress is your blogging platform, you are granted a superb facility to move your website anywhere as per your choice and preference. Many important tasks such as shifting your website to the different host, changing the existing domain name and also the changing the website to an utterly new content management system are totally easy, convenient and trouble-free with WordPress.

(Blogger vs WordPress): The level of security

Working with Blogger keeps you free from any worry about securing your blog, arranging the backup settings and managing the server’s resources as it is backhanded by the Google’s robust secure platform.

On the other hand, WordPress also offers you a fair amount of security, still, it is your responsibility for managing your security and backups as it is your self-hosted solution. To make this practice easier, there are many efficient plugins for managing and maintaining the level of security.

(Blogger vs WordPress): Support

Blogger does not offer you a sufficient amount of support. Actually, there are very limited choices in the terms of support along with a very basic documentation and user’s forum.

Quite opposite to it, you are provided an extremely active community support system while working with WordPress. Many intelligent facilities like online documentation, IRC Chatrooms, community forums and others are available here so that you can get idea and assistance from the experienced WordPress users and developers. Not only the WordPress community, there are many companies also who provide you the significant WordPress support.

Blogger and WordPress


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(Blogger vs WordPress): Future Potential

If we talk about the long-term, there is no major potential is predicted in the case of Blogger. Google has a good record of killing its own popular services, for example, Adsense for feeds, Google Reader, and most expected FeeBurner. It is Google’s intention and the mindset, that will set the future of Blogging.

On the different course, WordPress is an open source software and it’s the reason that its future cannot be determined by any company or its management. It is developed and mentored by a unique and ongoing community of users and developers. Furthermore, there is a one of its kind a great content management system on which millions of business trust and depend on. No doubt, WordPress offers you a bright and reassuring future.

(Blogger vs WordPress): Searches Engine Optimization

As a blogger, your first and major target is to earn a decent traffic for your blog. Blogger is highly supported by the Google’s vast reach and popularity which directly offers the benefits of better visibility and then better optimization.

Though WordPress is just an Open Source Software, it is loaded with a huge and dedicated community of developers, users, and followers. Along with it, there are many options for a blog or web page SEO with some unique settings.

(Blogger vs WordPress): Plugins support

There is a great number of inbuilt features and plugins support offered by WordPress to create thousands of high quality and extremely creative presentations. On the other side, one has to spend a longer time and the larger efforts to edit themes, add the features and present them with the related posts. Of course, WordPress makes the blogging much easier and boosts the capabilities of a blog and the blogger as well.

Blogger vs WordPress


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(Blogger vs WordPress): Reputation

There are many reasons, including the numerous inbuilt features, great plugins, fine tech support and the vast community of developers, users, and followers that make the WordPress more reliable, reputed and credible than any other blogging platforms.

Though the closest competitor, Blogger is riding on the giant wave of Google’s tide which gives it an adequate amount of trustworthiness and popularity, yet is the slightly far behind WordPress.

Along with the above parameters, there are many other reasons which make WordPress more effective and impressive. WordPress keeps itself more updated with the timely release of new versions and plugins that improve its features, functionality, and capabilities. On the above study, we can simply state WordPress more beneficial for both the newcomers and the existing bloggers. But one thing to be mentioned very clearly as a remarkable downside, WordPress is a paid blogging platform.

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Well, I’ve described the pros and cons of Blogger vs WordPress, so if you have any suggestions then share with us. Happy Reading!

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