20 Social Media Marketing Tips For Bloggers

Today, we are going to share best social media marketing tips for bloggersSocial media has been a goldmine for bloggers and marketers because you can drive massive traffic to your site from Social Media marketing.

Most of you might think social media is just a onetime investment game where you must create a social media account and publish single post time.

But social media isn’t a onetime investment game. You need to invest significant efforts in it daily to improve your social standards and also to improve your influence in particular social media.

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There are numerous social media networks and depending on the social media platform you can create unique strategies.

Social media is constantly changing, and there are many new strategies to get to the best of it.What worked last year may not work this year, So you need to test new marketing tips always to improve your social media performance.

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In this article I’ll share the best 20 social media marketing tips which are working in 2017:

20 Social Media Marketing Tips for bloggers

Top 20 Social Media Marketing Tips for bloggers and startups

  1. Use Images in Social media to increase engagement

The best way to reach more people and get more eyeballs on your articles is by adding images to your social media posts.
Because using images will increase your post engagement and boost your conversions. So this is the reason why most of the people always look for best images to attain visitor’s attention on social media.

You can see many pro bloggers and experts follow this rule these days. So it’s one of the essential social media marketing tips.

  1. Focus on expressing your article creatively and interactively

Always, try to show your post in a story format when it comes to social media, Expressing your views is more important to earn new clients and true followers to your sites.

Instead of writing a short three words headline tries focusing on storytelling and make the story interesting, the story doesn’t have to be a hundred of words. Just make a short story and narrate it

So, just try to impress your visitors with your story and make them read your article.

  1. Don’t always stick to the same type of content

Don’t always embrace your visitors with the same sort of affiliate links to promotional posts? Try to change your content types and try different topics in your niche and be more precise in expressing your content.

Also, try to bring up some unique content which will help you to stand out in this huge competitive world.

  1. Share interesting videos to boost your social media accounts

Have you seen pro bloggers always try to add different sort of videos to attract an audience? Video formats are work fantastic on social networks.

It’s best to share some exciting videos to boost your social media presence and also it improve your brand name. Moreover, it helps to bring a proper brand recognition in social networking sites.

  1. Deliver value in your content but not sales and promotional posts

Whenever you write a blog post, just make it useful for your visitors. Don’t just write about always promoting the stuff or take this services etc. Nobody wants to hear about your product over and over again. So just try to avoid that in your social activity.

Promotional messages and posts without any inspiration should not be more than 10-20% of the content you create.

  1. Schedule multiple tweets from a single blog post

Most of the pro bloggers believe that tweets are having more potential when you share them appropriately.

Now most of you might use twitters tweets a single time for a blog post. But that doesn’t help in this busy world. People are just wondering to see fresh content.

So, you must make them look at your content by twitting the similar post in a different manner by changing its title and description, etc.

Guy Kawasaki has also shared this best social media technique in his social media marketing course on Lynda.

Creating multiple tweets can take time if you want to save your time, then you can make use of free tool missinglettr. With this tool all, you have to do is create a free account and submit your blog’s RSS feed to it.

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That’s it whenever you produce a new blog post, missinglettr detects that and create a series of tweets, each focus on different parts of your article. It even creates the quotes and images.

  1. Curate slide share content

LinkedIn slide share was specially designed to make it easy to share, embed and amplify you presentations. If you want to take things a step ahead. Then tools in LinkedIn slide share will help you to organize slides and your presentations.

  1. Use tools to schedule your social media posts

Scheduling your social media posts is the best thing to draw visitors to your sites.

Generally, social media has huge audience base. And according to the convenient time of the users, they will visit the social media.

Now your primary goal is to reach a wide range of audience so it’s best to post your articles three times a day.

Guy Kawasaki, the famous marketer, has said this rule in his training session of Lynda.

But most people don’t have that time to post your tweets and post. So you can schedule your post to that point in the apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, and meet edger, etc.

With the help of these tools, you can just schedule your posts and make your posts visible to other people when you aren’t online.

