Top 8 Digital Marketing Trend 2019 Predictions

In this post, I am going to share top 8 Digital Marketing Trend 2019 Predictions. We see it all the time; “A passionate digital marketer will always think about the new trends and new approaches to their business before something has hit their business” and this was the smart thinking approach a digital marketer needs.

Tragically, many digital marketers are keen to see the future of their industries and also the digital marketing trends because to prepare their business for new approaches.

I think I don’t have to say about the rise of digital marketing around the world because you all can see around you. 2016 was a delightful year for all the online marketers and the digital marketers, and unless until the internet goes down you can’t see the downfall of this industry, as the Internet is the bread and butter of millions of people, and it will not go, so as the digital marketing industry.

Here in this industry, all you have to do to achieve big is by knowing about the new tactics and new missions.  As we are at the end of 2016 it’s time to start thinking about the new evolution and turnaround of the industry.

You should know about the latest digital marketing trend, although many digital marketers have already begun thinking about “how the industry will be going to be in 2019” and how they can prepare their business accordingly.

Digital Marketing Trend

What about you?

If you haven’t started yet, then you should start because digital marketing is a field with lots of competition, if you are keen, go further than you should jump on those future trends before your competitors do.

So, here I am going to say about the future digital marketing trend of 2019. You have to keep an eye on these predictions to stay ahead of your competition, and I really don’t say all will be useful for you but having a glance it at can be helpful for you at any time.

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Let’s jump in the digital marketing trend 2019 predictions,

Before jumping into predictions, let’s have a quick recap in 2016 we have seen mobile algorithms are completely redefined how people interact with one and other and also with the brands. Naturally, you have seen the mobile impact on marketing, communication, and business well.

Now, let’s jump into the new predictions of the digital marketing, here in this predictions you can find some areas we have identified as the part of the digital marketing trends in 2018.

Digital Marketing Trends 2017 predictions

The latest and upcoming Digital Marketing Trends 2018 predictions

The digital marketing space has some great improvements in 2016, and you will find even more in the upcoming year as well. Quickly saying you will see the rise in the marketing cost, augmented reality, video ads, and mobile completeness and so on.

Let’s go to the points, and I am going to start with the mobile integrity:

  1. Mobiles Will Dominate Desktops And You Will Find Improved Mobile Algorithms:

In 2016, we have seen massive growth in mobile searches, and it is predicted that mobile searches will be even more in the upcoming and forthcoming years as well. So mobile marketing has been raised to the other level.

You might already know that Google has taken special care of mobile algorithms and in this year you will find even more of it. Google wants to bring the completeness of the mobile devices, and so, it is changing and upgrading its algorithms for mobiles, and it is mainly concentrating on mobile friendliness.

Now, if you are a businessman who strives to get something perfect for your digital marketing you should be focusing even more on mobile marketing than you normally do. It was the first and foremost thing a digital marketer should adopt within 2019.

  1. Live Video Streaming Will Play A Significant Role:

Usually, brands always want to be better than their competition, so they always strive to find out new ways to approach. If you are the one who finds new ways, then live video streaming will be a great deal for you.

Due to the increased users of the social media, people are beginning to ask for more moments and it has given away to the live video, you can already see the live videos growth in 2016 has been increasing, and it will be increased even more in 2019. It was one of the things most of the brands utilized in 2016. Live video has been a trend by its own you can see more and more apps which are giving “ live streaming” feature to increase their presence.

The small example of the live video trends is the presidential debate of the US and it was the event with has drawn millions of towards it, and you might see all the celebrities and brands are using live video as the weapon to increase their craze. We predict that 2019 will be the year of live videos and you will say many users are utilizing this option in future.

  1. The Massive Increase Of Video Ads:

You might see the massive increase of video advertisements in 2019. You might think video ads are already there in existence, but you will see more and more video ads dominance in 2019 than you typically see. The industry giants like YouTube and Facebook are mostly utilizing video ads, and it will become even more in 2019.

Google has also changed its approach of the video advertisements so; you can see the massive increase in the video ads not only in Giants but also in other marketing networks as well. You can expect new types of brand videos and ads popping sooner in 2019.

  1. Native Advertising Will Rise To Peaks:

Native advertising isn’t the new term, and you might already know about the native advertising. It was one of the oldest trends in advertising. It has been used for years by the brands, and it has been used in the present trend as well.

Native advertising is rising with the latest trends, and brands are only looking for native advertising to get some natural eyeballs towards their products and services. Nowadays consumers continue to ignore the most forms of conventional marketing techniques and traditional advertising.

These days’ people are slightly attracted towards the native advertising and it is becoming an impressive way to get consumers attentions towards the products. In 2018, you will see the enormous rise of the native advertising and you might even see the improved version of the native ads.

  1. Dedicated App Is Up To The Digital Field:

Dedicated apps are nothing but the app which offers all the features of the mobile-optimized website, and these are more convenient to access.

Google has already provided the app indexing, this will have a positive impact, and it opens the gate of the dedicated apps in the future so that you might find the dedicated apps in 2019, but it can’t replace the websites it will take time. Business owners should have a glance at the dedicated apps to show their potential.

  1. Social Conversion Is Going Ahead:

You all know the power of the social media, I don’t have to say separate because of its large options to engage the audience and to encourage the advocacy.

Social media is having the continuous growth and so brands has got used to the communities, now in 2019 the brands and companies will not only use the social conversion to bring new leads to their business, instead of that they will provide opportunities to improve their company conversion rates.

Social media will have an enormous impact on the business, and it also offers new ways to reach consumers and to attract them towards their products or services. In 2019, you will find the Social media marketing including Social CRM and Social Customer Care as well.

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  1. The Rise In Content Marketing:

You can see the content marketing trends from past three years itself, and it is not a big deal. In 2019, you can see more content, but here users are expecting the fresh and insightful content.

As the users are changing day by day the content marketing is evolving, nowadays all the content marketers should mainly focus a lot on how to create an integrated content marketing strategy for their business needs to improve their conversions.

The business is approaching strategic approach towards the content marketing, so that is expected to be even more in 2019.

In 2016 only you can find that 40% of business are using a strategic approach towards the content marketing. So, you can see even more in 2019 and along with that you can also see more focus on measuring the “Content marketing ROI”.  The primary key in content marketing is to be unique and write high-quality content.

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  1. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Improves Websites And Expected To Offer High ROI:

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) isn’t a new term, and you might already know about the conversion rate optimization.  In, 2017 you can find the conversion rate optimization will be introduced to your website and landing pages.

You all might know that smart insights will be more helpful to track user’s behavior on your site and also to identify the highest number of conversions. This is what you can get by conversion rate optimization to your websites and landing page in 2019. In this upcoming year, you use CRO to convert your traffic into sales.

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These are prediction we have predicted in 2019, along with these we also expect the growth of the augmented reality and the data visualization tools.  You can even find improvements in growth hacking technique and so on. These are some prediction, and now it’s your turn to make your site ready for new techniques and new trends in digital marketing.

I hope you all liked this article if you have any thoughts to say you can let us know in comments. I would love to have a glance at your comments, let’s see whether you expect these predictions or not in the comment section.

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