OFF Page SEO Checklist and Techniques Detailed Guide 2023 (Updated)

Today, we are going to share OFF page SEO Checklist, techniques 2023 –Detailed Guide( First Publication)Seo is the task of improving your website ranking in search engine results pages, and to do it, you can have a lot to do; including off-page and on-page SEO. ON PAGE SEO is the task of improving your website using natural techniques which you do on the website or blog, whereas; off-page SEO is the task of improving your website ranking using ideas which you do off the page.

Read on, as today we are going to cover some of the important tips to improve your health of SEO.

Coming to our today’s article – OFF page SEO Checklist, techniques – 2023

So that you can have a detailed and pinpoint what you require reading, here the bullet points we are going to cover today –


Why is OFF PAGE SEO important?

Benefits of OFF PAGE SEO

OFF PAGE SEO checklist and techniques

What is off page SEO?

OFF page SEO Checklist,techniques 2015-2016

OFF page SEO Checklist, techniques 2023

Off page SEO – contrary to what we’ve discussed in our earlier on page SEO checklist post – is done on third party websites. Off-page SEO is the world’s perception of your website. A good website that has done proper off page SEO would have social mention, bookmarks, and quality backlinks. The website would be reviewed well and that it is usually a website that is held high in terms of ranking. So, off-page SEO is about building a reputation of your website. The optimization techniques to be discussed are not done on your website but these are either naturally done or these are done by webmasters on third party websites

A few important things to do before you get to understand off-page SEO

Carry out off page checklist of your website 

Some websites can have mentioned on good websites, but for that, your blog or website needs to be good. If you have a reputed mentioning on another website, you can still do off page SEO but in that case, it is a bonus point. If your sites are mentioned at good sites, do there and continue taking up the discussion. If you can have natural backlinks from good PR sites without having to ask them for reference, you should submit your website to them.

Do write good content for improving your website – Even if you have a good number of tasks to do off-page, whenever you are posting any content off-page, write it well. Good quality content posted anywhere improves your websites rank. Before you start to work off page, a few important things need to be considered

Why is off page SEO important?

As we mentioned above, a website which has done proper off page SEO will be valued off the website. It will have good mentioning on third party websites, it will have links and that it will score high in terms of PR. It will be reviewed well.

benefits of off page SEO

Benefits of off page SEO

What are the benefits of off page SEO?

  1. Improved ranking
  2. Proper linking
  3. Honored mention on social media
  4. Good traffic
  5. Revenue etc.

So, off page SEO has a number of benefits. If done well, it will help you benefit. Whereas, if your off page SEO is not done properly, it can harm your status and ranking. So, take into account the improved variety of checklists to honestly improve your website ranking. Read on, and or any query; please write to us.

Off page SEO checklist, techniques, optimization 2023 – The tricks, tips!

  1. Search engine submission
  2. Social Bookmarking
  3. Directory Submission Sites
  4. Article Submission Sites
  5. Blog Commenting
  6. Guest Posting
  7. Forums
  8. Infographic Submission
  9. Image Submission
  10. Slide Sharing
  11. Video Marketing
  12. Web 2.0
  13. Social Networking
  14. PDF Submission
  15. Questions & Answers

Off page SEO checklist 2015-2016 – The tricks, tips!

Off page SEO checklist 2023 – The tricks, tips!

1- Search engine submission

This is one of the trusted SEO techniques to get noticed. Search engine submission necessarily means submitting your website to natural search engines.If you submit your website to Yahoo, Bing, Google etc. you improve your website’s visibility and that you send search engines a natural call that they should index you.

One of the common mistakes many website owners do is that after launching their website, they do almost everything but often forget the most basic thing – submitting the website to search engines”.

So, the initial step to improve the natural ranking for your website is to submit your website to search engines

2- Social bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking websites are a real help when it comes to generating lots of targeted traffic to your website. Sites like Delicious, Stumble Upon, Digg etc., are huge traffic pullers, and if you post your website and its content on this website, it is a fact that you can help improve your website.

100+ Best Free High PR Social Bookmarking Sites updated list

1.                                             8
2.                                       8
3.                            8
4.                                   8
5.                                             6
6.                                  8
7.                                       8
8.                                         7
9.                                   6
10.                                  4
11.                                    5
12.                                           6
13.                                         7
14.                                           5
15.                                   5
16.                          5
17.                                          5
18.                             3
19.                                 8
20.                                         6
21.                                            5
23. 8
24. 7
25. 7
26. 7
27. 7
28. 6
29. 6
30. 6
31. 6
32. 6
33. 6
34. 6
35. 6
36. 5
37. 5
38. 5
39. 5
40. 5
41. 5
42. 5
43. 5
44. 5
45. 5
46. 5
47. 5
48. 5
49. 5
50. 5
51. 5
52. 5
53. 5
54. 4
55. 4
56. 4
57. 4
58. 4
59. 4
60. 4
61. 4
62. 4
63. 4
64. 4
65. 4
66. 4
67. 4
68. 4
69. 4
70. 4
71. 4
72. 4
73. 4
74. 4
75. 4
76. 4
77. 4
78. 4
79. 4
80. 4
81. 4
82. 4
83. 4
84. 4
85. 4
86. 4
87. 4
88. 4
89. 4
90. 4
91. 4
92. 4
93. 4
94. 4
95. 4
96. 4
97. 4
98. 4
99. 4
100. 4

3- Directory submission

Directory submission is a method to submit blog or website into web directories. It
involves steps of adding website URL with site details into a most appropriate category.

