How To Analyze Your SEO Competitors

A Guide to monitoring your SEO ecosystem competition

In any field of work, you will find competitors. Competition can be tough, especially when it comes to SEO. Everyone knows to keep friends close and your enemies closer. It does not matter which industries you are in, you should always keep your eyes open on your competitors. If you think your business is running in loss, your SEO performance is poor, it means your competition is really tough.

If you are in a very competitive field, then your competition is going to be very tough. You just can’t afford to win if you do not keep an eye on them.

To stay in the competition, you should always search out your competitors every marketing move; be it their success or failure. Track your competitors’ search engine rankings, content, social monitors and anything that they are doing to boost up their business.

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5 Steps To Analyze Your SEO Competition

  1. Find who your SEO competitors are

Now that you know who your competitors are, you need to do a detailed study of their profile. You can’t evaluate your competitors if you don’t know who they are. It is very easy in some cases to recognize your competitors. But not in all cases. Never ignore your competitors. Your competitors could be the websites in your field, the major keywords for which the site rank well.

The list of competitors that you make might be long and obviously, you can’t monitor all of them. Search in Google for your competitor’s websites or companies and make a list which comes high in a search result. You can consider themselves to be your main competitors.

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  1. Analyze your competitor’s websites

After listing your competitors or, at least, the major ones, the next step is to visit their websites and analyze them all. You need to watch their websites design, what type of keywords they are using, how frequently they are using, what is the quality of their content, how much content they are posting, whether they are using static or dynamic URLs, etc.

No matter how big or small your competitors are; it is very important to analyze them. If you know their style of work, their strengths and weaknesses you can predict their actions and overtake them. That’s why the detailed study of competitors is necessary, no matter which type of field you are in.

  1. Analyze your competitors use of keywords

Keywords are the words and the phrases that make it possible for people to find your search using search engines. Keywords have always been an important factor in the success of any online industry. The basic of all search engine rankings is keywords. It is important to analyze your competitor’s keywords or you can use the website keyword suggestion tools to check which keywords are doing well for their sites. You should also check the keyword density of your competitors’ keyword. The keyword density cloud tool will help you to get an idea.

Recommended Analysis ToolFree Competitor Analysis Tool SEMrush

After identifying your competitor’s keywords, it is important for you to select the keywords that have the potential to drive the traffic to your website and generate sales or you can either use them or try for new keywords which are still popular yet not so used. You should also check the keyword density of your website content. The main purpose of keywords is to increase the value of your content both for google search spider and people.

  1. Check the competitor’s backlinks

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO rankings. In SEO, a backlink is a hyperlink that links to a web page back to your own website. It is the lifeline of any SEO campaign. You can never rank on the first page of Google without having quality backlinks. This is why you need to identify the backlinks of the competition. Backlinks are also known as incoming links, in links, inward links, and inbound links.

It is one of the important factors considered by Google to determine the PageRank of a website. Backlinks are very important to improve the website. To improve the website rank, you need to improve the website ratio. Better linking improves your website analytics. Check who is linking to your website, if you have a good linking with your website, you need to even improve the website by balancing its linking.

  1. Analyze your competitor’s presence in social media

In this step by step process, you understand who your competitors are, their keywords and their backlink profile, now you will need to research their content marketing and social media strategy. Social media tend to drive lots of traffic to a website. This is why you need to check how your competitors are doing on social media.

How often do they share updates on social media? Social bookmarking sites are one of the types of social media and you can start your search for them. Have a look at some of the social bookmarking sites. Google+, Twitter, and Facebook are the major social media sites, from where you can see the competitors’ profile. Still, if their profiles have publicly available sections, this gives an idea of what they are doing on Facebook and Twitter.

Analyze their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile and this will determine how often does competitor share posts? What kind of content are they posting? And also watch the competitors’ response to the customer questions or concern on social media.

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steps to analyze your SEO competition


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The facts you will acquire from the research will form the lifeline of your SEO strategy and will create the structure of your SEO campaign. Monitoring your competitors is a never-ending process but remember the saying: “The person who owns information, owns the world.” You can never claim absolute victory over your competitors in the battle of keyword search and search engine rankings.

However, you have to stay competitive and relevant by applying these tips. The online marketplace is constantly expanding and evolving, if you want to compete with them then, always keep your eye open.

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