Why WordPress Is The Ideal Blogging Platform

Today, we are back with new article Why is WordPress ideal platform for blogging? It is not just a fact that approximate 24.34% of the entire websites are powered by WordPress, it presents the significant role of WordPress in the universal web platform.It was actually developed with the aim of providing support to blogging and bloggers.

Today, WordPress competes to be the best CMS among the market-leading software. Suggested by experts and preferred by the professionals, one can have a WordPress powered blog within 10 minutes.

It is highly popular not only for its efficiency, and well-designed support system, but there also there is a highly dedicated group of volunteers that are involved in developing and upgrading the package. As it is the most adapted blogging concerned package on the internet, a majority of professionals prefers to work with it.

Earlier bloggers used to work with BlogSpot but there were many essential features missing in that, for example, SEO settings, plugins application and permalink editing (this feature has been added recently), also, it does not offer the scalability as the WordPress platform. No doubt, the professional bloggers around the web Shifted to WordPress.

In this article, we are going to highlight some main reasons that WordPress is called the ideal blogging platform.

wordpress is ideal blogging platform

WordPress is ideal blogging platform

11 Reasons Why WordPress Is Ideal Blogging Platform

  1. Attractive WordPress Theme

    Every blog starts with a main concern “design of the blog”.WordPress can simply help you in following manners:

    • Hiring a WordPress theme designer
    • Buy a premium theme
    • Download WordPress theme for free
      Usually, bloggers like to go with the free or paid option.You can find hundreds of the themes in the web market that are specifically developed by focusing on WordPress and can be downloaded easily.Also, there are many freelancing designers and developers, which will gladly support by redesigning your theme at very reasonable price.You can choose a suitable theme from these unlimited options that can be categorized as entertainment, business, photography or the nice theme blogging.
  2. It is wide and incredible

    Today, it is widely used and accepted software in the market.It is undoubtedly a market leader in blogging and content management. This open source, the free software package is very sophisticated and because of its popularity and huge applicability, it will be a mistake to NOT use it.

  3. Versatility

    Today, WordPress is highly transforming into a versatile Content Management System.One can use it for creating some amazing blogs as well as get support to create the fully functional website and mobile applications with the enhanced features allowed by this.

  4. Supportive

    WordPress is very easy to learn, understand and apply.It provides a great support to its users. When a newbie starts to work with WordPress, he needs a lot of support and of course, he gets the sufficient amount of help, guidance, and assistance here. WordPress support forum (http://wordpress.org/support/%20) is the easiest way to get the entire support that one can imagine.Not only this, there are countless WordPress users around the web who can answer any of your questions or curiosity with a simple Google search.The WordPress community is a nice example of best volunteer tech support on the internet.

  5. Amazing range of plugins

    On the web, you can find an unlimited range of free plugins for WordPress.From the very simple plugins to technically smart ones, they help in quite clever procedures to back up the entire blog.

  6. The widgets

    The widgets are the intelligent features of WordPress that allow adding the things to the sidebar.A normal widget generally contains various things like a search box, display of recent posts, archives of the blogs and much more.

  7. WordPress is also a static website

    when someone is interested in creating a static website, he or she can trust upon WordPress because it is regularly updated and ensures the better and improved results. It is also beneficial to have a static website with WordPress as it remarkably helps in search engine optimization and getting higher ranking SERPs.While social media is changing the entire face and working style of SEO industry; With WordPress,  you can easily integrate social media into your site.

  8. SEO friendly nature

    In the comparison of any other blogging platform, WordPress is highly SEO supportive so, it the last thing to worry about.Furthermore, you can also use best recommended WordPress SEO plugin which will enhance your WordPress blog SEO.

  9. Professional approach

    It is a big advantage of WordPress support that you can present yourself as a professional blogger to the other parties of the market.It is not a simple thing that you have chosen the world’s leading blogging package and it shows your businessman-like approach towards your blogging career.

  10. Respect and trust

    Trust and respect of the audiences are the basic conditions of gaining name and fame as a successful blogger.Various platforms are suffering from spamming as the spammers use them to create backlinks.It is the main reason that readers usually avoid Blogspot blogs.But, the WordPress and some other tools of the same category powered  Self-hosted blogs make you be considered as a serious blogger and people show respect and trust for the post or information shared by you.

  11. Monetization

    When you have gained enough trust and respect of the audience, you can simply entertain the increase in your money making potential. The private advertisers will contact you and you can make a deal on your own conditions.Actually, the leading advertising agencies love to work with the WordPress oriented bloggers.

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WordPress is a now an industry standard that is specifically considered by the different parties in the industry such as other bloggers, advertisers, media, visitors, audiences, potential buyers and many others.Though there are many other options for blogging support, it is always ideal to go with WordPress.It is empowered with a wide range of support, enhancements such as plugins, WordPress themes, and the features are being added consistently.

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