4- Article submission

It is perhaps one of the trusted and oldest off page SEO techniques. Submit your high-quality articles to article submission sites.There are a good number of websites which help you publish your content. These websites usually provide you with a do follow a backlink which helps you with traffic generation. Besides a well-managed author’s account of articles help the website to stay noticed and that it keeps helping you with traffic. However, before submitting your website to these sites, ensure that you are submitting original articles. This saves your valued time and effort.

5- Blog comments

If you comment on other niche blogs, you can have do follow links. We have seen that writing good comments about a product or service helps you with links and traffic. Also, it is important that you comment your blog posts. This helps in having your brand awareness and status. So, blog comments have long proven to be good and it means that you’re serious about writing.

List of 50 Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites


Check out more dofollow blog sites 

6- Guest posting

One of the crucial ways to improve your website’s backlink is to post a guest post. There are a number of ways in which a guest post can help you get tons of free backlinks. Sometimes guest posting even helps you get an improved variety of traffic.

Also Read:

A Guide to Guest Blogging for Backlinks

7- Forum posting

There are a good number of ways in which a good blog help in getting joined to forums. If you join a forum and take into discussions, you can literally improve the number of backlinks and even traffic. So, joining forums can be a good choice to improve your website’s SEO.

List Of 200+ High PR Do Follow Forum submission sites

8- Infographic submission

Infographic submission is the newest addition to the family of off page SEO. If you post a good infographic and have embedded code in it, people will add it to the website and this way, you will generate lots of value links back to your website. There are some good ways in which you can post infographics and that with the help of free tools and free design sites, you even make free infographics

9- Image submission

This is fairly a unique type of off page SEO checklist. If you have good images and if you do post these on your blog, one of the good ways that you can do to improve traffic is that you can post the images on image sites. When people use the images, you get the credit and this way you can build a good brand

10- Slide sharing

Slideshare and other sites are helping tons of websites generate not just sales and leads but dedicated base of customers by directing traffic to the author sites. If you have skills to good slide, just post it on those websites to get the benefits

11- Video sites

There are a good number of video sites which you can post your video. If you are working around SEO, you can start using SEO tutorials to teach others via these sites. These are helpful since these sites are a different kind of content marketing sites and that these are usually the most improved way to generate leads and traffic

12- Social Networking

Social networking has always been proven to be beneficial because it helps you get a position with actual and most niche websites. If you post good quality posts social sites have a loyal base of customers. Social networking sites can help you improve your website and that if you start the campaign on these sites, you can hopefully improve your brand awareness. Social networks have been gaining popularity and that your posts, if you post these to the targeted set off an audience, can help your traffic.

Other than the mentioned entries, you use PDF submission to embed quality links, post your website question answer sites, and use Web 2.0 techniques to hopefully improve your website rank.

These are a few of the important ways you can improve your website’s off-page SEO. The SEO technique to improve your website is to gain popularity and that before working around some of the valued ways you can work with the off page. On-Page SEO is important to generate lots of backlinks and improve the quality of your website. But if you are doing on page SEO using the honest variety of proper methods you can hopefully improve your SEO off the site.

The problems with off page SEO is that people before actually starting to do off-page, people and most importantly webmasters, do not list out a variety of proper websites which can help them generate leads. So, as a good practice before you start to do with off page, important thing is that you list out an important variety of websites, make a list of these sites which has good links and before actually submitting your posts and content, ensure that you understand where you are posting and what you are posting.

The problem with off page submission

As we mentioned earlier, most of the time webmasters stay in a hurry to get their site listed in websites they think to improve and pull up the ranking. But in doing so, they often forget about the quality aspect. If you are posting your website to any number of a website without having to research the aspects such as backlinks, etc., it is a crucial fact that your website can have different sort of improved facts to improve. So, in order to write good content and then publish these content on good websites, you need to submit these to proper sites.

We hope you have read the article. Meanwhile, if you want is to improve your website traffic using off page SEO techniques or if you have ideas about improving your website which we did not mention in the post, please let us know in the comment section. There are a good number of ways to improve your off-page SEO. The SEO task is evolving, as it gradually improves the checklist also differs. We will try to newest measures from time to time so that the list remains good. Meanwhile, as we have requested above, please tell us about your ideas on OFF page SEO

If you want to read more information then must read Neil Patel Ultimate guide to OFF Page SEO

ON page SEO Checklist, techniques 2023 – First Publication

The article is due for edits. This is the first draft. For upcoming installments which hopefully would include new additions, please check back later

I hope you have enjoyed our previous publication about On Page SEO checklists – in which we described how to improve your website’s search engine results using off page checklists. Today, we will take the post further – and discuss how to do the on-page SEO like a pro! Meanwhile, here’s the recap of on-page SEO checklists. We are writing it again in summary form so that before you jump into off page pro activities, you are already in the know of basic on-page techniques.

Summary of what we have discussed –

Important checklists for ON PAGE SEO

The brief list of the checklist goes –

  • Content
  • Meta Description tag
  • Keywords
  • Title tag
  • Heading tags
  • Alt tags
  • URL or Permalink structure
  • Interlinking Post and Pages
  • Total Word Count
  • Rich Media Content
  • Original Content
  • Outbound Links
  • Writing Quality
  • Broken Links
  • Bullets and Numbers
  • Anchor Tags

For a total read, please click the article


These are the complete OFF PAGE SEO checklist and techniques. Having a website listed at the top of SERP is the ongoing task of writing good quality content. Apart, writing quality content, you should do On-Page SEO and Off Page SEO tricks and tips.

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