  1. Create a call to action that is hard to skip

You must create a call to actions buttons to get more engagement from the people.

To create a hard to skip the call to action and offer a surprise useful thing for your customer to grab their attention.

Call to action is not a new theory to explain in social media marketing, many people do it quite differently. So do in your style but improve your call to action and make hard for your visitors to skip that.

  1. Post regularly

The most crucial point in any social media accounts is you should post your content regularly. Particular if you are growing a brand or a website then you need this point.

Posting regularly helps to improve your social engagement and also its helpful for your SEO as well. But if you have any difficulties or do not have enough time to write articles for your blog, then maybe you should ask for help, for example, from essay writing service that you can find on the link. Professional writers can help out at an awkward moment and prevent you from losing your blog positions.

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20 Social Media Marketing Tips for bloggers

  1. Don’t neglect the smaller social network

Even a single customer or visitor is important for any websites and business. So to make sure you aren’t missing any of customer just maintain accounts actively on all social media networks.

Don’t even neglect the smaller social network which you might think may not be useful for your site. You never know you can be the famous person in that small social network you missed.

  1. Be a visible person as possible

You can see many social media accounts are active, but they aren’t that active in engaging with its customers. So it’s better to be visible as a person in social media to improve your authority and also to help some people.

Never try to be silent on social media, because if you are not active on social media then seriously your chapter may not be among the top. So be visible on social networks and help as many as you could.

  1. Stop looking for likes and shares

Most of the newbies make this sort of mistakes they always look for some likes and shares on their content. If they don’t get, they will be depressed.

In reality, you don’t have to look at like and shares, instead of watching them try engaging to your audience in ways that encourage conversations and interactions.

If you aren’t getting that then just try to improve your promotion strategy. If people find what you are posting, then they will have a look at it if they need and if they found helpful then they will share it.

  1. Host live hangouts and Facebook live videos

Hosting live hangouts is a useful social media marketing experience which makes you closer to your audience.

The Facebook live video has been incredible working with all the pro bloggers and experts.With these, they are getting huge popularity for their blog and they are building their authority.
So try to make a Hangouts session or use a live Facebook feature to go closer to your audience and make them more engaging towards your content and business.

  1. Make Strategic use of #hashtags on all relevant social media platforms

To make your posts more trending include the hashtags in your posts. Just research trending hashtags.

There will be more trending tags related to your content, just pick the perfect hashtags and post your article. If you want to broaden your reach, then you need to follow existing trends to come up with.

  1. Know what your competitors are posting

Keep an eye on your opponent and just see what type of content they are posting.  You can use Facebook insights to know about your competitors reach etc.

Also, look carefully at the strategy of your competitors and give a try on your site to know the engagement.

  1. Hold contests and giveaways

In this modernized world, people just love giveaways and offers.  You can increase your social media marketing reach by attracting your audience through content or give away.

You can already see there are many giveaways and a contest is happening these days to increase the brands reach and fame. But make sure you keep some user-friendly competition where ever one can participate.

  1. Design custom graphics

As I already said in the first point that images are the best way to get eyeballs on the posts. But some are moving to advanced steps and making their custom design graphics.

Custom design graphics works pretty well, and you can also take a look at some of the pro bloggers who spend lots of money in custom design graphics to simply get attention from the crowd. One of the people who always uses custom designs is Brian Dean.

  1. Be an authority

Always try to be an authority blogger or marketer in your niche. Becoming an authority person or brand in social media gives you more business.

But to be an authority blogger you should prove yourself by posting unique and uncommon facts.You should help your fellow bloggers.

  1. Take risks

Try some new strategies once in a month or two to improve your user engagement and experiences. Just don’t be afraid to increase your reach and to implement a new social media marketing strategy.

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These are best social media marketing tips in 2017 which are recommended by the experts to increase your social media presence as well as traffic to your site. Hope you all are having a clear view on this topic. If you have any queries feel free to shoot a comment. I’d love to hear comments from you.

Best social media marketing tips which are working in 2016(Infographics):

best social media marketing tips which are working in 2016

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