How To Kill Your Blogging Career in as Few as Three Simple Steps

Steps that will kill your blogging. 

No offense with the title, please! It’s purposefully written in order to help you become a better blogger and keep those distractions at bay which has been killing your productivity as a blogger. Read on!

Bloggers in the initial phase of their career invest time, effort and money to populate their blogs with evergreen content, the attitude travels with them as much as they are dedicated to their blogging career.

But once they start to see a fallout in traffic, and investment more than income; the most usual activity they would undertake is taken a leave from it, and dedicate their timing to more productive work. This could seem like a good decision. But a blog once abandoned is a blog forgotten!

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The usual reasons a blog gets abandoned are –

Lack of dedication, Lack of timing, and lack of patience

1-Lack of dedication

A blog requires dedication to get you results. You cannot expect your blog to start getting you results unless you are not habituated to it. So, a blog if started need to be regularly updated, you need to populate it with evergreen content, and ensure what you post is liked by your audience.

A dedicated blog has regularity features.

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2-Lack of timing

Of your blog lacks timing from you, you would seldom update it. That means your blog would be updated infrequently. Lack of timing usually harms your productivity and that you could ensure your blog would not get traffic and results.

3-Lack of proper ideas

A blog can become the hit and it could get your ideas if you properly work around its features. If you properly use ideas that earn you traffic, you need to ensure that your blog becomes properly devised. A good blog needs to be written around ideas that work and help you get ideas.

So, to start your blog, you need to invest time, effort. And work around ideas.

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