SEO Campaign: How To Get The Best Out Of Your SEO Efforts?

Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your SEO Campaign

It has been observed that many SEO campaigns face the failure due to many obvious reasons such as improper budget, high expectations, assumptions based decision instead of data and misunderstanding of customer expectations. No matter what you have hired an SEO agency or managing it by yourself, to determine its success, you have to ask yourself the following questions before launching a new campaign or redesigning/restructuring an existing one.

  • Is it based on realistic goals?
  • Have you sanctioned a realistic budget and timeframe?
  • Is the campaign really reaching to the target audiences?
  • Is your website a professional one?
  • Is the content on your website really valuable to the customers?
  • Are you tracking data and making improvements?

An SEO practice is about practicing hard while considering and also avoiding the previous mistakes. To get the best results, you need to follow strategic and content-based tactics and eliminate the ineffective/nonproductive practices.

7 Key Elements Of A Successful SEO campaign

best out of your seo campaign

Proper set of keywords

1. A proper set of keywords

Unless having a strategically approached set of keywords, you cannot expect any success from your SEO campaign. Researching keywords is the groundwork for any SEO campaign. The keywords should be relevant to your business and contain an easy and conversational sound and not like a marketing vibe. It should be competitive and also easy to come in mind.Here, one thing must be considered specifically, that your target is not just to have few tempting keyword phrases, but also to create a great text-based content oriented on keyword optimization.

Having a long tail approach to keywords is always beneficial. Focus on creating and posting the appealing content that naturally includes the keywords and you may attract a significant long tail search traffic. Such traffic you can neither expect nor achieve during your research phrases, so try to get more targeted keywords and get the more conversation ratings.

best out of your seo campaign

Be unique, be original

2. Be unique, be original

If you want to achieve higher traffics plus top SERP ranking and providing the duplicate content to your audiences, you will definitely fail. The policing of republishing the content from other bloggers or stealing less or more material from other’s sites is the practice that you should avoid as it will stand you guilty of a potential copyright infringement and will ruin your sites search rankings. To check and control duplicate content on your site, you are recommended to use some special tools like Copyscape, Siteliner, and Screaming Frog .

 internal link strategy

Internal link strategy

3. Site navigation and internal link strategy

How a search engine determines the importance of your page it is highly affected by the site navigation structure of your site. With the higher number of pages linked to your website, the PageRank will be higher and also will get special importance in SERPs for relative queries. With a proper understanding of navigation basics and a little bit more effort, a webmaster can easily support the site’s PageRank.

You are suggested to apply the relevant tools like SiteLiner or ScreamFrog to audit and optimize your site’s navigation, internal link structure, and PageRank flow. Here, one thing is essential to mention that the improper navigation and internal link management can cause some very unwanted and unfavorable decreases in your rankings. It will be good to have good knowledge about what you are doing with your site’s navigation setup or you will better have an expert to do this for you.

best out of your seo campaign

On-site element optimization

4. On-site element optimization

As the changing course of time, where the title tags are still regarded as valuable in SEO practices, the importance of the meta description in the ranking algorithms is getting blurred. However, meta descriptions provide the perfect place to put some marketing talent to use, the search result pages are influenced by creating a great content.

A webmaster should try to place the optimized and relevant title tags and meta descriptions on each page of the site. Usually, the size of titles and description (either too big or too short) directly affects the SEO efforts, it is good to have an audit of the site to identify the size issue with these elements.

Must Read On page SEO optimization techniques

The other on-page elements that can influence the page ranking and require to focus are h1tags, internal and external links, length of content, formatting text, images, advertisements, bullet points, and presentation.

seo campaign

Site’s load speed

5. Site’s load speed really matters

An average audience is very impatient about getting the desired information and his online behavior is highly influenced by the loading speed of the sites. As per calculation performed by Amazon, with every one-second increase in the page-load speed, the company will lose approximate $1.5 billion sales in a year. Some other results also mirror the same; about to 40% of the internet users abandon a site that takes a time longer than 5 seconds to load. So give your special attention to fit your website into the fast loading website criteria.

Now, how can you do this? First of all, use Pingdom to check your site’s load time and also it will show you the breakdown of each element. The information received as the result can be utilized for optimization of images or piece of code that is taking a long time in loading. It is also a good idea to upgrade your web host from a shared server to a VPN (virtual private network) that will significantly reduce the load time.

best out of your seo campaign

Best out of your SEO campaign

6. Earn the link, don’t buy them

While a website’s ranking is directly influenced by the quality and the quality of inbound links, so many webmasters cannot resist themselves from the temptation of buying the links from the strong sites. It is an unethical and improper practice.

The newly designed search engine spiders are very intelligent and can easily track down the suspicious manipulative and unnatural links, so you can be caught and a result is: penalties, rank loss and even worse, disliking from the search engine. It is better to spend your time and money on creating quality content and promoting them instead of buying the links. A great content simply attracts the quality links.

best out of your seo campaign

Best out of your SEO campaign

7. Be organic

With having natural, organic and unique content, you can easily hit all of your Search Engine Optimization targets such as influencing the audiences, driving higher visitors’ traffic, getting the top ranking in SERPs and ultimately improved sales and profits of the business.


So we can see that expecting a dramatic improvement in your site’s search visibility is not a daydream; it can be done without spending a huge amount of money, just some strategical steps can make it happen for you. The customers or the audiences are the center of attention in the entire SEO campaign. If you succeed to satisfy your audience through above-given measures, it will be directly reflected in the achieving your SEO goals.

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