Your Business Review on SEO Digital Marketing Strategies for Web Ranking

With the total number of websites on the Internet approaching the two million mark, getting people to visit yours is more difficult than ever. Add that to the fact that three out of four Internet users never venture beyond the top ten results listed by their preferred search engine whenever they’re looking something up online.

That’s why you’ll want to employ an SEO – or search engine optimization – tactics on your website. To raise your site’s Web ranking so that people would notice it, here are some SEO digital marketing strategies that you should consider implementing:

4 Best SEO Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business

1. Make your website mobile

Most people access the Internet using their mobile devices nowadays. Unfortunately, some websites didn’t seem to get the memo as they websites become unreadable or disorganized when viewed using a smartphone or a tablet. Those websites’ respective rankings would then inevitably suffer as a result. You wouldn’t want to share the same fate, would you?

You should thus turn your website into a mobile-friendly one with the help of the following tips:

  • Make your website’s button sizes large enough that the average mobile Internet user can easily see and use
  • Decrease your website’s loading time by using small-sized yet high-quality images and CSS animation.
  • Make all of your website’s images responsive such that they can scale themselves to fit various mobile device screen sizes.
  • Keep your website’s navigation links to only a handful of important ones so that you won’t have to use a hamburger menu to hide a long list of options.

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Make your website mobile

2. Keep your site’s meta description as brief as possible

Each of the results displayed by a search engine follows this pattern:

(Website title)

(URL of the website)

(Meta description)

Some Internet users read the meta description first before visiting a particular website. While there currently isn’t a definitive maximum length for meta descriptions, you’ll want to keep the ones for your site as short as you can. The fewer words your website’s meta description has, the easier its Web ranking can increase. Just make sure that your meta descriptions provide potential website visitors an instant idea of what to expect once they click the link to your website. Don’t miss On page SEO techniques and Off page SEO techniques.

3. Optimize your website for local search

If you have a restaurant or a small business and you decided to build a website for it, you wouldn’t do well if you’re aiming to rank high in global searches. After all, most of your potential customers would likely come from within your area and not all over the world even if an occasional tourist or two might check your business out. Also, read the importance of local SEO.

You’ll thus want to optimize your website for local search instead by doing the following:

  • Anticipate keywords potential customers in your area are most likely to use in their online search. These keywords are usually a combination of the name of your town or city and the type of small business that you have – say, “best burger joints in New York” or “Austin fast-casual diner.”
  • Include your registered business name, complete address, and contact number or email in your website.
  • Add a map showing how potential customers can get to your place of business.

4. Use alt text for all your website images

You have to consider Internet users with visual or learning disabilities that rely on screen readers to relay all of the information that your website has. When scanning through your site’s images, screen readers look for alt text that provides a short description of what a specific photo is. Search engines also use alt text to determine an image’s relevance to the rest of your website’s content.

So, when incorporating images to your website, you should also alt texts in each of them. For instance, if your site has a picture of a chicken burger, you should provide an alt text of “chicken burger” in its source code. The more descriptive the alt text of an image in your website, the better – keep it short and catchy, though.


Is your website having trouble landing a spot in any search engine’s top ten results? You might want to try out the above-listed SEO digital marketing strategies and watch your site’s Web ranking go from zero to hero. If you need further inspiration as to why you should use SEO tactics for your website, read about the top Web rankers had reviewed thus far and learned how they successfully managed to get out of search engine hell and into the heaven that is search results page one.

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